January 1: The organizer of emotions

January 1: The organizer of emotions

House position: Capricorn 10-12 degrees

Zodiac sign: Capricorn one, standard earth sign

People born on January 1 are authoritarians, who like to organize and structure things. They are the ones who call the shots at home or in the workplace. They are usually eager to learn, and they attach great importance to education. In addition, they are also very attached to their personal beliefs, but in the process of realizing their ambitions, the principles advertised by people born on this day sometimes become a stumbling block. Although they will also want to weigh the importance, perhaps because they are too honest, too loyal to read, and at the same time pay too much attention to honor, they often can’t give themselves room for change. In addition to the above problems, they will also follow the script because they pay too much attention to the structure, so they bind themselves. In addition, since their tolerance for frustration is very low, at this point, their distinct nature of emotions and desires will be fully revealed.

Many of the emotional characteristics of people born on January 1 are not only complicated but also seem to be contradictory. For example, they have a high sense of responsibility, but they have taken on responsibilities that exceed their capacity; they are easily emotional, but may be held back in their hearts; they may be very open-minded, but they are conservative in their behavior, and even reactionary. mood. The most important thing is that they are struggling violently within them, sometimes trapped by forces that seem to be involuntary.

In terms of career planning, the most important thing for people born on January 1 is that they must sit down and think quietly at certain points in their lives, and ask themselves how much they want to climb in the field of their choice. High, and then thoroughly recognize your own strengths and weaknesses, so that you can estimate the chance of success, and then set the type of work and short-term goals based on this, and set a timetable, and stick to it as much as possible. If people born on January 1 decided to climb to the top, they must be 100% sure that they can withstand any pressure and have enough endurance and emotional self-control to reach their destination.

Most people born on January 1 have a weakness, that is, they have become sensitive, which may make them impatient and difficult to do things under others. When interacting with friends or mentoring others, especially those who are teachers, people born on this day will be charming, likable, and comfortable. However, if their career planning is to climb up the company step by step, or to engage in a highly competitive and unforgiving field, they must arm themselves and harden their hearts. At the same time, in the process, With a new heart button, a few people can touch it. If they can do this, their efforts will not be easily offset by their emotional reactions.

One thing that people born on January 1 should especially keep in mind is not to push themselves and those around them too harshly or too eagerly. They must remind themselves not to think that high expectations will inevitably end in disappointment. Although they think that they are both realistic and practical, they must accept that they have romantic dreams, and they must be satisfied if they have dreams. Therefore, whether they can establish a true self-image that is in harmony with their emotional depth and complexity is an important key to their happiness and success.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on January 1 are affected by the number 1 and the sun. People born on the first day pursue first, have a clear point of view and are eager to climb to the top. However, as we have already discussed, people born on January 1 are not necessarily tough enough or confident enough to be able to fully exploit their talents and potential. Coupled with the influence of Saturn (the ruling planet of Capricorn), the influence of the Sun will make people born on January 1 have a high sense of responsibility, but it will also cause them to take on emotionally overwhelming responsibilities.


People born on January 1 are easily distressed because of hidden fear and anxiety. To avoid getting caught in a cycle of anxiety and depression, it may be helpful to seek psychological counseling or treatment. In terms of the body, people born on this day should pay attention to the problems of the excretory system, such as constipation (high-fiber foods will help), and pay attention to diet, taking into account both quality and quantity. They are particularly susceptible to stress-related diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases, and they should avoid smoking as much as possible. For the sake of health, it is absolutely necessary to reduce the intake of sugar, pure white flour, and animal fat. People born on January 1 should not be lazy and should engage in regular and gentle exercise.


Don’t send out confusing messages. Determine what you want before expressing your wishes. Try to pour out your emotions and don’t hold it in your heart. Permanent protection is often an illusion.


Ms. Rose (Betsy Ross) is an American tailor and a patriot during the American Revolution. She designed and sewed the first American flag.

Japanese actor Yoshihoshi, his representative works “Eel” and “Paradise Lost”.

British novelist E.M.Forster, author of “A Journey to India”.

J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (J. Edgar Hoover), who served as director for 49 years, has contributed a lot to the improvement of police work, but on the other hand, he has also been criticized by many, accusing him of violating justice and persecuting him against him. People.

Paul Revere, an American silversmith, is also a patriot. During the American Revolutionary War, the British army planned to launch a raid. Revere learned that he rode at night to inform the independents that the British army had arrived.

Senegalese film director Ousmane Sembene, whose works include “Black Girl” and “Money Order”.

American baseball player Hank Greenberg has been selected to the All-Star team of the American League four times and won the title of Most Valuable Player twice. He is now listed in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

American novelist J.D. Salinger, author of “The Rye Catcher”.


The first card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “Magic”, which symbolizes wisdom, communication, and information. There is a symbol on the magician’s head that represents infinity, sometimes represented by a wide hat, sometimes as a ball of light. There are many explanations for this card, one of which is that the magician understands the nature of the endless cycle of life and possesses power because of this realization. Therefore, the upright card represents rich diplomatic skills, shrewd and capable; handstand means unscrupulous and speculative mentality.

Inspirational quote

Two people can dance Tango, but it is best to dance together.


Responsible, methodical and competent.


Inflexible, overly sensitive, and fearful.

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