April 5: Strong resilience

April 5th Strong resilience

House position: 14 degrees-16 degrees

Aries Constellation: Aries two, standard fire sign

People born on April 5th have the potential to succeed and the persistence to maintain success. They have the qualities of a star, show a calm and confident image, but are not overly self-centered. Most of them focus on the surface of things instead of delving into it. Most people born on this day will only pursue a profession, a set of principles, and a set of thoughts in their lives. People born on April 5th, just like those with celebrity qualities, will absorb the applause of chasing others; fortunately, it doesn’t matter if they don’t get it, and whether they notice it or not, they will still persevere in their efforts. Maybe it should be said! No matter what happens around them, they will still concentrate on what is at hand.

It’s hard to imagine people with such star qualities as a humble person; however, this is indeed the case! For them, being a party builder is the most comfortable and comfortable thing. Of course, we can also say that for those born on this day who are exceptionally talented in acting, humility is nothing more than their superb acting skills! However, in this regard, they do not like to be analyzed, explored or discovered. As long as the role they play is their true self, they don’t want to be digging or judging deeply by anyone.

The most suitable occupation for people born on April 5 is the kind of job that can be done for a lifetime. Because they prefer to make steady and continuous efforts in a perfect and satisfying business body; however, their marriage is not the case. Their marriages are mostly violent and violent. And there is no lack of reckless behavior and long-term affair, but they don’t think this is wrong. It is difficult for others to touch their emotional level, and it is difficult even to sit down and make things clear. Maybe they despise and disdain such things! People born on April 5th always think that people around them should understand that they are this virtue! In addition, they will have a bunch of admirers coming like flies, so their partners need great understanding and consideration.

Although people born on April 5th dislike controversy and lectures the least, they will be intimidated or hostile by acting directly and frankly. However, they will never compromise on their own partiality. Even if it causes a financial crisis, they will not hesitate-anyway, money is not the most important to them. For them, it is important that the plan is realized and that the ideal is not threatened. Although they believe that it is necessary to maintain honesty and integrity, they may also avoid these disturbances in order to carry on their life and career smoothly. Usually they will leave the question of “Do you need a debate?” to the opponent to decide.

When they focus on one thing, they usually can’t stop, and they don’t know if others are bored or want to do something else. Similarly, some people born on this day are likely to be used to doing the same things and living the same life throughout their lives. Therefore, they should evaluate their lives on a regular basis and make changes if necessary, even if it is difficult or even painful.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on April 5 are affected by the number 5 and Mercury. Mercury represents quick thinking and change. On this day, Mars (the ruling planet of Aries) gives Mercury plenty of energy, and this energy will accompany them for life. People affected by the number 5 also like to take risks, so we will find that even those who are proud of their family and business have some risky behaviors in private, such as gambling, driving fast, engaging in dangerous affair relationships, and so on. The shock of life did not affect them much, and they still went their own way without interference. Their super toughness is beyond compare.


People born on April 5th are responsible at work and tend to overplay in their spare time. However, eating and drinking, accidents, and spoiling the body at will are all harmful to your health. Pay special attention to issues such as drinking and taking 芗. People who were born on April 5th especially like the exotic foods, but they should change this eating habit that only satisfies the appetite and is not for health. Because of their unusually strong physique and longevity, they can escape the misfortune caused by reckless behavior for a long time. However, they should also apply their wise work attitude to diet, hobbies and outdoor activities.


Learn when to give up and turn around. It’s not bad to leave. Try to treat your partner more faithfully. Don’t take a healthy body for granted. Don’t just talk about your own success, but also talk about the problems you have encountered, and share your emotions with others.


Booker T. Washington, an African-American educational leader who founded the “Tuskegee Academy”, is also a writer and author of “Beyond Slavery.”

Yao Yiwei, a Taiwanese drama scholar and playwright, has authored commentaries such as “Appreciation and Criticism” and plays such as “Fu Qingzhu”.

Wen Jinlong, a new Taiwanese erhu player, is known for his unique style of “Chinese Music and Western Music”.

A Taiwanese novelist who worked in Xinjiang, authored “Recent Events in the Countryside” and other works.

The British political philosopher Thomas Hobbes studied Euclid’s geometric principles and created deductive methods.

Bette Davis (Bette Davis) American film actress, good at playing nervous women, representative works include “Danger”, Rogue Slut.


The fifth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “Pope”. He is the interpreter of sacred and mysterious things, symbolizing human cognition and belief. The Pope’s knowledge is full of mysteries, and even abstract things are governed by it. When the card is upright, it means that you are confident, unconcerned, and have a correct understanding of things; when the card is upside down, it means you love to preach, sing high-profile, and arbitrarily.

Inspirational quote

If you have two feet, you can run; if you have one foot, you can jump; if you have no feet, you can fly.


Carry out to the end, work hard, and succeed.


Repeat mistakes, overindulge yourself, and emotionally close.

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