August 31: Pay attention to external image

August 31 Pay attention to external image

House position: Virgo 7th-9th degree

Constellation: Virgo one, changing earth sign

People born on August 31 are very concerned about how others think of them and how to help others create their own path in society. People born today will find that they are always deeply involved in the surrounding events. Inevitably, they will not only fall into the main events in life, but also the negotiation room will be in the crowd around them. A way to stand out without revealing a trace. Some people born on August 31 only feel that just being with the crowd and current affairs can bring them a lot of fun; but some people are more serious about improving the destiny of everyone (especially children) And caring attitude. People who tend to be fun are willing to express themselves and improve the spiritual level of family and friends; those who tend to be serious are more interested in educating others. They will use examples to illustrate or be positive But lead some theory or knowledge to teach others. No matter what method they use to express themselves publicly, we will find that people born today are the kind of people most often found to work for their fellow human beings. They always want to improve things through repeated efforts. .

People born on August 31 know very well how to get others to buy their accounts. Whether they are parents, actors, bosses or teachers, they all know how to master the psychology of others, can understand and influence other people’s thoughts and feelings, and even, it’s okay. Inspire others. However, to a certain extent, people born on August 31 have to ask themselves whether they have paid too much attention to the degree of attention others have paid to them. In this case, they have to reach the threshold of middle age (approximately 42 Around the age of: when Uranus and Saturn are in opposition), they will begin to become more interested in their own personal growth, and then turn to the inner world, and adjust their mentality of over-concerning public affairs.

People born on August 31 have a charm that is very attractive to others. They have gentle and calm personality traits that make others fascinated by them. Therefore, although they are very good team members, they are destined to become Leaders of the group. The role of this kind of leaders is very compatible with their abilities. Their two main abilities are organization and decision-making capabilities; but on the other hand, they will put considerable pressure on their personality development. Generally speaking, people born on August 31 don’t like to show off.

In fact, as long as there is hypocrisy and boasting about themselves, people born on August 31 will show a very sharp critical attitude. Their answers or reactions often have a strong ironic tone, and sometimes they even appear a bit acrid. It is mean, and the thorns in their words often penetrate deeply into people’s hearts. Therefore, people born on this day may have to learn to be more smooth and restrained when speaking.

Generally speaking, people born on August 31 will not have much difficulty in realizing their talents, but they must struggle with the conflict between the sense of mission of dedicating themselves to public affairs and their personal needs and desires. Therefore, having a channel to vent, a hobby, or ordinary role-playing away from the eyes of everyone will be of great help to their mental health. Indeed, when reconciling push-pull interactions between the public and personal affairs, sometimes it can also make some interesting changes in life.

Lucky numbers and rulers

Those born on August 31 will be affected by the number 4 and Uranus. Since there are only 31 days in 7 months in a year, this number seems a bit special if it is a birthday, and people born on this day are also a bit unusual and elusive. People affected by the number 4 are usually more arguable and difficult to please, because they often see things from a different perspective than others. In addition, they will be sad when they are rejected by others, and they will always be brooding about it. The rapidity and impulse represented by Uranus can be reflected in sudden changes in emotions. For those born on August 31, this trait will be more prominent. This is because the ruling planet of Virgo, Mercury, is fickle. Characteristics, Mercury and Uranus have a very close relationship in interpersonal communication.


People born on August 31 must pay attention to the problems of the digestive system, especially the stomach, intestines, small intestine, liver and pancreas. They are more likely to suffer from diet-related diseases, such as diabetes. In addition, the stomach and duodenum must be kept healthy, because these organs are particularly vulnerable to damage due to their busy official life. Solemnly recommend that people born on August 31 can take deep yoga and meditation activities, because they will benefit greatly from the opportunities for spiritual relief. In addition, they should also take frequent vacations. The doctor or dietitian may also suggest that they adopt a certain dietary method, and daily walks will be of great help to their body and mind.


Seek inner guidance, spend more time alone, and reduce your reliance on others’ approval and applause. Seek a balance between responsibility and fun, and learn to appreciate the strengths of others.


Montessori 9Maria Montessori) American children’s educator, she is the first woman in Italy to obtain a medical degree, specializing in children’s rehabilitation treatment and children’s education, and is the founder of the Montessori education method.

Taiwanese singer Zhang Qingfang has become popular for more than a decade with his unique high-pitched singing, and is represented as “It’s Hard to Do Not Want You”.

The hero of Japanese professional baseball player Shigeru, he entered the Major League Baseball Dodgers to play, causing a whirlwind in Japan.

Sir Bernard Lovell, a British radio astronomer, established and presided over the Nuffield Radio Astronomy Laboratory at the University of Manchester.

Edwin Moses (Edwin Moses) is an American hurdler who won the Olympic hurdles gold medal twice. In the past ten years, he has never failed in 122 games.

The Roman Emperor Caligula (Caius Caesar Caligula) had almost no political achievements during his ruling period, and was regarded by the world as the strangest of all Roman emperors.


The fourth card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is [Emperor]. His main source of power is wisdom, and he uses it to rule the world’s stunners. The emperor’s status is supreme, and his authority cannot be questioned. When the card is upright, it represents strong will and solid energy; when the card is upside down, it represents willfulness, tyranny and cruelty.

Inspirational quote

Do you know the story of Mouse City and Mouse Country?


Energetic, influential and funny.


Exhaustion, social dependence, and meanness.

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