August 12: Defending the Tradition

August 12: Defending the Tradition

House Position: Leo 18-20 degrees

Constellation: Leo III, fixed fire sign

People born on August 12 are traditional defenders and will stand on a professional standpoint and stick to their own propositions. And his most important job is to maintain the ancient wisdom, laws and skills. Although the high achievers among today’s born seldom encounter comparable competitors, this does not affect their determination to acquire new knowledge, and sometimes they even do not hesitate to obtain new knowledge at any price. They regard knowledge as a sign of power, and it is not difficult to see their lifestyle and values ​​from this point.

People born on August 12th understand that true power comes from the common ways and laws that transcend time and space. Therefore, only people with lesser aptitudes will blindly support tradition, and those with better aptitudes will base themselves on tradition and create new paths. , Innovative invention, improved technology. For them, tradition is a living entity, not only in their interior, but also in their work.

Although people born today are the defenders of tradition, this does not mean that they must be conservatives or reactionaries. They just believe that the more they understand history, background, and cultural traditions, the more they can make the right choices, and the more they can Identify what can be pursued, and also know how to give up something that can never be rescued. Ignoring past experience will only make people make mistakes again and again.

People born on August 12 are often in a disorderly pace throughout their lives, because they are easily attracted by sudden situations and exhaust their energy. As a result, they may not only lose their health, but may also drag their spouses, family and friends into the water. , Colleagues will also resent them. Indeed, people born on this day have the ability to arouse envy and hostility of others, and may even be regarded by others as very snobbery or domineering.

As long as you can deeply understand your own strength and control your desire for dominance and intolerance, people born today will be able to achieve greater success at work. If we can downplay the autocratic tendencies, we can win more respect and feed the antipathy of others. For many people born on this day, as long as they don’t look so indifferent and put aside the prejudice about human status, they can take a big step towards a higher spiritual value and a more humane level.

Lucky numbers and rulers

Those born on August 12 will be affected by the number 3 and Jupiter. People who are affected by the number 3 are eager to climb to the highest peak in the professional field. Of course, those born on August 12 are no exception. The love of independence is influenced by the number 3, and this tendency is strengthened by the fierce and hot Leo. Jupiter symbolizes optimism and brings a broad social outlook (this trait will also be highlighted by the sun ruling Leo). Therefore, people born on this day are confident and have a positive and positive outlook on life.


People born on August 12 must avoid psychological conflicts with their family members, especially the relationship with their children. If they play the role of a severe tyrant, their children will naturally resist. If they ask their spouse to obey them, they may be able to achieve short-term success (not lasting for a few years), but in the end all the depressed emotions and frustrated aggressiveness will still rush towards them. Therefore, if you can learn to tolerate, consider others and relax yourself appropriately, it will be of great help to the health of yourself and others around you. Moderate play and frequent changes of three meals are the best prescriptions for their health. General family or community dinners can provide this opportunity to relax.


Occasionally step out of your ivory tower and mix with the people around you. Learn to tolerate and share. The most important thing is to relax, laugh and have fun. Blindly rejection will only have a negative impact.


Cecil B. De Mille (Cecil B. De Mille) Hollywood film director and producer, director of the film “Ten Commandments” 1923 and 1956.

Russian theologian and writer Madame Helena Blavatsky, author of “The Secret Doctrine” (The Secret Doctrine), she is also one of the founders of the Theological Society.

American classical scholar Edith Hamilton is also an educator. He is the author of “The Greek Way”. This book has enabled countless modern readers to better understand classical culture and have unlimited fun in it.

Brady (‘Diamond Jim’ Brady), a New York financier and foodist.

King George IV of England (George Iv).

American jazz guitarist, Pat Metheny, is known for his delicate tunes and his fresh style that is not constrained by previous guitar expressions. He has won three Grammy Awards.


The twelfth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “Upside Down Man”, who hangs upside down on a tree with one foot. Although he seems a little helpless, in fact, he is in charge of the power of contemplation and spirituality; therefore, when the card is standing upright, it means that he recognizes the limits, solves problems, and possesses human qualities; standing upside down the card is spiritually different. Limited and lack of foresight.

Inspirational quote

Perhaps, there have never been accidents.


Learned, faithful, and serious.


Despotism and arrogance.

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