August 3: Natural Adventurer

August 3 Natural Adventurer

House: Leo 9°-11°

Constellation: Leo II, fixed fire sign

People born on August 3 are easily attracted by dangerous things, or eager to rescue others from danger, but the result of this pursuit of adventure often puts themselves in a dangerous situation. At the same time, in order to expose the truth they see, they often take risks. In fact, for them, this risk itself is more important than truth. People born on this day must be careful not to put others in danger because of their actions.

People born on August 3 don’t like the tedious daily life, and would rather stay away from home and pursue a new world. Some people will take action and venture as far as the world, while others just sit in comfortable seats and fantasize about exciting adventures. People with low mobility are easily stimulated by others or novel things to live in fantasy; however, most activists will personally create or experience this interesting experience, and transform this experience into work Creative and professional skills.

People born on this day often hurt themselves. No matter how their family or friends dissuade them, they just can’t change their love of adventure. Some people even regard this challenge as a test from heaven, even if they fail the test and get eliminated. Also willingly. In addition, some people have a soft spot for restlessness and regard taking risks as commonplace. Therefore, the most difficult thing to dissuade is those who vowed to defend their support or fight endlessly for the sake of their ideals. Although on the surface, their behavior seems to be romantic or idealistic, in fact, the nature of this behavior is more practical and appears to be quite cold-blooded when necessary.

For some people born today, the term “rescue” is also quite attractive. Specifically, it is to save or protect the weaker people and give them psychological or spiritual comfort. In Greek mythology, Orhpeus rescued Euridyce, or Israel attacked Entebbe in Uganda. These are stories that they yearn for. It is very important for them to regard themselves as heroes or heroines. The roles they imagine may include beloved parents, samurai in shiny armor, or Joan of Arc the martyr.

People born on August 3 must be careful not to be too self-inflated. In addition, they may also project their passion and desire on the wrong object. For example, those they want to save are likely to have no interest in whether they can be saved. . In addition, one of their biggest dangers is that unless the adventurous stimulation is strengthened again and again, the risky self-employed will gradually disappear. This is like a drug addict, who can only be stimulated by constantly increasing the dose of medicine. Because of this, their nature of chasing adventure will become more and more shocking, and whether they can control this bold desire and transfer it to a creative goal becomes an assessment of whether they have maturity and qualifications. An indicator of improvement.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on August 3 will be affected by the number 3 and Jupiter. People affected by the number 3 usually want to climb to the top of the professional field and have a very independent personality. This trait is particularly obvious in the energetic Leo born on August 3. Jupiter will bring optimism and an open social vision for people born today (this is even more so if they can get the energy of the sun ruling Leo), and therefore, their original self-confidence and positive attitude will be more positive. For enhancement.


People born on August 3 often encounter various accidents and physical injuries. They always show a nonchalant attitude towards their own safety. Therefore, they often accidentally suffer from muscle sprains, cuts, bruises, and even blood. It’s an episode of a fracture. The typical Leo rarely has heart problems, but the muscles, back bones and ligaments are more prone to serious problems. Those born on August 3 who like adventure and excitement also prefer a variety of heavy, spicy and exotic foods. In terms of cooking skills, people born today can show their unique imagination and cooking skills, but they need to pay a little attention to the balance of nutrition and calorie content.


Be careful to distinguish who is the poor victim who needs your help. Don’t let yourself and others fall into danger for no reason. Instead of wasting your life in idle and exciting fantasies, it is better to seek a perfect example of stability and determination.


Ernie Pyle, a war correspondent in World War II, worked as a news columnist after retiring and won the Pulitzer Prize. Later he was assassinated in Ryukyu.

British female detective novel writer James (P.D.James), once worked in the Police Department and the Criminal Department Juvenile Division, this experience often becomes the background in her novels. Representative works include “Shroud of Nighthawk”, “Strategy and Desire” and so on.

American novelist Leon Uris, whose novel blends real events, characters with fictional plots and characters, and his representative work “Exodus” (Exodus).

American surrealist painter and stage designer Leonor Fini.

Martin Sheen, a famous American film and stage actor, suffered from a heart attack while shooting the film “Apocalypse Now”.

British politician Stanley Baldwin (Stanley Baldwin), who served as prime minister for three consecutive terms during World War II, has caused historical controversy in his foreign policy.


The second card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “Queen”, symbolizing creative ingenuity. She is the perfect woman who has reached the limit, the mother who gave birth to the earth, and the embodiment of our dreams and desires. When the card is upright, this card represents charm, elegance, and unreserved love; when the card is upside down, it means arrogance, hypocrisy, and intolerance of imperfections.

Inspirational quote

Like female tigers, females are also excellent hunters.


Courageous, idealist, and decisive.


Reckless, self-destructive, self-centered.

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