August 15: Born Leader

August 15th Born Leader

House: Leo 21°-23°

Constellation: Leo III, fixed fire sign

Those who were born on August 15th had outstanding temperament, very majestic, and were born leaders. Their bold and simple style of doing things is showing a graceful and elegant style of life. People born on this day are not confined to tedious affairs, they focus on general principles and grand plans. Basically, they face the world with a kingly demeanor and noble temperament, and they will protect their dignity at all costs. Whether in the family, career, or the Audit Office, people born today play a central role. In fact, they will feel the most comfortable only when they sit in a position with the highest authority.

People born on August 15 are not conscious of the majesty temperament they possess, but to the people around them, this temperament couldn’t be more obvious. Women born today will definitely be admired and respected. Their home is their palace, their husbands are kings, and their children are princesses and princes. Men born today will seek to order their commanding power and want to obtain others. Unconditional obedience. In addition, kindness and magnanimity are also the personality material of those born today. They are also full of emotion and enthusiasm, possessing an extraordinary and pure noble soul. However, these personality traits are not inherent, but need to be nurtured and nurtured.

However, this does not mean that people born on August 15 are rude or unkind. It just emphasizes that their powerful and radiant Leo energy will move forward like a bamboo and become an unstoppable wave. You can sweep the entire ocean with the help of any small boat. The most challenging topic in their lives is to learn to control excess energy, cultivate the ability to distinguish and pay attention to details. In addition, they must also learn to listen, compare their hearts and try to understand the opinions of others.

Excessive expectations of themselves and others are also a big problem for people born today. Whether consciously or unconsciously, their children will inevitably feel considerable pressure because they are required to succeed, and their spouses are also required to succeed. Will be out of breath under the strong pressure of their strict requirements.

People born today must have the concept of teamwork and put a strong sense of self under the interests of the whole group. Because they like to be alone, any design that hinders their actions will be stubbornly resisted. Therefore, only sleek skills and care can move them. Internally, most people born today are very gentle, kind, and like all kinds of praise and admiration. If a person sees their beautiful side, he may never see their inner autocratic side again. . Generally speaking, with moderate comfort, these lions will feel very happy.

Lucky numbers and rulers

Those born on August 15 will be affected by the number 6 and Venus. People affected by the number 6 are usually quite charming and even regarded as objects of worship. This influence can make up for the characteristics of those born on August 15 and make them more of a leader. Since the sun is the dominant planet in Leo, the personality traits of those born on August 15 belong to the type of the sun combined with the Venus traits, that is, both aggressive and full of love.


The heroism of people born on August 15 often contains a variety of luxury and generous personal tastes. Therefore, if you do not know how to eat and drink, it is likely to cause health problems. Excessive intake of delicious sugars and fats will not only cause obesity, but also cause cardiovascular diseases. So even if you don’t sacrifice the opportunity to enjoy delicious foods, you must slightly restrict the consumption of some foods that are harmful to your health. Weight. It is suggested that they may wish to engage in regular and energetic sports, such as horse riding, competitive sports or aerobic physical activities. In addition, if they have a satisfactory sex life, it will certainly help. In short, they have a great enthusiasm for life, but if these lions want to live long and happy lives, they should exercise some restraint in their inherent heat.


You can’t be the boss everywhere and learn to work with other people. Pay attention to your tendency to dominate others too much or to gain the respect of others. When people express their feelings, you might as well listen carefully.


Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon Bonaparte) was born in Corsica, the French king, military commander, promulgated the Napoleon Code, and died in exile.

Taiwanese professional baseball pitcher Chen Yixin.

Israeli Prime Minister Peres (Shimon Peres).

Scottish novelist Sir Walter Scott (Sir Walter Scott), the theme of his novels are historical and religious stories, and the author of “Jvanhoe” (Jvanhoe). He is also a poet.

Gerty R. Cori, an American biochemist, was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Begin (Menachem Begin), the Prime Minister of Israel, won the Nobel Peace Prize for his historic settlement with Egypt.


The 15th card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is “Demon”. Due to the strong sexual attraction, irrationality and passion, this card presents intersecting fear and desire. The devil makes use of people’s needs for safety and money, through the contradictions of human nature, to make people his slaves. The positive side of this card represents the charm of the story and the expression of enthusiasm, but it also reminds us that even if we are physically restrained, we can still fly freely mentally.

Inspirational quote

Love involves tolerance of the law of ruthlessness.


Authoritative, decisive, and bold.


Too aggressive and hindsight.

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