April 15: Serious housekeeper

April 15: Serious housekeeper

House position: Aries 24 degrees-26 degrees

Constellation: Aries three, standard fire sign

People born on April 15th are practically extreme. For them, everything must be seen and relied upon. They are interested in everything about human activities, and no matter what they do, they will first measure, compare and record it.

In this daily life, people born on April 15 are always busy implementing the plan and making specific decisions at the request of family and friends. They have to participate in other people’s food and clothing, what they think, and what they do, and they are often over-zealous, so that participation changes and intervention, so problems arise. Especially when the close people around them hate this oppressive care and begin to yearn for privacy and independence, the situation will be most serious. If people born on April 15 want to intervene further and add their own moral judgments at the same time, then they must have the plan to “face resistance”. However, for dependents who need strongman guidance, those born on April 15th are an important and necessary role.

People born on April 15 can inspire and inspire others, which means that they have the characteristics of inspiring others. Therefore, people who are touched by their exuberant talent for inspiration may admire them a lot, so they will follow suit. Unfortunately, the less developed ones among them have little interest in the happiness of others. Therefore, when formulating personal moral beliefs, one may become a selfish dictator. For people born on April 15th, it is actually a challenge to clearly define the relationship between themselves and those around them, or to allow others to decide or choose freely. In addition, when the plan does not go well, then it is best to let it end. If they still insist on saving, it is likely that everyone will suffer heavy losses. All in all, learning to be open and accepting is the most important issue for people born on April 15th.

People born on this day are good at planning and creating new organizations. However, it is best for them to let go in time to make new plans. Because if their talents are only used for defensiveness, their creativity may be limited as a result. In other words, repeating the same thing over and over again will prevent them from growing.

People born on April 15 may have a superficial understanding of the environment. Because they are very practical and seeking truth from facts, they may not be able to understand the twists and turns of people’s hearts. Sometimes, they also ignore that in their own minds, there are actually young people’s unrealistic fantasies, and they use adult methods to deal with everything. They should understand that in addition to the mature side, people also have a naive and irrational side. In addition, they should be humorous and not too serious. Actually, it doesn’t matter if you play a fool once in a while.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on April 15 are affected by the number 6 (1+5=6) and Venus. Most of the people affected by 6 have personal charm, which can make people worshipful. Due to the interaction between Venus and Mars (the ruling planet of Aries), sex will be a very important part of life. Sometimes they will provoke other people’s irrational tendencies, and this tendency happens to be part of their self-repression. Venus represents the desire for harmony. So when things are not as expected, they get confused. People born on this day will face a difficult challenge, that is, how to maintain a balance between Venus and Mars, so that they can achieve coordination, rigidity and softness, and they will have two extremely different qualities: active and sensitive. .


People born on April 15 often neglect their physical condition because of the emergency at hand. This is quite surprising to other people, because they are very knowledgeable about health and pay attention to whether their lives are going smoothly. How could they neglect their health? Perhaps there is another situation that can be explained. People born on April 15 know more about health but less about disease. Maybe they should get a little sick from time to time and let the body make adjustments and recover automatically, instead of panicking for the disease to get better immediately. People born on this day should avoid immediate and fast fitness. In addition, since they usually have a good appetite, a varied diet is also a good suggestion.


Cultivate a more open and accepting mind. Look at the children and learn from them. Irrationality is not that terrible. Express your feelings, don’t be afraid of rejection, and don’t feel like this is stupid. Find fun in life.


Leonardo da Vinci is a wizard of the Renaissance. He is not only a painter, sculptor, architect, but also a military engineer and inventor.

Niu Ge, a senior cartoonist in Taiwan, is well-known for the comic “Uncle Niu”, and has written many novels such as “Gambling Country Enemy” under the pseudonym Li Feimeng.

American novelist and critic Henry James (Henry James) is a great and influential writer in the history of American literature. He is the author of “The American”, “European” and “Bostonian”.

The 19th century British Antarctic explorer and navigator Sir James Clark Ross.

Bessie Smith (Bessie Smith) American jazz, blues singer, known as “after the blues.”

Taiwanese native comedian and TV host Peng Chacha, once starred in the movie “The Silent Hill”.

British chamber music conductor Sir Neville Mariner (Sir Neville Mariner), he founded the “Wild Saint Martin Chamber Orchestra”.

Harold Washington, the first African-American mayor of Chicago.


The 15th card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is “Demon”. Due to the strong sexual attraction, irrationality and passion, this card presents intersecting fear and desire. The devil makes use of people’s needs for safety and money, through the contradictions of human nature, to make people his slaves. When the face of the card stands upright, it represents the charm of the senses and the expression of enthusiasm, but it also reminds us that even if we are physically restrained, we can still fly freely mentally.

Inspirational quote

Sometimes the best thing we can do is to step aside and let things take their course.


Dominant, strong in organization, and step-by-step.


Arbitrary, self-conscious, self-limiting.

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