August 19: Reveal the truth

August 19 Reveal the truth

House position: Leo 25 degrees -27 degrees

Constellation: Leo Virgo, fixed fire sign

People born on August 19th, the themes of their lives are often related to hiding or revealing some discoveries. Sometimes these messages are personal in nature, sometimes they belong to the realm of science, philosophy, or the natural world. Once they learn the truth, they will be grand and grand. The way is exposed.

It is difficult for others to fully understand people born on this day, and when they don’t think they already know them, they have already broken free of some kind of restricted shackles, so they are often misunderstood and regarded as unreliable and untrustworthy. people. To understand them, the key is to understand why they sometimes make themselves seem elusive, but sometimes they present themselves unreservedly. For the most ambitious among them, they not only need to carefully and steadily establish their own career path, but also carefully hide their shortcomings, because these deficiencies are likely to lead to failure.

People born on August 19 know how to use the secrets of others for their own benefit. They know when to expose these secrets and when to remain silent. On the other hand, they are closely related to the era of their existence, they have a good understanding of what is happening around them, and they also create talents for the era depending on the situation. Once they find something, they are likely to bring something that can benefit them. New world. After combining these characteristics, they can not only drive the trend of the times, but also become true developers and architects who design the future.

People born today with better aptitudes value the truth very much, but they think that people around them don’t necessarily want to know or listen to them, so they will keep these truths in their hearts, sometimes for several years. They have to wait until they think that people should be able to accept such things before they express their thoughts, and usually in a fairly direct way of expression. It may be difficult for the audience to understand why they hide things for so long.

It is worth noting that people born on August 19 do not have the so-called inferiority complex at all. They understand their value well and are extremely confident. Unless they are sufficiently prepared, they will never take it lightly. But in this way, they have to bear another risk, that is, they may delay or miss the best time, and they may even be in the dream world full of jealousy and pain for a long time.

Colleagues, acquaintances, or even friends are often blinded by the cheerful appearance of people born on August 19, mistakenly thinking that they are frank and unobstructed, and make various false assumptions about their abilities and personality. Nevertheless, some of them are more special people, and will not try to match everyone’s views or expectations of themselves. All in all, their personalities can be said to be very complicated, and the way they react is quite circuitous.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on August 19 will be affected by the number 1 and the sun. Since this day is the first day of the Leo Virgo meeting and will be strongly influenced by the Sun (the ruling planet of Leo) and Mercury (the ruling planet of Virgo), it is inevitable that people born on this day will have a strong drive Power, prompting them to achieve considerable success on the level of intelligence. People affected by the number 1 usually want to be among the people, tend to be rich and talented, and don’t like being restrained.


People born on August 19 should regularly ask their family doctor to do physical health checkups for them, because if they don’t follow the appointment, they will often be procrastinated again and again, eventually dragging minor illnesses into real chronic diseases. Similarly, due to their privacy-conscious personality, they are also reluctant to share some private matters with strangers. Therefore, it is very important for them to develop a lasting relationship with a trusted doctor. Sometimes, these people born today will adopt strict healthy diet therapy or exercise after the actual illness occurs. However, based on physical considerations, it is recommended to do more exercises such as jogging or swimming. In addition, it is best for them to eat only three simple, balanced meals, and sometimes some delicious smell can be added to stimulate their appetite. They need to pay special attention to various gastrointestinal diseases.


Don’t delay, why do you want to hide it for so long? Try to open up your mind and learn to share with others. Can you understand the truth of a certain fact alone? Don’t be indecisive, it’s best to stay in the middle and don’t deviate from the right path.


Bill Clinton (Bill Clinton) is the current President of the United States, former governor of Arkansas and a professor of law. Since he assumed the presidency, lawsuits have continued, and he has been investigated by Congress for alleged perjury.

Orville Wright, the American pioneer and inventor of aviation, set the world’s first successful flight record.

American industry analyst and publishing giant Forbes (Malcolm Forbes), he founded a financial magazine, and bluntly criticized or endorsed the operation of major companies.

American poet 9Ogden Nash), whose well-known wounds include collections of poems such as “Old Dog Barking Back” and “Trouble in Bed”, and has produced a successful musical “The Touch of Venus”.

Chanel (Gabrielle’Coco’ Chanel) French fashion designer, her design is known for its simplicity and elegance.

American microbiologist, photographer and writer Roman Vishniac.


The 19th [Sun] of the Great Secret Tarot Card can be said to be the best of all cards. It symbolizes knowledge, vitality and luck, and also represents worthy of respect and reward. When the card is upright, the card has positive characteristics such as clarity, interpersonal harmony, and a beautiful reputation; the upside down of the card represents the negative characteristics of pride, conceit, hypocrisy and other negative characteristics.

Inspirational quote

When children are hungry, they must be fed.


Be patient, confident, and influential.


Too confident and bored.

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