April 19: Powerful and Unyielding

April 19: Powerful and Unyielding

House position: Aries 28 degrees-Taurus 0 degrees

Constellation: Aries Taurus, standard fire sign

People born on April 19 want to have 100% control over everything they do. Although they have the characteristics of a star and avant-garde, they are mostly persevering and pragmatic. Usually, the goals they take for granted are as difficult as those seen by others; however, the focus of their attention is on good control, not on leadership.

The greatest joy of those born on April 19 is to establish a solid foundation for a career, system or family structure, and allow these foundations established by oneself to operate permanently and continue to develop. Yes, people born on this day do like all kinds of power, but what they value most is the ability to mold humble raw materials into valuable finished products.

Based on this characteristic of liking to structure an organization and control the overall situation, people born on April 19 value making objects, creating new concepts, and even having children. For example, if something is important to them, then in addition to being a real and concrete object, it must be made by themselves. Of course, they also like to improve other people’s products, such as adding some of their own opinions, or finding ways to make the product more attractive.

People born on this day will be attracted by effective ideas or talented people, but the bad thing is that when they worship others, they cannot develop their potential. Therefore, it is best to discover your strengths early and continue to cultivate them. In this way, you are very likely to excel. If you can listen to the experience of colleagues more and learn from the mistakes of others, then progress will be faster; otherwise, I am afraid that I will unconsciously fall into a fixed pattern and engage in boring work for a lifetime. The so-called “crisis is a turning point”, they should understand this, and learn, accept and change, especially to seize the important opportunity that is only once in their lives (this opportunity usually appears in their 20s); it is a pity Yes, they often miss this opportunity for various reasons, but they didn’t expect that if they missed this time, the opportunity might never come again.

People born on April 19, when faced with the ideal choice of life direction (mostly around the age of 42), if they choose the right direction, they can enjoy happiness and success; if unfortunately go in the wrong direction, they will run into walls and lament Bole Hard to find. Therefore, they must avoid being unable to see the true ultimate goal because of short-term gains. After all, “something to do” can achieve higher goals.

If people born on this day want to improve their spiritual level, they must restrain their desire to control others and give others (especially their partners or children) the right to make mistakes. Of course, it is understandable that they want to protect others out of good intentions, but you must remember not to become tyrannical that prevents others from experiencing their own lives.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on April 19 are affected by the number 1 (1+9=10, 1+0=1) and the sun. Because people born on this day are at the intersection of the Aries and the Taurus, and are under the strong influence of the number 1 and the sun, they must beware of abusing their power to avoid negative effects on the family and the individual. Fortunately, people born on April 19 are also affected by Venus (the ruling planet of Taurus), so they can take advantage of the beauty, harmony, and stability of Venus to alleviate the fires of Mars (the ruling planet of Aries) and the sun. heat. For people born on April 19, learning when to be positive and when to be negative is a very important topic in life.


If people born on April 19 are sitting in an office, they should be careful of overweight; doing a little exercise every day and keeping enough sleep are very important to their health. People born on this day usually rarely have sleep problems. If you suffer from insomnia due to stress, you can take a bath or massage with essential oils, which will have a good soothing effect. In addition, regular sex life will also help! People born on April 19 must be very nervous because they want to control every detail of their work. Therefore, if you want to stay healthy, learning to relax is a key. Try to enjoy a delicious meal as easily as possible, leisurely enjoy bread, vegetables, thick tea and light rice, or exotic, spicy dishes and so on.


Don’t get caught up in the desire to control, let things happen naturally. Avoid stagnation, learn to listen to the opinions of others, be open-minded, be ready to face changes at any time, and grasp the opportunities for change in time to avoid missing opportunities. Try to let others decide on their own affairs.


Paloma Picasso (Paloma Picasso) Spanish designer, she is the daughter of the painter Picasso, is also an internationally renowned jewelry and perfume designer.

Taiwanese entrepreneur Chen Maobang is the head of Shengbao Group.

American nuclear chemist Glenn T. Seaborg discovered nine transuranium elements including plutonium in 1951 and won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

The illegitimate daughter of Pope Alexander VI Lucrezia Borgia (Lucrezia Borgia), famous for sponsoring cultural events during the Renaissance, died unfortunately at the age of 26.

Dudley Moore (Dudley Moore) American comedian, film actor, pianist, and Cody Han starred in “Little Stupefied Through Seven Levels” and rose to rise in the film world. Later, he co-starred with Lisa Minnelli in the blockbuster “Twenty Eight Beautiful People Playboy” “.

American film actress Jayne Mansfield (Jayne Mansfield), who became a sexy idol with a hot figure, was later killed in a car accident.

Scottish pilot James Mollison (James Mollison), he was the first person to fly across the Atlantic, accompanied by their wife Amy Johnson (Amy Johnson), also a famous aviator.


The 19th “Sun” of the Great Secret Tarot Card is the best of all cards. It symbolizes knowledge, vitality and luck, and also represents worthy of respect and reward. When standing upright, it represents the positive characteristics of clarity, interpersonal harmony, and a beautiful reputation; but when standing upside down, it implies negative characteristics such as pride, conceit, and hypocrisy.

Inspirational quote

There is no power greater than love.


Self-control, perseverance, and skill.


Domineering, repetitive, stubborn.

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