April 1: Self-Promise

April 1st Self-Promise

House: Aries 10°-12°

Constellation: Aries, standard fire sign

People born on April 1 are usually honest, self-disciplined, imaginative, and hardworking. Even if they have reached a master level in professional technology, they rarely boast. When they were young children, they had begun to show a responsible and serious attitude towards daily life, and took on the responsibilities that other children regarded as burdens. When they grow up, they are definitely people who can be praised by relatives and friends and can rely on.

People born on April 1st have a star temperament that cannot be denied, but at first they don’t want to be eye-catching. What they value is not to be the focus of everyone’s attention, but to be the protagonist of the event. In their minds, “work” is their favorite; their focus on work has reached the point of being completely selfless. They are recognized as workaholics at all stages of life. Many people born on this day appear shy or even introverted in the eyes of others; in fact, they really don’t like to socialize and socialize, unless it is based on work needs.

People born on April 1st will madly love exquisite technology or craftsmanship. They are interested in knowing and understanding every detail of the matter; however, if they want to ask others for advice, it may be embarrassing for them. Their learning abilities are particularly strong, and most of their specialized skills are learned outside of school by themselves. Classes will make them restless, so many people who were born on this day are eager to graduate and leave school as soon as possible to start the process of self-learning. Because they can learn from experience and follow the methods used by their predecessors, they can quickly develop their own unique styles.

People born on April 1 are original, but, unexpectedly, their work (or work) is rarely bold or special, but rather conservative and stable. Usually they like history very much, because they can study the history of past events and the reasons for their success (or unsuccessful). What they care about is not their own personal achievements, but the success of the plan.

People born on April 1 have a strong intention to control and hope that everything related to them will have satisfactory results. Therefore, no matter how much energy and sacrifices are required, they will work hard to complete every plan. People born on this day don’t need others to bring them fun, so they won’t have friends and admirers around. Maybe some people feel sorry for them, thinking that they are really lonely like this. what! That’s really worrying about the people of Zha! Because they are very happy to live on their own! They will have the problem of being too demanding of themselves, so they must avoid doing multiple plans at the same time. For such self-disciplined people, their attitude towards hobbies is so eager to make people think that it is their job.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on April 1 are affected by the number 1 and the sun. People who were born in Japan usually like first place in everything. Second or third place can’t bring them comfort. They are born to be winners, and the expectations of others are the same. Although people affected by 1 often show obvious leadership traits, it is strange that they are not willing to lead others, and prefer to be free-moving people. Due to the action of the sun, the person affected by 1 will radiate positive energy, and the ruling planet of Aries is Mars, so the positive energy will be stronger. However, if they are frustrated, they will become unable to communicate, causing negative and gloomy energy to surface, with tragic consequences.


To stay healthy, people born on April 1 need a lot of exercise. They should try to find jobs where they have the opportunity to stretch their legs or go outdoors. If you are sitting at a desk, you must do some physical-consuming exercises in your leisure time. Since people born on April 1 are like explorers and pioneers, hiking, mountain climbing, horse riding and other activities are very suitable for them.


Get close to others; don’t be too isolated from the world. Share the joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys with your loved ones. Don’t take on too much work; avoid putting yourself in a state of excessive stress. Learn to relax.


Haier (Clara McBride Hale) founded the charity “Haier House”, which specializes in receiving and treating babies born to drug addicts.

The composer and pianist Sergei Rachmaninoff (Sergei Rachmaninoff) is known as one of the last masters of Romanticism. His most famous works are the chorus symphony “Bell”, piano music “Korelli Variations” and “Pagani” Rhapsody on a Nepali Theme” and so on.

Toshiro mifune (Toshiro mifune) Japanese film actor, has performed the classic business cards in the history of Japanese film “Yamamoto Fifty Six”, “Ran” and the Hollywood movie “Midway Island” and so on.

Singer Roger Daltry, the lead singer of the “Who” choir, and director psychologist Abraham Maslow, is the founder of human psychology and author of “Personality Psychology”.

The French philosopher and playwright Edmond Rostand is internationally renowned for his “Big Nose Love Saint”.

German Prime Minister Bismarck (Ottovon Bismarck) advertised the “iron-blood policy” of the country and unified the German states.


The first card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “Magic”, which symbolizes wisdom, communication and information. There is a symbol on the magician’s head that represents infinity, sometimes represented by a wide hat, sometimes as a halo. There are many explanations for this card, one of which is that the magician understands the nature of the endless cycle of life and possesses power because of this realization. Therefore, the upright card represents rich diplomatic skills, shrewd and capable; handstand means unscrupulous and speculative mentality.

Inspirational quote

We play the violin, the guitar, and the piano, and the universe is also playing us.


Driven by goals, sincere and skillful.


Isolated, cramped, and workaholic.

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