August 1: The original

August 1 The original

House: Leo 8-10 degrees

Constellation: Leo one, fixed fire sign

People born on August 1 are not only strong in dominance, but also very self-centered. No matter what obstacles they encounter, they will not give up persuading others to accept their opinions. They are often not satisfied with the recognition that they are the best in their field. They must make others realize this through their work performance or persuasive personality traits. Although such actions will inevitably suffer from many failures, frustrations and disappointments, they rarely give up such efforts because of this.

People born on this day are also high-spirited warriors. They will fulfill their special missions in life with enthusiasm and interest. However, under their serious appearance and even advertised asceticism, there is actually a sense of humor hidden in their bones, but because they cannot express it violently, they often appear ironic and cynic. It is the impression that people born on this day give to others that the words of others are prickly and pointed. In fact, they hold this high standard to themselves.

People born on August 1 are not easy to get along with. They only follow their orders and often sneer at other people’s orders. Therefore, they are not suitable for doing things under others. However, if they can be leaders in the home, workplace, or the arts world, they are competent and happy; on the contrary, if they can only be secondary roles, they will feel embarrassed and frustrated in their hearts. For people born today, life can be said to be particularly difficult, because they are not born “bosses”, but they are not satisfied with being just “warriors”.

In addition, people born on August 1 are often caught up in the whirlpool of right and wrong. No matter what they do, they often arouse the interest or hostility of others. Therefore, it has become commonplace to deal with disputes directed at them. Although they are very good at using words to defend themselves, they are more inclined to retract into their carapace and ignore the outside world in this situation. This secret hiding place is very important to people born on this day, and it is also their favorite place.

Although people born on August 1 seem to be self-sufficient in appearance, they may need someone to help them in order to obtain the minimum living needs and a stable nest. However, in terms of interpersonal relationships, although they are willing to give others everything, the resources they can provide are actually very limited due to their emphasis on work and personal space. Therefore, only those who are psychologically prepared are suitable to associate with these and become their friends or partners.

One of the greatest strengths of people born on August 1 is that they can observe the world around them with crystal-clear eyes, neither illusion nor obscurity. Perhaps they are very good at creating symbols, mysteries or all kinds of contradictions, but they rarely affect their insight into the nature of things.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on August 1 will be affected by the number 1 and the sun. People born on the 1st want to be the best in the crowd, and they are determined and eager to climb to the top. People born on this day must pay attention not to lose themselves for the desire for power, or even drag the people around them into the water. The sun will bring them strength, creativity and enthusiasm (because the sun is the dominant planet in Leo, it will have a strong impact on people born on August 1st), but these qualities must be developed in a balanced manner, and they must not be allowed to be uncontrollable. The ground is full of flames.


People born on August 1 are quite proud of their health, and even a little proud of it. Therefore, it is not uncommon for them to ignore chronic diseases. They should have regular heart examinations, and when there are signs of back pain, they should also find a good chiropractor to help them. Discomfort or sprains on the lower back are mostly related to stress. Therefore, people who often sit at desks should pay attention to their sitting posture and often stretch their limbs during a short break. Because they adopt an authoritative and expert attitude in everything, they sometimes think that they have the same confidence in their health and ignore the advice of family members and doctors. If you want to interrupt the health of people born on August 1, you must have a solid pair of hands.


Put yourself in the position for others, don’t just go your own way. Occasionally, you might as well take some time out of the great cause of economics and country, and divert your attention to some daily things. Pay attention to whether your work attitude will attract hostility from others. You might as well compromise a little when you have to.


Melville (Herman Melville) American novelist and poet. He used to work as a bank clerk, and later in search of excitement, he joined the whaling fleet bound for the South China Sea in 1841, which provided the material for his first series of novels. His masterpiece “Moby-Dick” is arguably the most outstanding work in the nautical story, and it has also made him regarded as one of the greatest American novelists in a century.

The author of the American national anthem, Francis Scott Key, is also a lawyer and poet. He served as a federal prosecutor for the District of Columbia, and settled disputes over Indian land between the state of Alabama and the U.S. government.

German expressionist and geometric artist Eric Heckel.

Giancarlo Giannini (Giancarlo Giannini) is a famous Italian TV and film actor.

Roman king Claudius I, also a historian, ascended to the throne after the murder of his predecessor, Caligula. He himself was later poisoned and killed by his wife Agrippina. His story was filmed in the TV series “I, Claudius” (I, Claudius).

French naturalist Lamarck (Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck), evolutionist before Darwin.


The first card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “Magic”, which symbolizes wisdom, communication and information. There is a symbol on the magician’s head that represents infinity, sometimes represented by a wide hat, sometimes as a halo. There are many explanations for this card, one of which is that the magician understands the nature of the endless cycle of life and possesses power because of this realization. Therefore, the upright card represents rich diplomatic skills, shrewd and capable; the upside down card represents unscrupulous and speculative mentality.

Inspirational quote

Some people are working hard, some are just watching.


Be courageous, pragmatic, and visionary.


Difficult and isolated.

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