August 8: Role Player

August 8 Role Player

House position: Leo 14°-16°

Constellation: Leo II, fixed fire sign

People born on August 8th naturally have a strong desire to play a variety of different roles. However, this does not mean that they are frivolous figures who often change their life trajectories. In fact, every change they try and the new role they play, After hard research, only in this way can they succeed. Usually, people born on this day hope to be recognized and appreciated by others professionally, and most people can also achieve the success they want, unless their chosen profession is unrealistic or unsuitable for their personality .

After a series of changes, or looking back on their lives, people and even themselves will be surprised to discover how dedicated people born today are in playing every role! But because they are practical and responsible people, they will only move to another role after they have played one role with all their strength or been satisfied. A mother who has changed from a housewife to a working woman, a father who has changed companies or occupations, and a child who appears to be different when getting along with different family members are all proofs of the adaptability of those born on August 8. If they are actors or creative artists, they will have very diverse styles and expressions.

Some people born on this day, even if they are unable to focus on a particular job, will continue to try new jobs with no flinching attitude, or try opportunities that they have previously overlooked. However, more mature people will not allow themselves to change again and again, and they are unwilling to shift their interest and distract themselves from day to night. Therefore, if they feel that their commitment must be discounted, they will not start more than one job at the same time. Based on the same reasoning, they are certainly trusted partners, business partners, parents and friends.

When people born on August 8 go in the wrong direction or off track, they will be willing to accept other people’s suggestions (this is a bit unusual for those who stick to what they have seen). At this time, their close friends and partners It is very important. Nevertheless, after weighing various reasonable opinions and opinions, people born today will usually independently make a decision that is unlikely to be shaken again.

People born today may wish to try a variety of different leisure and entertainment in their daily lives, so that they can get more joy in life. On the other hand, their subjective consciousness should not be too strong, and utilitarianism should also be tempered a little. A moderate sense of security will contribute to the stability of work and life.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on August 8 will be affected by the number 8 and Saturn. As Saturn symbolizes responsibility, temperance, caution, and fatalism, people born on this day will be more conservative. People who are affected by the number 8 have a strong urge to change jobs in their careers, especially in their middle age, who will actively want to make a big change in their work, but generally speaking, they will still be cautious in starting new innovations. Workplace. In addition, the influence of the Sun (the ruling planet of Leo) on Saturn will be manifested in the strong personality traits of those born on August 8, but this does not mean that they must have considerable self-confidence.


For people born on August 8, regular meals, exercise, sleep, and sex are important conditions for maintaining health, and affirming themselves is an important need for them through the body. Therefore, some competition or exercise Sports, such as jogging and gymnastics, are quite attractive to them. In order to perfect the relationship between the sexes, the expression of tenderness and sensibility is indispensable. As for the weight problem, generally speaking, it can be improved by increasing the daily diet such as cereals and fresh fruits and vegetables. It is recommended that they do not hold more outdoor activities that family members can participate in together, such as vacations, picnics, travel, and camping. More importantly, sharing your inner feelings with close friends or family members is an extremely effective way to maintain mental health.


Take some time to meditate or relax with your family in your life full of work. Make the goal more realistic, but don’t get stuck in it. Maintain good adaptability and flexibility.


Dustin Hoffman (Dustin Hoffman) is a famous American film and stage actor. His representative works include “Graduate”, “Skinny Man”, “Rain Man”, and won the Oscar for Best Male Oscar for “Klamath vs. Klamath” Leading role award.

Taiwanese politician Liang Surong, former president of the Legislative Yuan, is now the chairman of the “Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association”.

Russian ballet choreographer Leonide Massine is famous for the variety and drama of dance codes. His works include “Fire Bird” and “The Rite of Spring.”

Swedish tennis player Matts Wielander, the champion of the US and French Open.

Benny Carter 9Benny Carter) American jazz alto and soprano saxophone player, composer and orchestra leader.

The American Nobel Laureate in Physics, Ernest Lawrence, invented the sub-particle accelerator and the television color picture tube.


The eighth card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot represents “power”. The picture shows an elegant queen who is taming an angry lion. The queen symbolizes the female magician, can control the energy that is not easy to control, and represents the superior moral and physical power. When the card is upright, this card represents personal charm and determination to pursue success; the upside-down of the card is complacency and abuse of power.

Inspirational quote

When am I the real me?


Talented, versatile and responsible.


Self-centered, over-demanding, and careless.

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