August 18: People with full endurance

August 18 People with full endurance

House position: Leo 24 degrees-26 degrees

Constellation: Leo three, fixed fire sign

People born on August 18 will face many difficulties and challenges in their lives. No matter how successful or happy they are, daunting challenges will come to their door from time to time, just like deliberately testing their courage and resilience. People born on this day will experience deeper sadness and suffering than ordinary people. However, this will not affect them to become happy people, because they understand that only through trials can life become a meaningful experience of existence.

Except for personal experience, nothing, including various seminars, TV programs, music or literature, can convince people born on August 18 that there are alternative ways in life, so they will work hard to realize their dreams, even if they know it. It’s a very difficult thing, they never thought of opportunistic. Many people born today hide an inexplicable fear, it is like a looming monster, no matter what kind of industry they are engaged in-information industry, entertainment industry, manufacturing or service industry, they will encounter this Big monster, and they have no choice but to slaughter it.

It is very common that the challenges faced by these people born on August 18 come from their partners or friends. Due to their personality or professionalism, their partners or friends often encounter some trouble. At this time, August People born on the 18th become the savior they need most, and they can always give proper guidance or advice to help solve difficult problems without humiliating their mission.

People born on this day can also become good leaders, and they often regard major challenges as opportunities for greater success. However, in these challenges or conflicts, there is always one who occupies an important part of their lives. Position, and become the most persistent and uncompromising enemy.

Fortunately, people born today are full of endurance. Despite their constant fighting and responsibilities, they live a long life and can find hard-won happiness. They will not just complain, nor will they just accept it silently, but bravely face the challenge and try to solve the problem as soon as it arises. Survival is not easy, but they will do their best to face everything. People born on this day are neither optimists nor pessimists. They are just pragmatic and control the most favorable situation in their own hands. What is certain is that they have long expected life to be a protracted tug of war, but they are confident that they can win the final victory, even if the essence of life is more suffering than pleasure.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on August 18 will be affected by the number 9 and Mars. Because Leo is dominated by the sun, people born on August 18 will be affected by both the sun and Mars, making them extraordinarily energetic, but at the same time they also have a tendency to overreact, act impulsively, and refuse to give up. People born on this day must pay attention to emotional problems. They are easy to make enemies because of the population corner. Therefore, try to avoid any situation that will lead to disputes with others. If you want to be more successful, people born today must control their explosive tempers and temper their fantasies. If the energy and ambition brought by the number 9 can be properly channeled, and at the same time, people born on August 18 will have many opportunities for success.


Generally speaking, people born on August 18 attach great importance to maintaining physical and mental health, and because they value personal experience, they will adopt the opinions of friends or family members. However, in their busy lives, they rarely can move. Take time out to engage in healthy activities. Because they drive themselves too tightly and also face too many difficulties, therefore, regular work, rest and leisure must be strictly enforced. Similarly, if they want to maintain their peak physical state in this long-lasting tug-of-war of life, they must maintain good sleep habits. In addition, vacation is also a necessary way of leisure. Maintaining a balanced daily meal, reducing the intake of meat and sugar, and eating more cereals and fresh fruits and vegetables will help them maintain sufficient energy.


Pain is not necessarily necessary; conquest is not the only way forward in the journey of life. Don’t push yourself too tight, and occasionally might as well to withdraw from reality and enjoy it. Learn to let time stand still and relax yourself.


Meriwether Lewis, an American soldier and explorer in the 18th to 19th centuries, also served as governor of Louisiana.

Wu Ma, a Hong Kong character actor, is best known for Dao Shi in “A Chinese Ghost Story”.

Roman Polanski (Roman Polanski), the director of the Lan film, has works such as “Chinatown”. He was a film actor in his early days. At the age of 8, he escaped from the slums of Warsaw and survived several times from a ghost gate.

British Prime Minister John Earl Russell, one of the great enlightened aristocrats of Britain in the 19th century, was committed to the expansion of citizenship and the elimination of religious intolerance.

Robert Redford (Robert Redford) American film actor and director. His representative works include “Ordinary People”. He has starred in “Little Tiger”, “Far from Africa”, “Because You Loved Me” and other films.

French film director Marcel Carne, who studied film technology, entered the insurance industry and then returned to the industry to shoot movies. His works include “Children of Paradise” and so on.


The 18th card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “moon”, which mainly represents the world of dreams, emotions and subconsciousness. Traditionally, the image of the moon is the embodiment of female power and emotion. Therefore, when the card face is upright, the meaning is sensitivity, understanding and empathy. An upside-down card indicates emotional submission, passivity, and lack of self.

Inspirational quote

The most difficult way is not necessarily the best.


Adaptable, patient, and deep.


Aggressive, overly persistent, and competitive.

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