April 14: Absolute conservatives

April 14 Absolute conservatives

House position: 23 degrees -25 degrees Aries

Constellation: third Aries, standard fire sign

People born on April 14 specialize in tradition and history, whether it is general history or chronological history, and will try to rank themselves among the thinkers or actors of history. People born on this day care about their proper status in society. For them, the so-called proper status is a group leader; but in fact, they do not have outstanding leadership skills. Therefore, it is more likely that they have won the respect, admiration, and even fear of the people around them just by virtue of their good appearance or image. Among these people, those who develop well only need respect from others; those who develop poorly want to be admired and obey others. The latter must beware of being overwhelmed by his own thoughts and unscrupulous in order to achieve the goal.

People born on this day can not only see themselves from a historical perspective, they can also grasp the sense of the times in which they live. In addition, he also has a very clear insight into how the career develops and the outlook for the future. They don’t value change, so they tend to be extremely conservative. Even reformers may find that what they want to reform is actually based on traditional values. The most common situation may be that they rebelled against the authority of their father. The reason for giving birth was out of respect for the children, but because they came up with a better set of “discipline methods”, and this set of theories will be used by them in the future. The only way.

Women born on April 14 have a strong sense of family, although they are not necessarily housewives. At the same time, they hope that her family can understand her need to pursue a career, and they want to take charge of everything in the family. Men born on this day are easy to feel excited and irritating; however, they often over-control themselves and the people around them. In short, both men and women are in danger of becoming too bossy and authoritarian towards relatives, friends and colleagues.

The sooner people born on April 14 settle down in stable work, family or living conditions, the better. It is not a good thing to change their lifestyles or occupations repeatedly, because only stable conditions can make them creative. The work that is suitable for people born on this day is preferably a work that can be completed step by step and orderly after a series of planning. Generally speaking, people born on this day should not rest too long between plan and plan, otherwise they will feel uneasy and uncertain. Learning to be patient with colleagues and to understand the needs of family members is a good way for people born on April 14 to avoid conflict and unhappiness.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on April 14 are affected by the number 5 (1+4=5) and Mercury. Both 5 and Mercury represent change, and they feel impatient with monotony. Coupled with the influence of Mars (the ruling planet of Aries), they increase the possibility of impulsive action. Therefore, a typical person born on April 14, even though things are going well, will still be dissatisfied with what the opponent is doing every once in a while. Fortunately, the number 5 also gives people a flexible personality and the ability to quickly recover from the setbacks of life.


People born on April 14 are often overly concerned about their appearance, so some people often become loyal customers in industries such as weight loss and body shaping, cosmetic surgery, and aerobic exercise programs. As Aries, they pay special attention to their faces. For people born on April 14, health is not necessarily a problem, and youth is no longer a serious worry. If they can accept the fact that their appearance is getting older and their physical strength is declining as they grow older, they will be more cheerful, and can adjust their temperament, so they are used to such changes. As for diet, people born on April 14 are not the best subjects to try new tastes. Therefore, following the usual routine and having no tricks is a safe and appropriate recommendation.


Don’t be afraid of taking risks, but dare to lose and win. Tradition is sometimes nothing more than a bad habit. “Change” is a natural phenomenon of things, and everything will become a thing of the past sooner or later. Honesty should be valued more than flattery.


Ali Akbar Khan, Indian “sarod” (sarod) performer, composer, and founder of the school.

Hong Kong comedian Zeng Zhiwei is also a director and record producer.

Shizuka Fuji, a talented Japanese film and song amphibious girl, is well-known for her performance in the movie “The Wife”.

British historian Arnold Toynbee (Arnold Toynbee), author of “Historical Studies”, worked in the British Foreign Office during World War II, and was also a representative of the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 and 1946.

Movie actress Julie Christie.

Haitian President Francois Duualier, nicknamed Doctor Dad, has been in power since 1957 until his death. He has been under a dictatorship and even established secret militias called “Demons.”


The 14th card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is “temperance”. On the card is a guardian angel who can protect us and stabilize us. When the cards are upright, temperance is just right to adjust our enthusiasm, not to go too far, to help us gain new knowledge and integrate into our daily lives. However, when the card is upside down, it means frivolousness and excessive pursuit of fashion.

Inspirational quote

The boat will float on the water until it sinks.


Good at socializing, persuasive and powerful.


Depression, dissatisfaction, autocracy.

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