April 21: Go all-in

April 21, Go all-in

House: Taurus 0°-2°

Constellation: Aries Taurus, fixed earth sign

People born on April 21 are noble and character people. For them, excellent and complete professional skills are more important than anything else. They often walk in the forefront of the times and become popular people. But having said that, the private lives of people born on this day may often be in storms, with more than one marriage record, and having an affair is commonplace. No way, they pay too much attention to the enjoyment of the senses, so they are easily attracted by sex, food, sleep, and all kinds of pleasures. These people’s judgment of value depends on beauty and harmony. As long as it is beautiful, whether it is an artificial or natural product, they all love it extremely.

Whether it is due to family responsibilities or because of uncertainty about their abilities in the job market, women born on this day, even if they are in their 30s or early 40s, will still spend some time to find a place for themselves in the workplace. However, once the clockwork is tightened, it is impossible for them to stop. April 21st will especially bring women’s vigor and vitality.

People born on this day need to love and be loved very much, and the need for love is often more than being loved. When such needs cannot be met, their private lives will be plunged into violent storms as mentioned earlier. Women born on this day are able to bear the mistakes they have made. Once they break the status quo and express what they want, they will become more independent. On the other hand, men born on April 21 are often too conceited and must learn how to accept help from others.

People born on April 21 have a natural instinct to grab power and know how to use it. In other words, they know how to control power, but they will not become slaves to power. Therefore, after becoming a rich and privileged class, these people will not feel uncomfortable at all. In any case, compared with their good reputation, money is nothing at all.

It can also be seen that people born on April 21 are under attack in the professional field. If you are blamed because your work is too bad, or if your professional skills are not recognized and are no longer popular with the masses, it will inevitably make them difficult to let go, and they may become very frustrated, and they may even have the thought of committing suicide. Fortunately, their resilience is quite strong, and their vitality is extremely strong.

As long as it is everything related to the person you love, those born on April 21 will give endless care. From another perspective, this may lead to negative effects, making them eager to control their family members, whether they are children or spouses. People born on this day should really learn to give others some breathing space, otherwise they will seriously harm their loved ones, especially their children.

People born on April 21 know how to recharge their energy. They are good at making money, but they also love peace and tranquility, so their leisure time is mostly used for precipitation, recharging, and building creative dreams. Dreaming that the software center of Wanwangma Computer Co., Ltd. is deprived of sleep, rest, and vacation. Their thoughts will begin to be unclear and their judgments are prone to error. People born on April 21 are not all workaholics. In fact, they still have the habit of procrastinating. But even after the deadline, the job at hand can often be achieved satisfactorily.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on April 21 are affected by the number 3 (2+1=3) and Jupiter, the largest planet. Those who are dominated by the 3 often appear ambitious, and sometimes they are quite dictatorial! Influenced by the optimistic nature of Jupiter, people born on April 21 are often too careless about money handling. They only think about how to get rich quickly, but they often end up with debts, financial overdrafts or losses. In addition, the influence of Mars and Venus (ruling Aries and Taurus, respectively) has strengthened the pursuit of senses, sex, and comfort for people born on this day. Because they like to pursue fashion trends, they often adopt an attitude of “as long as I like it, no matter how much money I spend”.


People born on April 21 may face many health problems, usually chronic diseases rather than emergencies. Sometimes, because I care too much about my health, I become suspicious and always think I have some disease. Since people born today tend to focus on physical and sensory enjoyment, they are very enthusiastic about heat treatment, fragrance treatment, and chiropractic treatment. People born on April 21 need to pay attention to all diseases, especially the neck and throat, from general sore throat to Eustachian tube, parotid gland, salivary gland, and even thyroid problems. These people actually need regular exercise very much, but because they naturally love peace and comfort, they may not be able to stop later. People born on April 21, both men and women, are good at cooking and like to eat. This, coupled with the aforementioned lack of exercise, may cause weight problems. In spring and summer, gardening may be the most suitable activity for them.


Try not to interfere in other people’s affairs, sometimes you may find it unacceptable! Let others help you occasionally! Giving may also be a control technique; learn to give unconditionally and don’t let yourself be tossed over the years. First show what you want, and then finish it.


John Muir was born in the United Kingdom, a Californian naturalist, explorer, and eco-environmentalist who initiated the establishment of a national park.

Taiwanese actor Hu Yinmeng became famous for “Going Deep and Knowing Nowhere”. In recent years, bet on the spiritual movement of the new century.

The Russian empress Catherine the Great, according to legend, joined her lover to seize power from her husband Peter III and expand the empire.

British novelist Charlotte Bronte (Charlotte Bronte), author of “Jane Eyre”.

Dutch navy medic Jan Van Riebeeck, he discovered Cape Town, South Africa.

Queen Elizabeth Il, the Queen of England, was crowned in 1953 and is still in power. She is considered the richest woman in the world. In recent years, she has been troubled by her children’s marriage problems.

Mexican-American film actor Anthony Quinn won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor with “Long Live Sabada” and “Van Gogh Biography”.


The 21st card of the Great Secret Tarot is “The World”. There is a goddess running on the card holding a scepter. She has endless power to travel across the world to show the truth. This card indicates that there is nothing unobtainable on this planet. When this card stands upright, it represents good rewards and upright personality; handstand means huge obstacles, mental dislocation, and self-pity.

Inspirational quote

Regarding nuclear energy as very important, but treating cooking as a trivial matter, such a civilization will certainly go to extinction.


Good taste, caring for others, strong.


Domineering, repetitive, stubborn.

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