August 30: Rock-like

August 30 Rock-like

House: Virgo 6°-8°

Constellation: Virgo One, changing earth sign

Among those born on August 30, those who are capable are as trustworthy as a rock. They are especially good at dealing with money issues, so they often get a lot of fun in dealing with financial issues, and they are quite proud of their successful management. Company, personal or family finances. Regardless of their field of expertise, people born today always want more specific achievements in their work, and don’t like to get involved in theoretical or unrealistic categories. Generally speaking, the homes of people born on August 30 are always organized and comfortable, and they are also carefully arranged to meet their material needs and desires.

Most people born today are quite confident in themselves, think they can handle all kinds of situations, and sometimes seem too capable. However, because of this, they will attract some people to cling to them, which will be a very heavy burden for them in the end. It is true that they have considerable capacity to carry heavy responsibilities, but despite this, people born on August 30 still have the limit of ability, and if they feel that they need to get rid of the dependence of others, they will more or less Feeling a little guilty. Therefore, although these people born on August 30 will be flattered by those around them who are attached to them, in the end, they will regret that they have encouraged others to rely on them in this way. If they can consciously realize what they have done and their real motivation for doing this privately, they will take another big step forward in their personal growth.

The strong self-confidence and composure of people born on August 30 is not necessarily a good thing for their children and partners, and people around them are also prone to feel inferior to them, especially in material life. When comparing. Therefore, it would be a bit suffocating to have such a parent who was born on August 30 with rich organizational skills, and their children would become more indecisive in front of their parents. Therefore, parents born today must confirm whether they have the tendency to let their children take on more and more family responsibilities, and carefully teach the skills learned to their children and spouses, and observe their increasing abilities from time to time. Make them more self-reliant. Although people born on August 30 want to set strict rules in the middle, they must avoid being too authoritarian, inflexible, difficult to approach, or unfair.

Perhaps, people born today are often criticized as materialists by others, but strictly speaking, only mental organization and excellent trade unions can move their hearts, not pure material itself. Although people who are born today and don’t care much about money issues are more capable of everything from family chores to large-scale events, the general prestige, those who are born today and are more pragmatic, are in pursuit of concrete and visible results. Still quite good at it.

Lucky numbers and rulers

Those born on August 30 will be affected by the number 3 and Jupiter. Because of Jupiter’s influence, people born on August 30 will be full of optimism and aspirations for the future, and people who are affected by the number 3 will want to climb to higher positions in their fields, so those born on August 30 People are usually driven by themselves and want to achieve the success they want in their material life (with the help of Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury, they can be very agile in dealing with financial problems). People affected by the number 3 like independence very much. Although independence can bring more pressure to their lives, it can also bring more challenges and opportunities for critical and important actions.


When indulging in material pleasures, those born on August 30th should be careful not to overdo it. Obviously, they often regard the world as a private playground for them to play in. Therefore, there are food, entertainment and leisure. The phenomenon of a little indulgence. People born on this day should pay attention to the intake of fat, sugar and meat. Perhaps the best way is to gradually reduce the intake of meat and milk cool products, and then control the intake of too much sugar and starch. In addition to the weight problem, people born on August 30 also have a tendency to smoke and drink. For this preference, you must think about the price you must pay before contracting slowness and cardiopulmonary problems. Unless they are athletes, otherwise, we only recommend that they do less intense sports.


Be careful not to make others too dependent on you. Teach your child to be independent. When you want to exercise authority or power, try to be flexible. Don’t think that you can control every part of the surrounding environment and cultivate your spiritual sustenance. In addition to what the material world can provide, see if there are other new discoveries.


Mary Godwin Shelley (Mary Godwin Shelley) British horror novelist, she married the British romantic poet Shelley and became famous as “Frankenstein”.

British physicist Ernest Rutherford won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his contributions to the study of radioactive decay of elements.

Richard Stone (Richard Stone), the winner of the British Nobel Prize for regular study, is under the master of economics Keynes, and once served as an economic adviser to the British government. He has made great contributions to promoting the accuracy of the calculation and expression of national income.

Ted Williams, an American outfielder for the Boston Red Sox, has won the American League’s batting championship six times, twice won the title of most valuable player, and also won the triple crown. Before retiring, he set a record of 400 hits, with an average batting rate of 34%. He is a hit king.

Jacques Louis David, the founder of “Classical France” painting, led the neoclassical movement from the end of the 18th century to the 19th century. His famous painting is “The Oath of the Brothers of Horace”.

American marine botanist Sylvia A, Earle, also a deep-sea explorer, set the deepest diving record.


The third card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is [Queen], which symbolizes creative ingenuity. She is the perfect woman who has reached the extreme, the mother who gave birth to the earth, and the embodiment of our dreams and desires. When the card is upright, this card represents charm, elegance and unreserved love; when the card is upside down, it means arrogance, hypocrisy, and intolerance of defects.

Inspirational quote

The only plan that exists is [Exceptions].


Good at dealing with financial issues, organized and trustworthy.


Authoritarianism and lack of flexibility.

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