December 10: Inner sentiments

December 10: Inner sentiments

House: Sagittarius 17-19

Constellation: Sagittarius II, changing fire signs

People born on December 10 are emotionally restrained and believe in their own worth. If they’re trying to get noticed, the biggest reason may also be to reinforce their message and advocate for their own claims. They are sometimes completely ignorant of complacency, pride, arrogance, self-centeredness, and their greatest hope is to serve others. However, most people do not understand the depth of the feelings of people born on December 10, this is because feelings are extremely personal things, they do not easily share with others. Among the gifts that people born on this day can give, the most unique one is honesty, because it represents great trust.

Faith is the most important issue in the lives of those born on December 10. They are exemplars of piety, praying at the altar of character, wisdom, morality, and honoring only the finest qualities of human nature. Often, however, their greatest interest is not in people, because they know instinctively that flesh and blood cannot live up to their highest ideals after all. Whether it is nature such as animals and plants, they are particularly fascinated by unpopulated places. Their thoughts are very deep, and most of them are used to think about the problems of life. They believe in gods, nature, religion, scientific laws, and even the “god” behind everything, but they usually put their beliefs above other things. For them, all these beliefs can go hand in hand and do not exclude each other.

People born on December 10 often give the impression of being “born”. They really seem to live in another world, away from the trivialities and worries of everyday life. This is the reason for the treasury, so it may be difficult for them to occupy a place in society at first, and secondly, it is difficult to find a partner to share their ideals. Even if found, this person may just be their defense, escort, and supporter.

They are good at any level if they are in leadership positions, because they tend to be compassionate and talented bosses who not only maintain good relationships with their colleagues, but also subtly rise above disputes and avoid unintended consequences. conflict of endings. In addition, if the partner of the person born on this day actively shares the responsibilities of parenthood, the person born on this day is highly respected and also a parent who loves and cares for the child. Unfortunately, their sensitive nature hinders the ability to hold power. In addition, they are obviously not good at dealing with stress. Unless they can deal with it calmly, and finally get a comfortable life and maintain privacy, they should not play a high-level role.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on December 10 will be influenced by the number 1 (1+0=1) and the sun. People who are influenced by the number 1 like to be first, so those born on December 10 will put their personal needs first. The Sun bestows on a warm, fully developed self with a human, positive attitude towards life that is here intensified by the optimism and idealism of Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius). People affected by the number 1 are very opinionated on most things, so those born on December 10 will be stubborn. Ambition is a trait of those who are influenced by the number 1, but for those born on December 10, their goal is often not Segu, but the individual and the universe.


Those born on December 10 must be careful not to indulge in relationships. They should always be open to the outside world, if they hold back too much, they will have some emotional problems and become more and more difficult to speak or share their inner feelings with others. Having a circle of friends, or having a friend who understands them, can be very helpful to them. But on the other hand, people born on this day should not rely too much on anyone, no matter how trustworthy or helpful they are. People born today are willing to give, so activities such as cooking, caring for children, and creating a comfortable home are all helpful to their health. It is very important to create a healthy diet with a positive attitude towards life, especially sharing fresh food, tasty dishes with others. They should do more gentle exercise such as open-air hiking, gardening, etc. It is also very helpful to enjoy the country life from time to time.


Resist the tendency to withdraw from the world and keep in touch with others. Trust the gods or nature, and trust others too. Don’t be afraid of rejection. Get others to hear your advice and fight as hard as necessary.


Emily Dickinson, a 19th-century poet and recluse, wrote thousands of poems, but only a few anonymously.

The 20th-century French composer Olivier Messiaen, who is also a pipe organ player, composed music with religious mystery and showed a keen interest in birdsong.

Ada Byron (9 Ada Byron). The daughter of Lord Byron, the Countess of Lawrence, she is gifted with numbers and science. Also co-inventor of the mechanical calculator.

American abolitionist William Lloyd Garri Garrison (William Lloyd Garri Garrison), a reformer, journalist, and orator, believed that slavery was a sin, and slave emancipation should be implemented as soon as possible, and the emancipated slaves should be absorbed into society.

Belgian-French romantic composer Cesar Franck), also good at playing the organ.

Thomas Holcroft, an 18th-century English playwright and translator, once translated Beaumarchais’ play “The Marriage of Figaro” and played Figaro.


The 10th card of the Great Secret Tarot is the “Wheel of Fortune”, which symbolizes the reversal of fortune. Except for the change itself, there is no real constant change in the world. This card shows a penchant for gambling, which makes life up and down. In fact, success or failure in life is closely tied to the wheel of fortune; therefore, success or failure in life is not permanent.

Inspirational quote

Look for the trace of God in all things.


Peaceful, appreciative, and spiritual.


Unfathomable, and independent.

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