August 27: Supporting an ideal society

August 27 Supporting an ideal society

House position: Virgo 3 degrees-5 degrees

Constellation: Virgo one, changing earth sign

Regardless of any period in their lives, people born on August 27 always sympathize with the little people, losers, and underachievers in society. They painfully understand that the world is not so perfect, so in terms of daily life, they will not Stop asking yourself what you can do to make things better. Although their support for their ideals seems selfless, most people born on this day still more or less quite like to nurture or protect their people, showing an attitude of admiration or flattery towards them.

Personality traits born on August 27 include many types, ranging from intellectuals and those who pursue ideals to more pragmatic people. The former cherish the value of the principle itself, while the latter focuses on showing a kind of practicality in the surrounding life. Influence. For these two types of people, material and spiritual are things they value, because they know very well that both are elements that constitute the essence and needs of human nature. In the same way, both types of people face the same danger: when they face the imperfections of this world, they are likely to feel frustrated or depressed.

Many people born today need a feeling to support them, that they are an indispensable part of a family or group to establish a harmonious relationship. Indeed, they cannot bear the idea that things can go smoothly without them. However, there are many highly evolved people born on August 27 who have developed an increasingly stronger ability in the end, that is, to give unconditionally, or to ask for very little in return when helping others-if so. if.

For people born on August 27, their lives cannot lack social interpersonal interaction, so when they want to further invest in work far away from the crowd, accumulate their own strength or wealth, there are few successful examples. . Usually, too strong a driving force will cause these people born on August 27 to collapse, or feel frustrated in the piles of plans and strategies. Obviously, people born today understand how their own destiny is inseparable from other people, so they are very good at using their very smart interpersonal skills.

Among the people born today, there is a group of people who have personally experienced the harder and darker side of the world since they were young, and as a result, they have suppressed or even completely eradicated their ideals from their essence. Although such people do not have too many beautiful fantasies about the world, and even mock the nature of human nature, they usually retain their personal views that they are “outstanding people”, and still use pragmatic methods from time to time. Give yourself and benefit others.

The astrology of this day promises great spiritual development and growth. However, it is also accompanied by a crisis of not being able to withstand temptation. Obviously, success or failure depends on the choice made by people born on August 27. Why. In addition, people born today are somewhat inclined to depression and negative thinking patterns. People say they are realists, but in fact they are negativeists. But even so, they still roll up their sleeves to help for the benefit of family and friends. It is recommended that they can join clubs, social groups or other public welfare organizations that assist the development of the community, because in this way, they can better understand their own human potential.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on August 27 will be affected by the number 9 and Mars. The number 9 has a great influence on other numbers (after adding 9 to any number, the addition of the tens digit and the single digit number will equal the original number, for example, 5+9=14, 4+1= 5; After any number is multiplied by 9, the sum of two digits will also equal 9, for example, 9*5=45, 4+5=9). Similarly, people born on August 27 will also People exert considerable influence. In addition, Mars represents power and aggressiveness, and is full of male energy. Therefore, for those who still hold traditional thinking about the role and behavior of women, women born on August 27 seem a bit too powerful. The combined influence of Mars and Mercury (the ruling planet of Virgo) will make people have intuitive insights, but they can also make people more debatable or appear a little abrupt in dealing with others.


People born on August 27 usually don’t pay much attention to their health and appearance. What’s worse, they often tire themselves out of being busy with other people’s affairs. Moreover, if they find that their hard work has not been recognized by others, they must be aware of whether they will feel very depressed at once. For example, when their children grow up, they will feel that they are no longer recognized by others. People need it. For people born on August 27, good health and inner spiritual stability are directly related to religious values, and of course, they are also related to their continuous good eating, sleeping, and exercise habits. It is important that when they are depressed, they must also avoid excessive alcohol intake.


Don’t focus too much on personal troubles. If you have never helped others, you can start right now. The hard work you put in for this will help you recognize your own path and your place in this world. Don’t let unchanging ideas limit your thinking and creativity.


Mother Teresa (Mother Teresa) was born in Yugoslavia, then went to India to preach and founded the House of Charity. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his lifelong dedication to caring for the poor in India.

Georg Hegel, a great German philosopher and historical theorist, proposed a theoretical system composed of logic, natural philosophy and spiritual philosophy, which had a profound influence on European and American philosophical thinking.

The leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization (Yasser Arafat).

American Dadaist painter Man Ray (Man Ray), he is also a filmmaker, photographer and object exhibition artist.

Johnson (Lyndon B. Johnson) President of the United States, former Vice President and a member of the Texas Senate.

Kenji Sawa, the leading Japanese literary corps, is the author of “Night of the Galaxy Railways”, “Cooking Shop” and other masterpieces. He is also a high-ranking haiku poet.


The ninth card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is [The Hermit]. He is carrying a lamp and walking on a cane. It represents meditation, isolation and silence, and symbolizes the crystallization of wisdom and absolute discipline. The hermit is a stern teacher, he uses well to get people on the right path. When the card is upright, it means persistence, purpose, deepness, and concentration; the upside down of the card indicates arbitrary, hard to forgive, suspicious, and discouraged.

Inspirational quote

Everything is closely related.


Social reality, caring, idealist.


Too engaged, depressed, and easily nervous.

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