April 23: Pursuing sense of security

April 23 Pursuing sense of security

House: Taurus 2 degrees-4 degrees

Constellation: Aries Taurus, fixed earth sign

People born on April 23 will always find the best safe haven for their proud talents, and they must wait until a well-known or powerful company or organization discovers their existence before they stop and take a breath. . This does not mean that they must accept the employment of that company (although it is often the case), it may also be that the organization plays a similar role as a “sponsor” or recommends them to others to open the door to success. We can often find that when people born on April 23 choose their marriage partner, they usually choose to enter a family that can provide asylum. Although these people don’t care about independence in life, they really need to show their power in a larger social circle; and financial success is the most important to them.

If you are a person in the arts and literature circles (writers, reporters, painters) or business people (manufacturers or shop owners), they will rely on establishing a fixed support group, year after year, and continue to buy the books or products they publish . If you are in the service industry (doctors, lawyers, accountants), you will also be cautious in building a customer base. They know very well that if they do not have these customers, they will have nothing. People born on April 23 will try to let others know that they are a member of the family or professional field, and when they are in this group, they will never speak too straight or too aggressively, so as not to lose this The group’s support for itself. It can be seen from these aspects that these people are very dependent on the kind responses and trust of others.

People born on this day have a desire for passion in their nature. This impulsive side is very dangerous for people who desperately need a sense of security. People of this type sometimes act impulsively and endanger their existing positions. If they can introduce this desire for change and stimulation into work and keep their private lives in a balanced state, then they will be successful; on the contrary, the unthought-out behavior is likely to be brought about by career and family. Double disintegration.

For people born on April 23, being able to choose a life-long activity to participate in is indescribable. But if you suppress your own characteristics too much, others will lose interest in them, which is also quite risky. So the best strategy is to invent some new things on a regular basis and come up with new plans that have been considered carefully and can help them climb to the top. This type of person is best not to be satisfied with the stagnant status quo, but to move in the opposite direction, use the creative instincts, and move toward the goal step by step.

People born on April 23 are very aware of other people’s shortcomings, and their understanding of human character and motivation is also very deep. They should use this high level of insight constructively and cautiously when they are in education or as parents. People born on April 23 must wisely use their profound influence on others, learn to control their keen mind and sharp mouth.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on April 23 are affected by the number 5 (2+3=5) and Mercury. Mercury represents the rapid change of thoughts, so people born on this day must try to find a balance between this vitality and a strong need for security. The urge to pursue pleasure is surging in them, as if driving on a fast road. These passions are more intense under the influence of Mars (the ruling planet of Aries) and Venus (the ruling planet of Taurus). So they must control these impulses. The huge blows suffered in the course of life rarely have a lasting impact on those who are dominated by the number 5.


Those born on April 23 must prepare early for old age. They are always trapped in a fixed and repetitive habit. As they grow older, their ability to seek innovation and change when they are young is exhausted. If they want to change the status quo, they will no longer be able to do anything, and they will gradually become unhealthy. Yuxing. Therefore, it is best to continue to cultivate gentle, moderate exercise. Spending some time with grandchildren and doing voluntary work with the children will keep them happy and feel the vitality of young people. People born on this day can easily get all kinds of arthritis, especially in the neck area. They are also prone to hearing loss and dizziness, such as Meniere’s (auricular vertigo) syndrome. In terms of arthritis, they should have a planned, regular and moderate exercise, which can delay the deterioration of the body and the hardening of the joints, and maintain better flexibility when entering the old age. Such people have complex and diversified food tastes, but their love for butter, bread and pastries is harmful and not beneficial to the body. This preference for high-calorie foods can best be changed to cereals, rice, and oatmeal.


Be confident when you use your abilities, don’t let yourself stay the same, try to be more flexible. Let your emotions vent naturally and follow your feelings. Maintain a balance in life. Don’t be afraid to confide in your heart, but be skillful and friendly.


William Shakespeare (William Shakespeare) British Elizabethan playwright and poet, his representative works include “Romeo and Juliet”, “Hamlet”, “Macbeth”, “King Lear”, etc., is also a theater director, actor, was Known as Britain’s greatest writer.

Taiwanese idol movie star Yang Caini, her representative work “Blessings of Love”.

The early British impressionist painter (Joseph M. Turner) is good at landscape painting and watercolor painting. His mid-term works show the influence of literature. The later works are the most mature. Representative works include “The Fighting Daredevil”, “Rain, Steam and Speed”.

German theoretical physics Max Plank, Nobel Prize winner, studies quantum mechanics.

Russian composer and pianist Sergei Prokofiev (Sergei Prokofiev), famous works include “Three Oranges”, ballet “Romeo and Juliet” and “Cinderella”, orchestral work “Peter and Wolf” and Piano Concerto No. 3

Lester Pearson, a former Prime Minister of Canada and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, his new government introduced deeply nationalistic laws designed to weaken foreigners’ economic control in their country.


The fifth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “Pope”. He is the interpreter of sacred and mysterious things, symbolizing human cognition and belief. The Pope’s knowledge is full of mysteries, and even abstract things are governed by it. When the card is standing upright, it means full of confidence, no doubt, and a correct understanding of things; when the card is upside down, it means preaching, singing high-profile and arbitrarily.

Inspirational quote

There will always be a place in the world where you can be alone.


Good at socializing, safe and cautious.


Lack of flexibility, anxiety, depression.

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