April 27: Self-satisfaction

April 27 Self-satisfaction

House: Taurus 6°-8°

Constellation: Taurus one, fixed earth sign

Generally speaking, people born on April 27 usually work behind the scenes unless they are conscripted or forced. They do not expect to assume leadership roles; on the contrary, what makes them the most happy is to perform their duties without interference, stay in a safe place, and concentrate on doing their own things. It is conceivable that such people do not yearn for a complicated social life, and usually must be in a specific group (such as school, workplace, teaching, etc.) before they can talk to others.

People born on this day will make people feel their existence even if they do not personally take charge of various affairs. These people have a very strong influence. All their thoughts, activities initiated, or even their shadows will make things around them move. Therefore, in separate activities, they never feel lonely. What is rare is that they will not be jealous of those who are popular with the public, and the darling in the eyes of family or friends. What these people pursue is that they can do their best and work hard to do their part. They have no time to pay attention to the worldly criticism or praise. They think that only they know themselves best, and because they know themselves too much, it is not necessary for outsiders to evaluate whether it is success or failure. People born on this day have a rare talent. Not only can they deal with occasional failures well, they can always learn from their previous mistakes and move on to the next plan without fear.

People born on April 27 need privacy and want to work alone and without interference. They can handle everything properly in terms of interpersonal relationships and family activities (such as raising children). After get off work, they like to enjoy a peaceful night at home with their spouse and children, or anyone. If you are a housewife, your home is their castle; as long as you are at home, any need can be fully satisfied. Because of their total loyalty and dedication to themselves, they also demand the loyalty and total dedication of others.

People born on this day must be careful not to become shrinking, cynical, or resentful. Such people often behave rudely and informally. If they can find their favorite way of venting in society, or they can sharpen the edges and corners of their personality, a necessary socialization process can be started. If not, they may be depressed forever.

People born on April 27th often have very proficient professional skills. Jiang Qi clearly knows where his bottom line is and what his abilities are, and he rarely misses his own strength. However, they may be too demanding of themselves and emotionally immature, or because they are too depressed, they will suddenly burst out with destructive emotions and scare others away. Although this kind of person’s temper is not easy to attack, once it becomes mad, everyone has to wait and see! In short, the devastating power of people born on April 27 is worth noting.

People born on this day should find some friends who can help them relax. It is important for them to laugh and not be too serious, such as finding close friends who are free and open-minded and funny.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on April 27 are affected by the number 9 (2+7=9) and Mars. The number 9 has a strong influence on other numbers. Any number plus 9 will produce the same number; 5+9=14, 4+1=5; any number multiplied by 9 will also produce 9: 9*5=45, 4+5=9, so we were born on April 27 The people have a great influence on the people around them. Mars is a powerful planet, representing male power, but here it is much softer due to the harmony of the main real planet of Taurus (Venus, with female vitality). Therefore, those born on April 27 have a unique opportunity to integrate the characteristics of men and women.


Those born on April 27 should beware of Saturn’s influence (as indicated by the hermit of the Tarot card), which includes depression and bone and tooth problems. The latter may affect postpartum or menopausal women who were born on this day, while the former may be a collateral result of men born on April 27, who encountered setbacks at work. In old age, problems with ears, hearing, and binaural balance may occur. More importantly, people born on this day should try to make themselves happy, because happiness may be the best medicine. People born on April 27 will be happy at home, especially in the kitchen. Although occasionally go to restaurants to eat, people who were born on this day are willing to make the kitchen comfortable and become a satisfying haven. Anyone born on this day, whether male or female, will be a good cook. When preparing three meals, they will also consider the content of the diet very seriously.


Try to get in touch with society more. Be careful not to isolate yourself. Urge yourself to engage in spiritual improvement. Remember not to force your values ​​on others. Don’t stick to the routine. Don’t let yourself be depressed for a long time.


Samuel F. B. Morse (Samuel F. B. Morse) is the inventor of the telegraph and Morse code and is also a portrait painter.

Taiwanese cultural scholar Chen Qilu.

Taiwanese singer Li Yijun, masterpiece “The Goddess of Bitter Sea Dragon”.

British evolutionary philosopher Spencer (Herbert Spencer), the advocate of “Social Darwinism”, his main work is “Integrated Philosophical System” 9 volumes.

Coretta King (Coretta King) American political activist, singer, is the wife of Martin Luther King (Martin Luther King), black civil rights leader.

Mary Wollstonecraff (Mary Wollstonecraff), active in British politics in the 18th to 19th centuries, is a feminist writer and author of The Defence of Feminist Rights. She is also the mother of Mary Shelly, author of Frankenstein.


The ninth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “hermit”. He is carrying a lamp and leaning on a cane. It represents meditation, isolation and silence, and symbolizes the crystallization of wisdom and absolute discipline. The hermit is a strict teacher, he uses his conscience to get people on the right path. When the card is upright, it means perseverance, purposefulness, deep and focused; the upside down of the card means arbitrary, hard to forgive, suspicious, and discouraged.

Inspirational quote

The heart is the Buddha.


Self-satisfaction, devotion, moderation.


Withdraw, be too serious, and self-depress.

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