December 1: Happy indulgence

December 1: Happy indulgence

House: Sagittarius 8°-10°

Constellation sign: Sagittarius 1, changing fire signs

Sagittarius born on December 1 is usually an outspoken, outspoken person, and a man of action. Although they are often rude, their shining, serious eyes and feigned innocent expressions can always win people’s forgiveness. In addition to their unfettered speech, they also like to break the routine, especially when it comes to things that have their own stake.

People may think that people born on December 1st are very shallow, but they are not; on the contrary, their personalities may also be deep and complex, but they are just a gut to the end, and everything is beyond words. Sometimes they seem to be driven by an inexplicable force, they don’t know what they are doing at all, and they even suspect that their concentration is not enough, but this wonderful mental state has also helped them achieve a lot of things.

People born today are also very generous and charitable people. They don’t hesitate to give financial, time or spiritual care to their friends or close friends; however, busy work often makes these people in big situations I have little time to do the kind things I want to do. Therefore, not only I feel very depressed, but my relatives around me often complain. Even so, those born on December 1, who are like automatic generators, know that they can’t do it, and do everything they can to meet the needs of all parties.

For the opposite sex, people born today are good at flirting. However, despite their charisma to others, they will leave the most sincere love to someone special. In the process of growing up, most of them have experienced naughty childhood, stormy adolescence, and precocious adulthood with unsteady footsteps. Being punished for being naughty as a child or being overly restrained by parents can also build up frustration. The active and close attitude shown in sex reflects the deep insecurities inherent in people born today.

People born on December 1st have a high degree of free spirit. Although they can handle all company affairs, if they feel that the time is right and the company can follow their decisions and let them do what they want to do, they will perform better at work. good. However, working in the same place for a long time will wear away their free soul bit by bit, causing the loss of the company, just like an animal trapped in a cage for a long time loses its natural instincts.

All in all, expressing freely is very important for those born on December 1. It’s just that they must also understand that people in society will not tolerate their unruly attitude forever, so Sagittarius born today had better learn to be reserved and mellow, and not show any emotions naked in front of others. Moreover, if you want others to value you, you should put more effort into your credibility first.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on December 1 are influenced by the number 1 and the sun. They always like to take the first place. They are very typical characters who are independent, insist on what they have seen, and climb to the top. The sun symbolizes a powerful creative fire, but special attention must be paid to let this light and heat burn for a long time and continuously. Due to the dual influence of both the Sun and Sagittarius’ ruler, Jupiter, those born today tend to be extra generous, high-spirited, and confident.


People born on this day must pay special attention not to exhaust all energy and energy, and it is better to find more time to rest. Whether it’s a nervous breakdown, headache, back pain, hormonal imbalance, or other symptoms, it’s the body’s protest against the owner’s long-term neglect and overwork. Women especially suffer from weight gain (hips and thighs); men become thin and wrinkled. A balanced and healthy diet can improve this situation, preferably by choosing tasty and healthy foods, and even more perfect when paired with regular and moderate exercise. In addition, regular sex life is also very important to maintain a healthy mental and physical health.


Use your energy wisely. Knowing yourself fully can make your life more free. Don’t be too direct with others, learn to be euphemistic. Be cautious, but don’t be too generous and give everything to others.


Woody Allen is an American comedy titan, actor and director whose representative works include “Annie Hall”, “Hannah Sisters” and “In My Heart”. He was called “the Chaplin of our time” because of his deep compassion for portraying the persecuted.

Hong Kong actor Mo Shaocong, representative of the movie “The Last Eunuch in China”.

British star Cyril Ritchard is a stage, film and television star who played Captain Hawk in the original stage play “Peter Pan”.”

Bette Midler is an American comedy actress and a well-known singer. She shined in her first film “Singing Tears”, and later starred in “Love is Deeper than Sisters”, “The Big Wife Club” and other films.

Wang Jingwei, a Chinese politician, was the secretary of the father of the country, Mr. Sun Yat-sen, and the drafter of the father’s will. Later, the National Government was established in Nanjing and served as its own chairman.

American musical comedy actress Mary Martin (Mary Martin), who played Peter Pan in the original stage play “Peter Pan”. He has set a record of starring in “Flying Swallow Golden Spear” for a thousand consecutive games, and won many awards. His reputation is enduring.


The first card of the Great Ritual Tarot is “Magician”, which symbolizes wisdom, communication and information. The magician’s head has a symbol representing infinity, sometimes represented by a wide hat, sometimes a halo. There are many explanations for this card, one of which is that the magician realizes the nature of the endless cycle of life, and has power because of this realization. Therefore, when the card is upright, it represents diplomacy and shrewdness; when the card is upside down, it means no scruples and a speculative mentality.

Inspirational quote

The simplest things in life are often the most important.


Vibrant, outgoing and energetic.


Tired easily, goes astray, and has weak sensitivity.

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