August 21: The eye-catching person

August 21 The eye-catching person

House: Leo 27 degrees-29 degrees

Constellation: Leo Virgo, fixed fire sign

People born on August 21 often fight to protect themselves from the world’s snooping. Unfortunately, such efforts are often in vain. They pay great attention to privacy and want to live quietly without being disturbed by the outside world, but this desire is quite extravagant for them. Many people born on this day are accustomed to hiding their feelings, thoughts, and ideas, and will never reveal them unless they meet someone they trust. However, for those who do not rely on actors for their livelihoods, asking them to act in public is as uncomfortable as asking them to open their eyes and tell lies. Ironically, the more they try to hide themselves, the more they will suffer. The attention of the public, therefore, there are always two forces at war in their lives: one is trying to hide their instincts; the other is the outside world constantly asking them to show their pressure.

Sometimes, with outstanding appearance or outstanding personality, it is really difficult for people born on August 21 to want others not to pay special attention to them, but as long as they can accept this unchangeable fact, and gain for themselves in society In a proper position, in the end, you will learn how to share your private life with others when necessary, without having to suffer too much unnecessary pain and embarrassment for this kind of thing. In order to escape the pressure of the world on them, they sometimes show weird behaviors when seeking solace. These actions will not only hurt themselves, but also affect their family members.

If they themselves are not so unusual, or the things they do and the professions they are engaged in are not so controversial, these people born on August 21 will not create much difference between the public and private lives. conflict. Generally speaking, the first impression of people born today is a bit withdrawn, and in fact, it is also difficult for people to establish a relationship with them, because they rarely take the initiative to become the first to speak, and even , They will not overcorrect and take the initiative to please others, so they will inevitably give people the impression of cold and alienated. The reason for this behavior is usually because they want to maintain a solitary or non-interventional lifestyle. Although these behaviors seem incompatible with the personality on the surface, they hide their very unusual side behind them. If people can understand their unique ideas or true personalities, they will definitely admire and admire them.

People born on August 21 can play a very competent role in the family, especially women; regardless of whether they are men or women, people born today can be the mainstay of maintaining social stability. Encounter something they think they must persist. They will show their own style without hesitation, let others understand their views, or declare their independence, even if these actions may cause commotion. Some people born today may voluntarily suppress their own needs for the sake of others, but they will never be forced to do so.

People born on August 21st can’t tolerate autocracy, false Taoism, and flattering people the most. In addition, they are also very difficult to be fooled or bought. On the contrary, as long as they are righteous and do not use drastic means to force them, they will be extremely benevolent people.

Sensual or sexual expression is very important to them, but be careful not to over-indulge, because they themselves are extremely attractive and seductive people. Family and social work can best meet their emotional and spiritual needs and help them find ways to practice themselves.

Lucky numbers and rulers

Those born on August 21 will be affected by the number 3 and Jupiter. People affected by the number 3 are usually very ambitious and even a little arrogant. Although the optimism and broad-mindedness brought by Jupiter will make people reach the effect of restraint and balance (plus the optimistic side of the lion’s ruling planet-the sun, the influence has doubled), people born today still have to Be careful not to let yourself want to dominate others too much. This kind of dominance is sometimes stubborn, and even silently expresses their disagreement. Generally speaking, people who are subject to the number 3, and more specifically, those born on August 21 must be careful not to build too many enemies, because they can easily arouse hostility and jealousy from others. Usually, people who accompany the number 21 have a beautiful appearance.


Generally speaking, people born on August 21 will show the characteristics of wanting to protect and nurture others, which will be of great help to the health of the family. However, if you care too much about the happiness and health of yourself and your loved ones, you will also put too much pressure on yourself. As a result of excessive stress, you may suffer from diseases such as gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer. Fortunately, whether it is a routine check-up or a special check-up for individual problems, people born on this day do not exclude seeing a doctor. At first, they may be suspicious of homeopathy, but in the end they will learn to not reject it very practically. If it is really effective, it will be easier to accept it.


Try to stay calm under social pressure to achieve a balance in life between public and private. Try to learn to trust others, and don’t make judgments about others too quickly. Figure out the emotions you want to have.


Count Basie, the leader of the American Orchestra, is also a pianist and composer.

Zhang Xiaoyan, a Taiwanese TV host, was a well-known child star in the 1950s, and became popular in the TV industry for 30 years. The big sisters in the film and television industry are respected as “Sister Xiaoyan”, and her representative works “Variety Show 100”, “Weekend Party”, ” “Super Sunday” etc.

Hong Kong actor Miao Qianren, who became popular in the 1980s with “To the Wrath Sea” and “Favorites”, he died after marrying the director of “The Joy Luck Club” Wang Ying.

American singer and lyricist Kenny Rogers (Kenny Rogers).

Wilt Chamberlain, an American basketball center, has won seven NBA scoring titles, 11 rebounds titles, and four most valuable player titles.

The American psychologist and writer Arthur Janov is the discoverer of the primary therapy and author of Primal Scream.


The 21st card of the Great Mystery Tarot is [World]. There is a goddess running with a scepter on the card. She has endless power to travel across the world to show the truth. This card indicates that there is nothing unobtainable on this planet. When the card is upright, this card represents good pay and integrity; when the card is upside down, it points out huge obstacles, mental slack, and self-pity.

Inspirational quote

In music, another kind of space is created between two sounds because they happen at the same time.


Calm, supportive, and willing to protect others.


Overprotection, withdrawal, and avoidance of reality.

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