August 10: Performed with sound

August 10 Performed with sound

House position: Leo 16°-18°

Constellation: Leo II, fixed fire sign

The personal image of those born on August 10 is very strong, representing a voice that others must listen carefully to. They themselves think that the way and content of expression are equally important. Therefore, when communicating with others, they pay special attention to the style and skills of expression .

The most attractive qualities of people born on August 10 are their vitality and sense of humor. At the same time, they are also very trustworthy people, not frivolous at all, this kind of natural wit. So that they can become extremely outstanding entertainers. And when they feel valued (perhaps a loved one or someone close to them), they also give themselves unreservedly. However, this dedication may sometimes be just an excuse to avoid difficult and important introspective work. If they want to have a sound and mature personality, this kind of introspection is absolutely impossible.

People who were born on this day and have relatively superior aptitudes will not be able to fully understand the importance of being alone until after the age of 40. Knowing themselves clearly is their most important life issue. Only in this way can they be best prepared to face the challenges in the future. A pragmatic plan will keep them from getting too far off track or having unrealistic daydreams all day long.

People born on this day have verbal talents. Therefore, the work of contacting customers or interacting with colleagues is best for them, and it is best not to choose work that sits at a desk all day. Whether in the workplace or at home. If they can get criticism and advice from others from time to time, it will be of great help to their growth. They can actively absorb this kind of criticism and gain even more. Working in the media or frequently evaluated jobs is quite in line with the above job search criteria, but it should be noted that when the world gradually climbs to the upper strata of society, you must remind yourself not to become a narrow elitist.

It is difficult for ordinary people to understand the inner world of people born on August 10th. Although they also want to find a listener who can talk to them, they can’t open their hearts to talk about personal matters at all. Therefore, we had to focus on public life. Take this to gain self-affirmation. If work performance is not appreciated, people born today will feel very depressed, and if they are repeatedly rejected, they will become a little bit cynical. Therefore, cultivating strong confidence and not letting oneself dance with others’ opinions is not only very important for them, but it also strengthens their ability to trust and share with others.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on August 10 will be affected by the number 1 and the sun. People who are affected by the number 1 are usually very clear about their year’s campus and are eager to have a bright future. Strong drive control, demanding too much attention, and exhausting others due to their own energy. The sun (the ruling planet of Leo) represents the energy and enthusiasm of creation. These forces should flow in a balanced manner, rather than blazing flames like a volcanic eruption and disappearing within a few days.


People born on August 10 tend to pay too much attention to appearance. They value body, teeth, hair and skin far more than they care about the health of the body. Generally speaking, they look pretty good, but the fly in the ointment is that they may be a little out of shape. In addition, they must take special care of their throat (throat and vocal cords), and at the same time, avoid putting too much pressure on the heart, spine, circulation and elimination system. In addition, social drinkers do not smoke. Don’t refuse, it’s best to apply your social instincts to some sports, such as tennis, roller skating and skating fiancee, etc. In their old age, in order to strengthen their weight loss, they may become vegetarians.


Ask yourself, where is the value of appearance. Strengthen your self-confidence so that you will not rely too much on the opinions of others or care too much about what people think of you. Cultivate awareness, tolerance, unselfish love and the ability to give unconditionally.


Austin (Patti Austin) is a very popular jazz singer in the United States.

Nobel Laureate in Physics Paul (Wolfgang Paul) discovered a physical phenomenon called the “Paul Trap”.

Italian entrepreneur Raffaello Di Nola (Raffaello Di Nola), is in charge of Afast Romeo Automobile Company.

Soviet Russian composer Alexander Glazunov (9Alexander Glazunov), a musical genius, was accepted as a student by the great musician Rimsky Kosakoff at the age of 14. His orchestral, chamber music and ballet are extremely popular.

Eddie Fisher (Eddie Fisher) American pop singer.

Former U.S. President Herbert Hoover refused to raise funds to provide employment opportunities for the company after the Wall Street stock market crash in 1929. Former chairman of the International Rescue Society, and the founder of the “Hoover War Revolution and Peace Association”.


The tenth card of the Great Secret Tarot is the “Wheel of Destiny”, which symbolizes the reversal of fortune. Except for change itself, there is no real constant truth in the world. This card shows a tendency to like gambling, and it will make life fluctuate. In fact, success or failure in life is closely tied to the wheel of fortune; therefore, success or failure in life will not be permanently fixed.

Inspirational quote

Television is a machine gun, aimed at viewers.


Charismatic, funny, and good at sweet talk.


Insatiable and lacking self-confidence.

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