April 25: Striking

April 25th Striking

House: Taurus 4°-6°

Constellation: Taurus One, fixed earth sign

People born on April 25th will be noticed as soon as they appear. Whether they are physically strong or not, every time they walk into a room, everyone will notice them. They can also be found in their work, no matter in their thoughts, opinions or attitudes, these people are extremely determined and clear. In fact, most of their energy is used to prove their existence.

People who were born on this day believe that it is better to start than to sit. They are very talented in language, but usually only used in the most economical aspect. They don’t talk empty talk, don’t use exaggerated vocabulary, but focus on the facts, hit the nail on the head, this is what these people can do. It is true that they speak frankly and straightforwardly, but those born on this day also retain their complicated side, which makes them even more charming.

In terms of interpersonal relationships, people born on April 25 should be careful not to steal the limelight from their partners or children; in work, they should not attract excessive attention. Because they often like to come and go, even if they just leave the home or company for a while, they will be noticed, just like a wide and deep hole suddenly appeared in the fabric of life, which looks very abrupt. . So whether they are present or not, it is very obvious.

The biggest challenge faced by such people in their lives lies in the areas of self-growth and spirituality. Because they put too much emphasis on what they are doing here and now, they often overlook the need to prepare for the next step in life. So if there is a spiritual mentor to let them understand the value of life beyond material, it may benefit him a lot.

Although generally speaking, people born on April 25 are burly, but because they often want to experience everything in person, this is harmful to their health. These people are full of courage. Although they will not deliberately fight against others, they will never shrink their hands in the face of shocks and difficulties. Usually, they rely solely on physical strength and endurance to win. They are hard to deal with, and those around them should try to match their good side.

For people born on this day, it is not enough to have a voice or plan. The plan must be thoroughly implemented to truly count. But this does not mean that they are not interested in theoretical things. Sometimes they even have some interesting or strange ideas. The bottom line is that those ideas must work. People born on April 25th are practical in everything. They can’t afford tricksters at first, and they don’t like those who are slick and do everything they can to impress them. It is conceivable that people born on this day will inevitably be very careful when choosing friends and wealthy partners.

At work, they put their careers above family and friends. People born on April 25 are sometimes stubborn to the extreme. It is very difficult for them to listen to others, especially the voices of children. Accepting the existing patterns of things can be a difficult problem for such people, because only what they want is the most important thing. As long as anything or anyone gets in their way, they will eliminate it mercilessly.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on April 25 are affected by the number 7 (2+5=7) and Neptune. Because Neptune is a planet made of water, which governs vision, dreams, and spiritual phenomena. If it does not connect with reality, it is very worrying for people born on April 25, especially when Zheng enters others. During emotional disputes, this problem is exacerbated by the influence of Venus (the ruling planet of Taurus).

In addition, people dominated by the number 7 are typically characterized by seeking change and travel. This may also cause conflicts in the memory of people born on April 25, because they need to be closer to the established work base.


People born on April 25 do not need to speak, their presence alone is very prominent. In general, the health of these people is pretty good. But they are prone to smoking or excessive drinking, which increases the burden on the heart and blood circulation. Another good reason to avoid drinking alcohol and tobacco is that they have a tendency to stomach and duodenal ulcers. More importantly, they must move in the safest way possible and avoid excessive physical exertion. To be safe, you may wish to listen to the advice of a trusted doctor or friend to obtain an objective attitude and good insights.

Various music-related forms, such as dancing and singing, are activities worth recommending to those born on April 25 (perhaps a cure). Because people born on this day have a tendency to be too stressed, they should also avoid cream and animal fat to avoid high cholesterol. Supplementing some nutrients such as lecithin or vitamin E may help the heart.


You have a high self-esteem, so sometimes it is really difficult to control. New students have the right to oppose or go their own way. For those who have dreams in their hearts but are not fulfilled like you do, be patient. Don’t always think about revenge against others, because in the end it is yourself that is injured.


Marconi (Guglielmo Marconi) Italian inventor, Nobel Prize winner in Physics, inventor of non-electricity and telegraph.

Li Ao, a writer and historian of Bay, is known for his straightforward and sharp writing and political commentary. Over the past 40 years, he has published more than 100 monographs. In recent years, he has become popular in the communication industry by hosting the TV program “Li Ao Swordsman”.

The Japanese writer Miura Ayako once caused a sensation with his novel “Freezing Point”.

Oliver Cromwell (Oliver Cromwell), a 17th century British soldier, political and religious leader, ruled Britain in the name of “Guardian”.

Al Pacino (Al Pacino) American film actor, has starred in countless classic business cards, representative works include “The Godfather”, “Scent of a Woman” and so on.

American jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald (Ella Fitzgerald), known as the “first lady in the singing industry”.

The Dutch painter Karel Appel, whose style is rough and gorgeous, is close to the American abstract expressionist style. His works include “The Cry of Freedom” and “The Woman and the Ostrich”.

French film director Bertrand Tavernier, whose works include “A Sunday in the Country”, “Midnight” and “Night Sea Family”, the former has won several Caesars Awards.


The seventh card of the Great Secret Tarot card is “Chariot”. The victor on the card shows his great achievements in the world with a strong and powerful posture. This card can be interpreted as; no matter how hard and dangerous the right path is, you have to go on next time. Standing upright on the card represents success, talent and efficiency; if the card is upside down, it implies an autocratic attitude and a clumsy direction. feel.

Inspirational quote

Man proposes, God disposes.


Energetic, determined, and motivated.


It makes people feel suffocating, moody, and narcissistic.

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