August 11: The person who traces the truth

August 11 The person who traces the truth

House position: Leo 17°-19°

Constellation: Leo II, fixed fire sign

People born on August 11th naturally have a strong desire to find the bottom line. At the same time, they are quite aware of the dark side of life and dare to talk about topics that make people feel uncomfortable. They believe that it is their duty to boldly expose the hidden truth. Therefore, they will test, conduct in-depth investigations, and when necessary, expose the hypocrisy of certain people. When dealing with the last task, they often deny their relatives. As long as they are facts, they often go to great lengths to verify and record them, regardless of how uncomfortable these facts make people feel. No way, this is their life’s ambition.

Those born today with better aptitudes will deal with such subjects in a more positive and constructive way, and thereby achieve the purpose of enlightening others and enlightenment; on the contrary, people with lower aptitudes may treat this kind of subject matter. Such unpleasant facts are concretely displayed on me, and I can’t help but do some shocking things. Nevertheless, the latter can still try to find another higher purpose of survival by understanding what they are doing to raise their level of consciousness. From this point of view, people with lesser aptitudes have a great opportunity to be promoted to a higher level of evolution in a short lifetime.

People born today have a very thorough understanding of human nature, so it is not easy to fool them. If they are money-oriented people, they will be able to choose their investment direction wisely. However, it is difficult for ordinary people to enter their emotional world because they cannot trust others and do not believe that sharing or tolerance with others can improve their lives. In order to embark on the path of their choice without burden, they often deliberately make themselves look less sentimental.

People born today very much hope that a loyal audience can listen to their unique and sometimes shocking new views, or witness their actions that do not follow common sense. Regardless of the facts they know, they all believe that it is necessary to make them public and in front of everyone. People born on August 11 certainly hope to be respected by others, but they don’t pay too much attention to what others think of them. In fact, the enemies or opponents they set up will only become their refreshing stimulus. Used to strengthen vitality in order to move towards success. Nevertheless, it is better for them not to incur too many enemies, otherwise these people are likely to destroy the rest of their lives.

For people born today, as long as they can grasp the right time and present their views in the most constructive manner, they will be able to achieve considerable success. But be careful not to make yourself a family troublemaker. In addition, they are born with the characteristics of catalysts, which can trigger controversial issues at all levels of society. Therefore, they are often exposed to violence, differences of opinion, quarrels and struggles. Generally speaking, people with better qualifications will try to reconcile these out-of-control scenes through communication, work arrangements, etc., to avoid disturbing their lives. After years of awkwardness, people born today will become more intelligent and able to control their rebellious side.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on August 11 will be affected by the number 2 and the moon. Generally, the people affected by the number 2 are good colleagues or partners who can build constructive relationships with others. The sun (the ruling planet of Leo) is full of power and enlightening energy, and when combined with the reflective qualities of the moon, people born today will have quite strong insights. The number 11 will bring them down-to-earth qualities (this may become more prominent due to the powerful influence of the sun). In addition, they may be particularly interested in twins, coincidences, and various other pairs of things.


Due to physical fitness and conflicting life, people born on August 11 are more likely to encounter various accidents. Therefore, they must guard against endangering others and themselves. Don’t consume excessive amounts of “hot” foods such as meat and milk coolers. If possible, try to replace them with cereals. People born on this day can easily become too arbitrary and should try to avoid the dark side of life to avoid emotional instability. People born on the negative August 11 have conflicts in their lives, so you might as well be honest with your inner aggressiveness and learn to deal with it. For some people born on this day, sensory and sexual activities are a very important part of their lives, but it is recommended that they exercise restraint and develop various activities in a balanced manner.


Don’t let intuition and impulse get out of control. Although truth can inspire people, it can also hurt people. Remember that your success is closely related to your social skills. Cultivate your own emotional side and tolerance, and don’t neglect the value of small good deeds.


The African American writer Alex Haley spent 10 years studying family history and wrote a novel “Roots” spanning seven generations. This book later won a Pulitzer Prize.

The American revolutionary playwright David Henry Hwang is best known for “Madame Butterfly.”

British writer, critic and satirical novelist Wilson (Angus Wilson), born in a middle-class folk family, is the author of the book “Setting the World on Fire”.

British children’s book writer Brighton 9Enid Blyton), has created popular children’s book characters such as Noddy.

9 Hulk Hogan) American professional wrestler and idol, 210 cm tall, 145 kg weight, has participated in the second episode of the movie “Rocky”.

From the 17th to the 18th century, British physician Richard Mead (Richard Mead) was a first-rate physician in England in the 18th century and a pioneer of preventive medicine.


The eleventh card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is “Justice”. Sitting on the surface of the card is a serene woman, holding a scale in one hand and a sword in the other. She reminded us to follow the laws of the entire universe, as long as we stick to the right way, life can maintain balance and harmony. When the card is upright, this card represents integrity, fairness, and honesty; when the card is upside down, it means negativity, alienation, fear of innovation, and dissatisfaction.

Inspirational quote

Why is the insight of a lunatic sometimes so deep?


Pursuit of truth, energetic and insightful.


Melancholy, confusion, and hurtfulness.

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