August 26: A powerful partner

August 26, a powerful partner

House position: Virgo 2 degrees-4 degrees

Constellation: Virgo one, changing earth sign

People born on August 26 rarely play a dazzling role in career, family or social activities. Generally speaking, they prefer to work with a group of people for a common goal. More specifically, they like to follow A capable and energetic person, this person may be his brother, sister, significant other or friend, in short, a person who can attract everyone’s attention. For this reason, some people born today must often struggle for a long time in order to be noticeable. Although they know their value secretly, this dull world does not necessarily notice their preciousness so quickly. People born on this day can live happily and diligently if they are content with their role as supporters, or if they wait patiently for the moment when they alone support the overall situation; on the contrary, if they cannot do so , You may feel frustrated and listless.

People born today may feel a little lonely and far away from the crowd in the eyes of others if they work alone by one person. However, it is true that some people born on August 26 are prone to self-pity, delay, and are particularly sensitive to the various forms of neglect or rejection shown by others. But if these lone rangers have strong willpower, they will wait for many years, and regardless of whether they get the attention they want in the end, they will continue to stick to their jobs with a calm and complaining attitude.

People born on August 26 will become very good parents because they are very aware of the importance of organization and structure in a child’s life. Those who are less ambitious are usually less likely to be too ambitious to their next generation. Strict requirements. However, if they have been deeply frustrated because of lack of talents or the inability to get the attention of others in their careers, they are most likely to pin their hopes on smarter children and therefore urge them too harshly.

Many people born on August 26 can enjoy the fun of working behind the scenes, and in some special cases, they can even become a powerful driving force behind certain well-known figures or groups. They are not only excellent team members. , Can really be satisfied with the role-playing behind the scenes. Rather than arouse their attention, they would rather enjoy the pleasure of freedom while traveling; and when they work, they will not let too much self-subjectiveness interfere with what they are doing. People who are willing to sacrifice like this are as precious as gold to a family or business.

However, people born on August 26 will be able to reach their peak sooner or later (usually around the age of 50 or 60 and they will ask themselves, “Hi! What does this make sense to me?” or “Oh! God! What happened in my life?” When this time comes, they can say goodbye to some facilitating activities and move on to a brand new path. However, it may be frightening to do so. People who have relied on them for a long time, or who take them for granted and ignore them, will think that they are indeed worthy of this newly discovered freedom, and when this change occurs, they will also I don’t feel that I should feel too guilty for this.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on August 26 will be affected by the number 8 and Saturn. As Saturn brings a strong sense of responsibility, and is accompanied by cautious, restrictive, and fatalistic tendencies, for those born on this day, it will be more important to play the role of support staff; and those who are affected by the number 8 will be very Start your own life carefully and slowly, as well as your attitude towards career planning and financial management. Although people born on this day are likely to have an eager heart, due to the influence of Saturn and Mercury (the ruling planet of Virgo), Their appearance will appear a little cold or indifferent.


People born on August 26 must be careful not to ignore the symptoms of the disease. Although they may be very careful people, they often spend time and carefully consider rational decisions. However, they are afraid of seeing a doctor and facing the problems of the disease. Reluctant to go to hospital or psychotherapy. At the same time, although they are very concerned about the health of their family members or friends, they seem to ignore their own health. Therefore, for people born on August 16, if there are considerate people in their family or colleagues to remind them to pay attention to the signs of illness, it will be of great help to them. People born on this day are naturally inclined to lead a regular life, so they will have healthier and regular sleep, eating habits and regular exercise. Whether you are a cook or a eater, people born on this day should take some time to expand their field of food, experience all kinds of uneaten and tempting foods, and don’t stick to the plain and unimaginative life model.


Sometimes, it is not a good thing to be too willing to fit the minds of others. You can learn to be independent. At work, you also have to be a little tougher to ask for the power to do things well. Don’t live by relying on others. Sometimes you can also make the master for yourself.


Geraldine Ferraro, a member of the US Congress, is known as the Queen of Congress. For the first woman to be nominated by a major American party for vice president.

French poet, artist and writer Guillaume Apollinaire (Guillaume Apollinaire) is one of the important modernist writers in the early 20th century. His works include “Wine Wine Collection” and “Beautiful Text”.

French chemist Antoine Lavoisier, he successfully separated oxygen.

American bacteriologist Sabin 9Albert B. Sabin), he has developed an oral polio vaccine, which has made outstanding contributions to the prevention of polio.

Forrest (Lee De Forest) is the father of American radio, a pioneer in the study of radio and television, and the inventor of radio triode vacuum tubes and vibrators.

French inventor Joseph Montgolfier (Joseph Montgolfier), and his brother Etienne (Etienne) are the pioneers of hot air balloon research.


The eighth card of the Great Secret Tarot card represents [Power]. The picture shows an elegant queen who is taming an angry lion. The queen symbolizes the female magician, can control the energy that is not easy to control, and represents the superior moral and physical power. When the card is upright, this card represents personal charm and determination to pursue success; the upside-down of the card is an abuse of complacency.

Inspirational quote

There are two kinds of pictures on a painting. They appear in the same space, creating a different time between the two-like events full of rhythm.


Advantages, self-control, catering to others, gregariousness.


Passivity, depression, self-sacrifice.

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