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August 20: People with Secrets

August 20: People with Secrets

House: Leo 26°-28°

Constellation: Leo Virgo, fixed fire sign

People born on August 20 are likely to be swayed by what happened in the past, or even dominated by them for most of their lives, and these things are hidden deep in their hearts and no one knows. The more courageous people will calmly face these personal puzzles, and spend many years trying to solve these puzzles. However, in addition to the closest confidant, the people around are not easily aware of the secrets they hide in their hearts. Therefore, no matter how successful they are in their careers or other aspects, they always live very lonely.

Sometimes, even they themselves don’t know the nature of these secrets. Although they know that there are some things stubborn to them, they don’t know exactly what they are. In this case, it is necessary to study the inner memory deeply, because only in this way can you become a strong, confident and emotional person again.

However, this does not mean that people born on August 20th are inactive or do not like to be crowded, but they are indeed very careful and thoughtful, even at the most cheerful moment. Just because they are aware of the difficulties that people may encounter in their lives, they are still unable to be optimistic about the future.

Since people born today have a very rich imagination, this specialty must be used constructively, otherwise the whole person will be completely addicted to imagination. Their personalities are very complicated and they are unwilling to share this aspect with others. However, what often troubles them is not always dreams or fantasies. They may also be living people. These people may be very dangerous and destructive. In fact, people born on this day are often the object of others to confide in, because they understand the pain of others well, and they often hold a compassionate attitude. So many people born on this day are stronger than ordinary people, because they not only have to face and conquer their own fears, but also try to appease the fears of others.

People born on August 20 like to be in a daze, because in this way, they can forget themselves temporarily. They yearn for a happy and peaceful life, and hope that they will have the opportunity to experience it in depth. If this kind of joyful experience is natural and natural, rather than deliberately arranged by man, it will be very helpful to physical and mental health. In addition, they should be clear about one thing, that is, when they engage in this type of exploration, it is equivalent to placing a friend or loved one in an alternative situation: if they are not involved in his research, they are isolated.

Almost without exception, people born on August 20th are quiet, soft-spoken people, and don’t like to be noticed by others. They only spend time with close people, or in a way that makes them feel trusting and full. Only in a warm environment can it be possible to relax, even unfettered.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on August 20 will be affected by the number 2 and the moon. People affected by the number 2 tend to be gentle and imaginative, but they are also easily injured by others’ criticism and neglect. Therefore, they always take a defensive attitude towards things and want to lose their temper at every turn (because of the influence of Leo’s dominating planet, the sun). Influence). People who are controlled by the moon are generally more sensitive, and their thoughts are easily influenced by emotions. Because of the influence of Leo, people born today usually have strong physical stamina. Of course, when the Leo and the Virgo meet, they will have a strong mental influence. This is because the Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury. reason.


As mentioned above, people born on August 20 must be especially careful not to let themselves be addicted to drugs, sex activities, food, and various paranoid hobbies. Generally speaking, they can hardly endure the pain (or boredom) in life, but this kind of thinking is likely to cause them to deviate from the right track. Therefore, for people born on this day, they want to live a healthy life. , I can only ask for personal self-restraint. Fortunately, their motor cells are good. As long as they feel that their vigorous energy has nowhere to vent, they will naturally use walking or swimming to resolve them. People born on August 20 must be protected from abdominal and internal organ diseases, especially liver and kidney diseases. It is recommended that they undergo annual physical examinations.


Once you understand or realize the truth of the facts, the shadows of the past are easier to forget. Let the past become the past! Don’t be too dedicated to those things. In fact, “today” is a brand new beginning. Actively seek joy and make yourself the best of all possible.


Zong Yuhua (Connie Chung) American TV news staff, former CBS Evening News anchor.

Taiwanese singer Feng Feifei, famous for [Hat Song Queen], became popular in the 1970s for light-hearted tunes such as “I Am A Cloud”, and hosted the TV show “A Rainbow” and starred in the movie “Autumn Lotus”.

Taiwanese singer Lin Huiping, the representative work of “Killing the Hair for a Lifetime”.

American horror novelist Love-craft (H.P. Love-craft), author of “The Horror Dawn Victor”, “Crazy Top” and other works.

American novelist Jacqueline Susann, whose famous work is “The Valley of the Baby”.

Eero Saarinen (Eero Saarinen) Finnish-American architect and designer has designed a series of very unique and novel works, including “Gateway to the West Arch” in St. Louis, Kansas.


The 20th card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is [Judgement]. This card encourages the parties involved to put aside material constraints and seek a higher level of spiritual life. The pattern on the face of the card is an angel blowing the horn, symbolizing a new day with a heavy responsibility. This card has the positive characteristics of surpassing oneself and discovering infinite potential. As for the negative metaphor, “The trumpet is mostly for the good but not the bad. It is easy to indulge in the pursuit of joy and lack the ability to face sadness.

Inspirational quote

Now, it is everything we exist and have, but we also understand that it is trivial and fleeting.


Imaginative, compassionate, and courageous.


Perplexed, lonely, escapist from reality.