April 2: Disordered idealist

April 2: Disordered idealist

House position: 11 degrees -13 degrees

Aries Constellation: Aries, standard fire sign

In daily life, people born on April 2 are extremely idealistic. Because of this trait, they will have some difficulty in achieving their goals in their careers. However, when they participate in the world with childish innocence, they may not have a strong desire for success. Because their thoughts are too ideal, they can only fully use their considerable energy and vitality after finding their goals in life, their limited ability to accept them, and compromising their lower status. Really, unless they recognize the truth of reality and think down-to-earth, they will stumble all the way and achieve nothing.

People born on April 2 are usually family-centered people, especially men. For such a man, his home is his castle, and his family is his courtiers. This mentality can cause problems from time to time, especially when children do not like to be his subjects.

People born on April 2 are always talking about their ideals, their ideals, and their ambitions. The pitiful thing is that people around them must take great patience to deal with their idealism, especially for those more pragmatic colleagues, their ideas are as incredible as a fairy tale. People born on April 2 often wander into another world. Their honesty and focus often make others misunderstand their motives. Because of their simple thinking, they will think that “compromise” is a very difficult thing, and they will regard colleagues’ ignorance or disagreement as a kind of betrayal.

People born on April 2 are very popular, but they must be careful not to interfere with friends with their own thoughts. They must learn to compromise, although this is a very strange thing. They often see the world in a black and white attitude, but we have to say: this is an attitude of alienation from others. But because they are not good at calculating, they are very sympathetic, honest and willing to give, so even if they have some anger, grievances and emotions, they will soon be forgiven. In addition, they often support the ideas of the underprivileged and incur hostility from those in power, but this will allow them to win the admiration of friends and others.

The emotions of others often surprise people born on April 2 because they themselves only have similar emotions when they encounter crises, difficulties, or even disasters. Also, people born on this day may forget what others think of them, and it may take a long time for them to understand that not everyone appreciates their pure but extreme views. However, if they are labeled as a “troublemaker,” they will react fiercely to such criticism.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on April 2 are affected by the number 2 and the moon. The moon usually gives people a romantic and imaginative personality. People born on April 2 are born under the positive sign of Aries (dominated by Mars), so they are under the dual influence of the moon and Mars. They have charm, ambition and sexual desire, especially men. If the people affected by 2 happen to be ranked second at home, then they may escape the bad tempers of their parents, because their brothers and sisters will stand in for them in everything. People affected by 2 are usually good colleagues or partners. However, natural leaders are not common, so if they want to play the role of power, they are likely to encounter problems.


People born on April 2 are suitable for general physical exercise. This allows them to put their minds on themselves and give them a chance to breathe in the highly spiritual world of the snail dwelling. Active imagination will make people born on April 2 exhausted. They must pay attention to their mental state and be careful of suppressed anger, otherwise they will inevitably lead to depression. Repeated frustrations sometimes even force them to live completely in their dreams and bring serious mental illnesses to themselves. People born on this day must pay attention to the messages sent by the body, such as pain, long-term discomfort, and back and neck problems, and should be treated by specialists on a regular basis. Regular check-ups are very important, because they often ignore chronic diseases and delay them until they are dying, only to find that everything is too late. As for diet, people born on April 2 like to eat very much. Unless the intake of dairy products, alcohol and meat is restricted, they are likely to gain weight.


Force yourself to be realistic and don’t live in dreams. Idealism is admirable, but it cannot be eaten as a meal. Listen to what others say. Even if they are talking about negative content, as long as they are willing to think carefully, constructive criticism may be valuable.


Hans Christian Andersen (Hans Christian Andersen) Danish fairy tale writer, author of “The Ugly Duckling” and “The King’s New Clothes”, “The Match Girl” and other fairy tales. In addition, he is also a playwright and poet.

Cai Yuanhuang, a Taiwanese literary critic, was the editor-in-chief of “Chinese and Foreign Literature”.

German expressionist, surrealist painter, sculptor Ernst (Max Ernst), famous paintings include “Europe after the Rain”, “Totem and Taboo” and so on.

The car company founded by car manufacturer W. P. Chrysler is one of the top three car companies in the United States.

Alec Guinness (Alec Guinness) British film, stage and TV actor.

Giovanni Casanova (Giovanni Casanova), rumored to have had an affair with the Russian emperor Catherine the Great, is the author of the memoir “My Life”.


The second card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is the “Priestess”. Sitting on the throne, she looked calm and unpredictable. She possesses spirituality, allowing hidden powers and secrets to be revealed, and then giving people this knowledge. So when the cards face upright, it shows tranquility, intuition, subtlety, and caution. When the card is upside down, it means surreptitiousness, suspicion, indifference, and sluggishness.

Inspirational quote

Being sensitive to what happens, we live in the present.


Honest, sincere, and hardworking.


Naive, depressed, unconscious

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