April 10: Bold adventurer

April 10 Bold adventurer

House: Aries 19 degrees – 21 degrees

Constellation: Aries II, the standard fire sign

People born on April 10 have the courage to be themselves and work hard to make the plans and ideas in their hearts come to fruition. Although they are not afraid of confrontation or fighting for their own lives, they will not take the initiative to conflict with others unless others attack first. They do nothing rashly, and for them courage is a moral insistence, based on strong principles and simple common sense.

Those born on April 10 will experience at least one notable career change in their lifetime. When they discover their true destiny, they immediately drop everything they had prepared for a career (either hastily or under pressure from their parents) in their early years. It can be seen from this that it is extremely important for people born on this day to discover their mission.

People born on April 10 are not thoughtless, but they are still seen by others as very adventurous and sometimes reckless. But in hindsight, sometimes I really have to thank them for being so bold and brave! And the risk that was taken at first seems to have been clearly assessed afterwards; perhaps in their eyes, it was not a risk at all! Some people say, “Many people who are born and die on this day love to gamble all their lives.” That’s true, they don’t just like to gamble in their lives, they like real poker tables and casinos. The thrill of competition and the joy of assessing the odds will always fascinate them.

People born on April 10 will genuinely love their profession, and coupled with their independence, it may be difficult for them to lead a normal family life. Paradoxically, they also need a sense of stability, rely heavily on an understanding partner or friend, and want someone to be around at all times. Perhaps it would be more correct to say that they need a more unconventional form of relationship between the sexes, with enough love but not binding each other.

Among those born on this day, there are two distinct “star” types, the first is the “Lone Ranger” type, who likes to plan independently and develop a style, skill or talent on his own; the second is the “Lone Ranger” type. “Communication star” type, like to be a leader, leading the disciples. The second type has a missionary zeal and is able to inspire others to serve their mission in the most dynamic way possible. Unlike introverted loners, they focus their energy on personal areas, especially technical research; on the contrary, they usually spend their energy on organizing groups or engaging in social movements, and they always have high-sounding goals. But while they are outgoing and want others to thank them for their efforts, these practical gamblers don’t have time for flattering people because they know in their hearts that they are nothing but vanity.

Among those born on this day, the development is better, and it is clear that arrogance and overconfidence will be fatal flaws. They are true warriors who know their limits. Although they push themselves to the top, they rarely go beyond their own limits. They despise unrealistic plans, and are most happy to conceive a plan and then complete it.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

People born on April 10 are influenced by the number 1 (1+0) and the sun. People affected by 1 usually want to be number one. Because of the influence of Mars (the ruling planet of Aries) and the sun at the same time, it is more eager to stand in the most important position. Although 1 is the number of leaders and ambitions, as mentioned earlier, some April Lone Rangers born on the 10th, like to develop their own goals, only extroverted people will show the leadership characteristics of “number one”. However, in either case, the influence of the interaction between the sun and Mars will make people born on this day full of vitality.


Developing the ability to relax your mind and body is the key to maintaining good health. People born on this day will be troubled by temporary setbacks, which will also make them weak. Because it is difficult to let go of criticism, it is easy to lose energy or cause discomfort (mainly headaches and skin problems). Those born on April 10 are better off having a private place where they can recharge regularly. For extroverts, this means getting out of the public eye; for introverts, it’s a necessary break from work. In addition, maintaining an interest in food and dieting without excessive restrictions can also lift their spirits. People born on April 10 must be strictly guarded against alcohol and drug addiction. An occasional cigarette or thirst for alcohol, combined with a healthy sex life, is a good compromise for these impulsive people.


Relax your tense mind and body and be careful not to become addicted to gambling, alcohol or drugs. Enjoy the pure joy of life. Personal success is as important as personal success. Occasionally obey the dictates of emotion, not reason. Learn to turn off the engine and stop.


Claire Booth Luce is the wife of Henry Luce, publisher of Time magazine, and the representative of the House of Representatives to Italy.

Hungarian-American journalist and publisher Joseph Pulitzer, who founded the annual journalism and arts awards.

Frances Perkins, America’s first female cabinet minister, served as secretary of labor for 12 years under President Roosevelt Jr.

George Russell, Irish poet and mystic, known by the pseudonym AE, was an important leader of the Irish Renaissance.

Perry (Matthew C. Perry) U.S. Navy admiral, who opened Japan’s gateway to Japan’s trade and diplomatic relations with the West.

Film actor and bridge player Omar Sharif, represented by “Doctor Zivago”, was directed by famous British director David Lian.

Oakland Raiders football coach John Madden, who has coached 112 games, won the Super Bowl, and is a sports commentator, winning 9 Emmys for best sports commentator .


The 10th card of the Great Secret Tarot is the “Wheel of Fortune”, which symbolizes the reversal of fortune. Except for the change itself, there is no real and constant truth in the world. This card shows a penchant for gambling, which makes life up and down. In fact, success or failure in life is closely tied to the wheel of fortune; therefore, success or failure in life is not permanent.

Inspirational quote

Simply seeing with the eyes is also a creation.


Committed, brave, bold.


Lack of stability, easy to indulge, nervousness

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