August 14: Grasp the pulse of the times

August 14 Grasp the pulse of the times

House position: Leo 20°-22°

Constellation: Leo III, fixed fire sign

People born on August 14 know well the current state of human society. If they are subdivided, they can be divided into two types. The first type is to present the characteristics of their time-style, life philosophy, strengths and weaknesses. However, they are not particularly clear about what they represent, and they are not interested in commenting on these. As for the second type of people, they love to comment and analyze, and they want to nakedly expose all the shortcomings of the world around them.

The biggest issue in the life of a person born on August 14 is reflection and disclosure. They often occupy the position of leader, but in fact they play the role of instructor or teacher (not necessarily a formal teacher, but guide others by giving examples or sharing their own experience). Generally speaking, people born on this day have little or no desire to manage, rule, or command others. However, there are also a few people who can not only exercise control in their professional fields, but are also regarded as leaders. There are two themes that fascinate people born on August 14 deeply, that is, personal ethics and morals, and human life as short as a mayfly.

People who like to analyze things around their lives usually understand the importance of humor in expressing their opinions, and the stupidity, irony or clumsiness in human society often cannot escape their sharp eyes. When they use such a mirror to face others (family, friends, general public, colleagues or employees), the purpose is to hope that others can see their true self. Sometimes, these people born on August 14 will use weird tricks to attract the attention of others to express their opinions, and after others listen to their disrespectful remarks, whether the reaction is funny or disgusting Or laugh out loud, in the end, you will always find that their words still have some profound truth, and immediately re-examine yourself with what they have just said to see if you have committed the problem as they said.

In addition, those who don’t like to make comments often go through their bowels and will not deliberately conceal their failures or difficulties. Therefore, they can not only get sympathy from people who have experienced the same, but also want to know the final answer. People are praised. Although people of this kind of time may lack self-awareness, they can be closely connected with the issues or objects that the times care about.

People born on August 14 like to pursue a relationship between two people. Through this relationship, their partner becomes a mirror of their inner face, and it reflects the side they can’t see. Their love objects are often projections of their own best or worst sides. Sometimes, they have very extreme personalities, and two dominant personality traits can be vaguely seen.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on August 14 will be affected by the number 5 and Mercury. People who are born today and tend to like to comment and analyze will have their rational and analytical qualities strengthened (intensified by the influence of the sun ruling Leo), and in these people who are affected by the number 5 , We can also find unpredictable behavior and impulsive behavior. People born on this day must learn to control these impulses and gradually change them. Fortunately, the number 5 will bring the characteristics of easy recovery. No matter what hits you encounter in your life, people born on this day can recover quickly.


People born on August 14 should use their knowledge of human behavior to establish a healthy lifestyle. Diseases of the heart and circulatory system are usually caused by unbalanced diet, smoking too much, or drug abuse. These problems can be overcome by seeking a psychologist or natural therapy. Less intense exercise including walking, jogging, moderate aerobic exercise and swimming is the first step in the return to the health plan, which is very suitable for the initial stage. A healthy diet should be consistent and eat more whole grains (except for those with allergies), cereals or rice foods. In addition, you can also add some cheese, meat, and gradually increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Use your knowledge of human society in your own life. Turn the mirror to yourself, assess the progress of each stage and check it frequently. Don’t lose your primary kinetic energy, but be restrained. As long as you want to change yourself, you can do it.


Whitmuller (Lina Wertmuller) Italian film director, works include “Swept Away” (Swept Away) and “Seven Beauties” (Seven Beauties).

Japanese film and television actor Honami Suzuki became popular with the TV series “Tokyo Love Story”.

American comedy and film actor Martin (Steve Martin).

German film director Wim Wenders has works such as “The King of the Road” and “Wings of Desire”.

The British playwright and novelist John Galsworthy is also the Nobel Prize winner in literature. The most famous novel is “The Legend of the Fawcett Family”.

Earvin’Magic’ Johnson (Earvin’Magic’ Johnson) basketball guard, set an NBA record of assists, was selected as the Most Valuable Player three times, led the Lakers to two NBA championships, and was also selected as a US Olympic “dream team.”


The 14th card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “temperance”. On the card is a guardian angel who can protect us and stabilize us. When the cards are upright, temperance is just right to adjust our enthusiasm, not to go too far, to help us gain new knowledge and integrate into our daily lives. However, when the card is upside down, it means frivolousness and excessive pursuit of fashion.

Inspirational quote

If you want to know what to do next, you might as well look around you, the clues are there.


Observant, honest, and funny.


Lack of self-knowledge, escape from reality, and anxiety.

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