August 25: Go forward courageously

On August 25th, go forward courageously

House position: Virgo 1 degree-3 degrees

Constellation: Virgo one, changing earth sign

People born on August 25 will have a strong desire. Whether in private or in public, they want to expose themselves. People born on this day are also very good at keeping secrets, and can often keep a secret in their hearts for many years; but when one day comes, they may say it, even in the public, with a kind of boasting Ways to spread out. Most people born on August 25th are naturally thrillers, but when the right time is right, they can also play the role of a tight-lipped bottleneck.

Although, generally speaking, people born on August 25 have a lively and keen mind, but they are very inclined to sensory pleasures. In this way, it is nothing more than proclaiming to others that they are quite cool than sexual and emotional things. In addition, people born on this day will not express their inner desires in a drastic way.

Especially women born on this day, once they have promised to a man, they will not change their minds easily. Both men and women, people born on this day know very well how to use their most favorable conditions (beauty, wisdom or personality) to win their significant other.

However, sometimes because of concerns about background, intelligence or lack of social experience, some people born on August 25 will overemphasize their physical attractiveness and external conditions to make up for their lack of intelligence. Regrettably, for this reason, the fact that many playboys and nymphs were born on this day is not so surprising.

However, in fact, many of the real strengths of people born on August 25 are in intelligence, and if they can discover this fact sooner, it will be better for them. If it can reduce their sensory aspects, The interest shown can enable them to make more realistic choices about their career or career planning, and make their image more clear and not misunderstood. However, for people born on this day, the repeated conflict between spirit and sense organs can be said to be the most important issue in their lives. For example, people born on August 25 will show a very strong self-employed desire to gain the affection of others both sensually and spiritually, and this is also the most difficult desire to satisfy, because people usually There is a deep-rooted stereotype that beauty will reduce wisdom, or that wisdom will reduce beauty.

People born on August 25th are very good at using their charm to attract the people they love, but if they want to go longer on this road, they need to cultivate self-respect and independence, otherwise they will suffer. Repeated peach blossom luck, unstable relationship between the two, and various emotional derailments.

People born on this day must dig out their real talents and develop their talents. In this way, once they must be independent, they will have the courage to stand up and face their own lives. And if indulging in love has become a self-destructive mode for them, those who were born on this day must regard their next love events as an opportunity to educate them, so as to understand how they lead an upside-down and confused life. .

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on August 25 will be affected by the number 7 and Neptune. The sun and Mercury (the ruling planets of Leo and Virgo respectively) still have a great influence on people who were born on the last day of the Leo Virgo (August 18-25). Mercury and Neptune fall into the same The aspect shows that people born on this day are likely to have a tendency to be mentally confused, and they will also lose their feet due to romantic longings. In addition, the fact that the Sun and Neptune fall into the same aspect indicates flamboyant and functionalism. These qualities can create a lively and charming personality, but they are also likely to lead to destruction. Generally speaking, people affected by the number 7 are more likely to enjoy the fun of change and travel, but they are often involved in dangerous things, so they must always be vigilant to prevent accidents.


Because of their extremely extroverted nature, people born on August 25 must pay attention to prevent disease and violence from happening in a colorful sexual relationship. More importantly, they must not only weigh the weight of things, gains and losses. Concerned about health issues, but also have to consider the family’s peaceful life. People born on August 25th, if they can use their wisdom and willpower to achieve their goals, they will also be able to understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, those who cannot lead a healthy life People will suffer both physical and mental difficulties and torture. It is recommended that they adopt a diet plan for snacks on animal fats and meat, because people born on this day often have problems with overweight. In addition, they should be cautiously advised to regularly do some less intense exercises. Enjoying moderate sexual activity with a regular partner will bring them more benefits.


You are a very valuable person. Don’t waste too much time on winning the hearts of others. You need to know yourself better. Do you like yourself? If the answer is not yes, please work harder in this regard.


Leonard Bernstein (Leonard Bernstein) American pianist, conductor and composer, former conductor of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, his performance range is very wide, from classical music to romantic music, modern music to jazz, are all competent and enjoyable .

King Ludwig II of Bavaria (9Ludwig Il), he insisted on sponsoring the composer Wagner in spite of the opposition of everyone, and spent a lot of mental and financial resources to build a magnificent castle. In terms of politics, he did nothing. He was regarded as a lunatic by the world, and he ended up drowning in the lake.

British critic and novelist Martin Amis, his famous work is “Money.”

Sean Connery (Sean Connery) Scottish film actor, famous for playing James Bond in the 007 series of films, and won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor Award. His most recent work is “The Jedi Mission.”

German anti-Hitler underground worker Eugen Gerstenmaier (Eugen Gerstenmaier), who served as the chairman of the West German Federation after the war, was also a theologian.

George Wallace, the governor of Alabama, advocated the apartheid system, was paralyzed after being assassinated, and revised his position in his later years.


The seventh card of the Great Mystery Tarot is [Chariot]. The winner on the card shows his great achievements in the world with a strong and powerful posture. This card can be explained as: No matter how difficult the right path is, you have to keep going. When the card is upright, it represents success, talent and efficiency; if the card is upside down, it implies an autocratic attitude and a poor sense of direction.

Inspirational quote

Falling into different love networks over and over again is probably a sign that a person cannot love himself.


Gorgeous, sexy and full of vitality.


Dependence and lack of security.

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