August 24: the keen explorer

August 24, the keen explorer

House: 30 degrees Leo-2 degrees Virgo

Constellation: Leo Virgo, fixed fire sign

People who were born on August 24th have an urge to unravel the mystery of things they are interested in. All areas of human knowledge that are chaotic, misunderstood, or unexplored are deeply attracted. They, people born on this day will not only explore the human situation in depth, but also usually have a high willingness to pursue knowledge for the sake of objective knowledge itself, whether it is philosophical or scientific, substantive or theoretical research, they are all pursuing Their endless exploration of information and details just helps to find the meaning of vitality, enrich their world, and reach a deeper and more profound state.

Wanting to explore and unravel complex things is a natural thing for people born on August 24. All kinds of puzzles, contradictions, and mysteries that confuse people are the objects they are good at. To some extent, saying that they are a little difficult to understand is just an implicit statement. They tend to linger in the labyrinth of thinking and have a bunch of confusing and tangled thoughts. Although people born on this day are not so easy to understand, they themselves rarely feel at a loss or lose their way.

Unfortunately, people born on August 24th often don’t know one thing very well. In fact, although they themselves are as complex as the realm of work, creativity, and energy they understand. However, they think that they are quite simple and direct, which will cause no small troubles for those who have lived more closely with them. Their family, friends and lovers often feel dizzy and confused when they speculate about their motives, true feelings and needs. Moreover, once people born on August 24 are accused of complicating or avoiding a problem, their response is often at a loss or denial.

In order to discover the truth, it is very likely that people born on August 24 will not only delve into books and characters, but also really go deep into the land, through forests, search the sky and test the depth of the ocean to explore the wonders of nature. On holidays, the best pastime for these people is to explore something completely new to them. Their interests and even occupations can reflect their desire for exploration.

People born on August 24 will become very good parents. They will show great care for the growth of their children. However, they have to put in considerable effort so that everyone in the family can get what they need. Living space and necessary privacy. In other words, people on August 24 must refrain from their tendency to over-analyze, and don’t show excessive interference in their children’s behavior or life.

People born on this day should try to make their lives as simple as possible, and they must do everything possible to avoid endless complex problems, which are always not only discovered by them, but sometimes even created by themselves. In addition, they must also work hard to minimize their interference with people around their lives. If sometimes they can let their friends or loved ones solve their problems by themselves, then their interpersonal relationships can A considerable improvement has been obtained.

Lucky numbers and rulers

Those born on August 24 will be affected by the number 6 and Venus. Because people affected by the number 6 are very easily attracted by love and admiration of others, and because Venus is very closely related to social interaction, for those born on August 24, indulge in romantic romance and sexual experience. , Has become a great temptation. Of course, because Mercury is his ruling planet (the influence of Virgo is clearly shown here), people born on this day may not be directly involved in such an experience, and vice versa. , They will play the role of bystanders.


Some people born on August 24 will have mild or very severe depression, and they will be too focused on everything about themselves. Because of their strong and precise self-monitoring function, they may appear a little weird or even worse. Will panic about some small changes observed, so often behave a little overreacting. And when they transfer the carefulness of observing their health to their family members or their spouse, it will make the people they care about feel very unbearable. People who were born on this day should learn to relax and not be too critical of overseas Chinese regarding their health. This is a very important thing for them. If you have a diet in mind, people born on this day may wish to indulge in the delicious food, which is far more practical than guessing what is the most delicious food; because, for people born on August 24, It is even more important to allow oneself to simply enjoy and taste the food that oneself eats. People born today need a lot of sleep, and even need to take a short nap at noon every day to ensure enough rest and relaxation. As for exercise, only a relatively small amount of exercise is enough.


Don’t make a fuss too much about everything, and occasionally let things go their way. Your observations may not always be appreciated by others. While following your own heart, you must also respect other people’s feelings. Some secrets are better not to be broken.


Deng Xiaoping, the leaders of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese People’s Workers’ Workers have great influence.

Taiwanese novelist and screenwriter Zhu Tianwen, his masterpiece novel “The Handbook of a Desolate Man” and the movie “Dongdong’s Holiday”.

French historian and writer Fernand Braudel, author of Capitalism and Material Life.

British writer and actor Max Beerbohm (Max Beerbohm), he is good at imitating the style of well-known writers, and is also a famous satirical painter. He is arguably one of the most destructive imitators of the 20th century.

Jorge Luis Borges (Jorge Luis Borges) is an Argentine writer and Nobel Prize winner in literature. His writing range includes short stories, novels, reviews and poems. His main wounds are “Labyrinth” and “Book of Sand.”

Baltimore Orioles team guerrilla player Cal Ripken (Cal Ripken, Jr.), has twice won the title of the Most Valuable Player of the United States League and was voted as a star player on a permanent basis.


The sixth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is [Lovers], which symbolizes the unity of all mankind through [reception] through the union of the two sexes. When the card is upright, this card expresses moral, aesthetic, and physical higher-level feelings and desires; when the card is upside down, it represents dissatisfaction, sentimentality and hesitation.

Inspirational quote

Some of the best dancers and musicians are members of the animal kingdom.


Observing keenly, like to study, beginning and ending.


Excessive analysis, self-repression, and difficult to understand.

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