April 12: Cheerleader

April 12 Cheerleader

House position: 21 degrees -23 degrees Aries

Constellation: third Aries, standard fire sign

People born on April 12 seem to stretch out their tentacles at any time to perceive the emotions of the masses. Their sociable talent is amazing. This talent is not so much a gift from God, it is more from the understanding of getting along with people. Moreover, the world will really use the most ingenious techniques to prove that there are indeed two brushes in social interaction. There is no doubt that people born on April 12 like to be the center of attention; however, for those who are extremely successful or outstanding, they usually get attention because they have contributed to people, for example, they are often A symbol of hope and dream, bringing light to everyone.

It is difficult for them to regard themselves as a single individual. They usually devote all their energy to group or social matters, so they don’t have the time and mind to understand themselves in depth. Due to the lack of self-understanding, people with poor development will get into a lot of trouble. This trouble is not only social, but also financial and legal. Those with better development know the dangers caused by lack of self-awareness, so they will look for ways to overcome this shortcoming.

Whether it is writing, speaking or acting, people born on this day are very happy to be spokespersons for colleagues, friends or family, or even spokespersons. As long as they can put forward their own opinions and communicate with other people, it is their happiest thing. It is cruel for people born on April 12 to speak to a group of uninterested audiences. Therefore, their friends or partners must not only be good listeners, but also care about common topics with them.

Many people born on April 12 have an irresistible and insatiable interest in current affairs, and even for some people, commenting on current affairs is also very important. Such a preference may develop a critical personality, or because of the habit of criticizing others, it is better for them to leave the busy life track regularly and go to a quiet place to objectively examine their observations and their inner world. .

People born on this day don’t like to stay away from what is happening. Whether they are in the city or in the countryside, they will participate in various group activities. To be more specific and apt to say, whether discussing matters, or doing business, or litigating, they will often be the people who are negotiating matters or intermediary coordinators. They are experts in game rules, laws, or social traditions, so they will naturally play the role of consultants.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on April 12 are affected by the number 3 (2+1=3) and Jupiter. People affected by 3 are usually ambitious and even quite dictatorial. Generally speaking, they often focus on the coordination and compromise of things, but the tendency to be too ambitious will cause great conflicts. The interaction of the number 3 and Jupiter will make them have an open and optimistic attitude in thinking and behavior, but coupled with the influence of Mars (the ruling planet of Aries), I am afraid that there will be an impatient and overconfident temperament. .


People born on April 12, who do not indulge in tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, do not neglect adequate sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet, and generally have a healthy physique. They should avoid being overly optimistic about their health status, and being too indifferent to tend to get sick easily. For people born on this day, the necessary condition for health is to have a quiet and balanced place for rest in their hearts. As for eating habits, because they think that gatherings are part of social interaction, most of their attention is not on enjoying food. Talking with people is the real focus. So often after a meal, they don’t remember what they are eating! Usually their diet should be delicious and enjoyable, and they should not be over-restricted or forced to focus on healthy food.


Cultivate more firm and steady confidence. Don’t be overly eager for everyone’s attention and appreciation, it’s just a manifestation of insecurity.


Hancock (Dr. Herbie Hancock) jazz pianist, he is also a composer, writer, and speaker.

Hong Kong pop music composer and record producer Lun Yongliang.

Native American leader Dennis Banks, a Chipwa and leader of the “American Indian Movement”, once occupied the site of the “Wounded Knee Creek Massacre” and is currently serving his sentence in prison.

Cincinnati “red team” baseball team infielder and outfielder Rose (Pete Rose), he is also the record holder for the most games, the most blows, and the most hits.

French abstract painter Robert Delaunay (Robert Delaunay), the first to introduce trembling colors into Cubism to form a “mysterious” movement, is one of the earliest abstract painters.

The Spanish opera soprano Montserrat Caballe (Montserrat Caballe), sang “Faust” Margaret on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera and performed in top opera houses around the world.

United Nations representative, New York City planner Terry (Marietta Tree).


The twelfth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “Upside Down Man”, who hangs upside down on a tree with one foot. Although it seems a little helpless, in fact, he is in charge of contemplation and spiritual power. Therefore, when the card is upright, it means that you recognize the limit, solve the problem, and have human characteristics; when the card is upside down, it is spiritually limited and lacks foresight.

Inspirational quote

Denying the facts will only hinder self-discovery.


He understands the world, articulates, and has diplomatic skills.


Over-zealous, easy to be frustrated, and lack of self-understanding.

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