April 18: Ideal guardian

April 18: Ideal guardian

House position: 27 degrees -29 degrees Aries

Constellation: Aries three, standard fire sign

People born on April 18th are strong defenders of ideas. They not only maintain the ideals and ideas they care about, but also protect the ideas of people who are less important. Usually the ideals they advocate and the ideas they want to achieve are at the forefront of the times. People born on this day will fight for their ideals and are often regarded as progressive and avant-garde thinkers. But they are not extremists. In their hearts, they are actually traditionalists, just hoping to apply their past experience and knowledge to the current situation.

People born on April 18 are very aware of their appearance, demeanor and public image, and they are also very concerned about how others treat them, so they rarely get embarrassed in public. In the same way, they will appear in front of their peers or colleagues very carefully and sensibly. In addition to loving them, family members must respect them. This is very important.

All people born on this day have a noble temperament. If this temperament is stigmatized, they will feel deeply pained and will do everything possible to reverse the situation. During this period of pain, they will be very depressed, and it will take a considerable period of time to regain their energy and composure, and to take the necessary actions.

People born on this day are very loyal. They protect not only friends and family, but also professional colleagues and customers. This style of reluctance to be angry with those around you may be a modest secret. However, no one can be someone else’s eternal backer! Therefore, sometimes you should let the other person stand up and speak.

People born on April 18 are usually close to one of their parents, usually the son is close to the mother, and the daughter is close to the father. At the same time, they also rely heavily on the spiritual support and approval of the father or mother. And it is on the basis of family affection that they form their own moral values ​​and their attitudes towards behavior in society when they grow up. Therefore, the most important thing for people born on this day is to try to solve the bad relationship with their parents before puberty, so that they can start the pace of life without being mentally stagnant.

For people born on April 18, the key to growth lies in whether they can fully release intimacy and love. If love is closed off, they will form extreme personalities and even think that they are persecuted by the whole world. If emotions and love are allowed to flow unimpeded, those born on April 18 can bring endless positive power to the people around them.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on April 18 are affected by the number 9 (1+8=9) and the powerful Mars. Since Aries is also dominated by Mars, people born on this day must be very careful not to let the offensive personality control, and should try to avoid conflicts. In addition, the strong Martian energy can easily lead them and their companions in the wrong direction; I hope they can restrain the impulse and find a healthy way to vent this considerable impulse.


“Psychological balance” should be the most concerned thing for people born on April 18. Because their willpower and imagination are far superior to reason, they must accept certain strict mental disciplines. In order to maintain good health, people born on this day should have an orderly schedule, use their energy constructively, and don’t waste their energy in unnecessary pursuits. Regular work habits and exercise can make people born on this day more organized in will and imagination. Similarly, regular and balanced meals can also produce positive effects. If their energy is not properly channeled, it can easily lead to fights and accidents, which can lead to head and face injuries. Regular and regular gentle exercise has a miraculous effect on the relaxation of the body and mind.


Don’t be overly defensive, or eagerly trying to sort things out. Make yourself more trustworthy and more relaxed. Try to accept others. If the people around you don’t bother you, let them stay that way! To be able to suppress your anger.


Leopold Stokowski is an American conductor. His father is Polish and his mother is Irish. He was the conductor of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and was a pioneer in introducing modern music to the American Philharmonic.

Polish Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki is also a lawyer, journalist, and leader of the Polish Solidarity Party.

Italian geologist and explorer Abdito Desio is the first climber of the world’s second highest peak K-2.

Movie actor James Woods (James Woods).

Film music composer Miklos Rozsa (Miklos Rozsa).

Bailey (Mildred Bailey) US Army brigadier general, is also the commander of the “Army Women’s Corps”.

Financier Huntington Hartford (Huntington Hartford) He is also an art patron and heir to A&P.


The seventeenth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “Stars”. On the screen is a naked girl pouring fresh water on the coke-dried ground under the starry sky while using another spoon to revive the stagnant water. She represents the brilliance of life in the world, but it also represents the enslavement of matter and senses. Therefore, the stars in the sky always remind her not to forget that there is a higher level of spiritual world.

Inspirational quote

Laughter is the best medicine.


Stand firm, firm-willed, and responsible.


Difficult to reach, lack of money concepts, and indulge in permissiveness.

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