April 13: Whimsical creator

April 13: Whimsical creator

House position: Aries 22 degrees -24 degrees

Constellation: Aries three, the standard fire sign

People born on April 13 try to resolve conflicts with the world through work. The success of outstanding people born on this day is usually because they are forced to find a new way and create a new world in a society that is incompatible with them. But even if they are already on the path of so-called success, they still want to rewrite the rules of the game.

People born on April 13th are good at expressing themselves, so they have the ability to work independently, which many people don’t know. If they finally “kill” a way out, they will force others but to be sure of their radical methods, they may also ask others to follow the same pattern. If they fail, they will certainly feel rejected or feel inferior. However, no matter what others think, they will continue to insist on their choice. Those who develop poorly among them may deny that they have a creative talent, and blindly adopt a repressive, conservative attitude, or imagine that they are an important person in a high position.

People born on April 13th are strong-willed, and regardless of whether they are accepted or not, they will maximize their unconventional ways of doing things. If relatives and friends strongly oppose these seemingly weird behaviors, they usually have two ways to go. One is to put others’ denials in their hearts and then get sick from then on; the other is to fight for the recognition and acceptance that they deserve. . If people born on April 13 suffer from chronic diseases, they are likely to engage in disease-related jobs, such as doctors, nursing staff, psychological or social counselors. If they are struggling, they will never give up until they establish their own value.

Because these people at birth have special habits and personalities, they usually maintain a very private life that is very private and not let others see it. This need for privacy can even be a little morbid, but fortunately, there are not many cases. It is strange to say that people born on this day like to have one or several companions in their lives, but they will not change their secret rules for this reason. Due to their special nature and lifestyle, various rumors about them will naturally circulate in social circles, and some of them are indeed true. These rumors can cause a lot of pain because they are very sensitive to the opinions of others. But what can be done? It is because they don’t like to be public that others will be more curious about their private lives.

People born on April 13th have good tastes and are quite able to accept modern art forms and entertainment. Even if they are not artists themselves, they are mostly art or antique collectors. They have a unique eye for seemingly ordinary objects. Although people born on April 13 are idealists, they are also very practical. If they are willing, they can successfully accumulate wealth.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on April 13 are affected by the number 4 (1+3=4) and Uranus. Uranus usually indicates drastic or sudden changes, as well as weird and unconventional behaviors. This unstable nature will be more pronounced under the influence of Mars (the ruling planet of the constellation Sheep). The number 4 has always represented rebellion, peculiar bias, and the desire to change the rules. Therefore, people born on April 13 have a particularly strong desire to break the status quo. Although many people think 13 is an ominous number, it is not the case. It is actually a powerful number that can be used wisely and can cause damage.


Those born on April 13 must learn to deal with disappointment, rejection and rejection, otherwise these negative emotions will manifest themselves in different physical and psychological symptoms at different stages of life. These symptoms can range from headaches and anxiety to extreme depression. Sleep is both a blessing and a curse for them-usually sleep has a therapeutic effect, but if you add depression, sleep will become a negative attitude to escape from daily life, and even escape from life itself. In terms of escaping from reality, winemaking is particularly devastating. In the face of these problems, one solution is to establish regular work and exercise habits. Many people born on April 13th are born with motor cells and can engage in different sports, such as hiking, swimming, aerobic dancing, etc. Eating regularly and in a happy mood may be their best medicine.


Try to get in touch with others and don’t suppress yourself. Occasionally try to see the world through the eyes of others. Give freely and accept the generosity of others. Sometimes excessive self-esteem only gets in the way.


Thomas Jefferson, the President of the United States, was a drafter of the US Constitution. He served as Secretary of State during the presidency of Washington and purchased Louisiana from France during his presidency. He is also a scholar and architect. The University of Virginia was not only founded by him, but also the school building was designed by him.

American chain store tycoon Woolworth (Frank W. Woolworth), the Woolworth Building he built in New York City was the tallest building in the world for some time.

Samuel Beckett (Samuel Beckett) Irish Nobel Prize winner and playwright, he is also a poet and novelist, and the author of “Molloy”; he has worked with American sneer Buster Keaton on filming, and his works include “Movies “.

Film producer and director Stanley Donen (Stanley Donen), he is also a choreographer, his works include “Ten Thousand Flowers in Spring” and “A Day in New York” in collaboration with Kim Kelly.

Movie actor Ron Perlman (Ron Perlman).

Jazz vibraphone player Charles (Teddy Charles), he is also a composer and arranger.


The most misunderstood of the Great Secret Tarot is the thirteenth card, which is “Reaper”. We seldom interpret it literally, because its positive meaning is to put aside the past, transcend limitations and continue to grow. Therefore, this card hopes that people will avoid depression, pessimism or sadness.

Inspirational quote

On the stage of life, in a different scene, the play can often continue to develop.


Strong-willed, frank and pioneering spirit.


Over-zealous, easy to be frustrated, and lack of self-understanding.

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