December 14: Selective appearance

December 14 Selective appearance

House: Sagittarius 21°-23°

Constellation: Sagittarius 3, changing fire signs

People born on December 14 usually give the impression of “loving the presence”. In fact, they are very selective about ways of showing, and they will never stretch their beautiful wings out of confidants.

Although today’s people are often the center of attention, very few people can really get a glimpse of their private world, as if they come to the door to do some earth-shattering things, and only at the right time will they open the curtains to make outsiders look up. Most outsiders only see what they are doing, but have no idea what they are thinking, or who they are. For them, it is actually a kind of blindfold to show generously, the purpose is to hide the more private personal world.

The personalities of those born on December 14 are mostly very deep, complex and difficult to understand. They are different from others in many aspects of life, such as sexual preferences, personal interests, living habits and psychological phenomena, and can even be said to be very strange. In addition, they are also a highly philosophical group, often able to compile convincing reasons for their peculiar actions.

People born today realize from the novel that they are different from others, especially when they are in conflict with the powers in society, such as conflicts with parents or teachers, they will strengthen their unique self-identification. As a result, they become more concerned about having habits and traits that others find strange, or even bad.

Parents simply can’t, and don’t even think about putting a child born on December 14 into a fixed pattern. These children may at first obey their parents’ wishes because they succumbed to authority, but they may cause more and more troubles in the future, not to mention the outbreak of resentment and rebellion against their parents for a long time. This kind of entanglement in the heart will even continue to the interpersonal relationships after entering the society.

People born on this day have great courage, but they are by no means temporary. When faced with difficulties, they have always been unafraid, even in danger when necessary.

They are also easy to use their own words and deeds to provoke others, but this is not a superficial, immature impulsive behavior, but to try their own way, through such stimulation to make others recognize the reality, so they often promote family and social change catalyst.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on December 14 will be influenced by the number 5 (1+4=5) and Mercury.

The number 5 brings great mental power to those born on this day, and Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) adds tremendous momentum and convincing to their arguments. When people born on December 14 encounter setbacks or their mentality is out of balance, fortunately, the number 5 displays its elasticity in time, so that people born on this day can quickly emerge from the tangled adversity.


People born on December 14 must be careful not to let their unusual behavior and the urge to take risks get themselves into trouble, especially to prevent accidents and violence. Although many people born on this day have not been recognized by the general world since childhood, they still need to avoid letting themselves fall into a state of isolation. Although the use of alcohol and narcotics can slightly relieve mental pain, it is easy to become depressed and lethargic due to addiction.

In terms of diet, you should pay attention to a balanced diet and avoid overeating; in terms of exercise, it is better to be moderate. As for sex, you should refer to the advice given by the tarot card “Temperance”.


Remember to think twice before you act. Be gentle. Develop your philosophical skills. Follow the middle way.


Doolittle (James Doolittle) U.S. Air Force general, the puppet army attacked Tokyo, Japan during World War II, an aeronautical engineer, aerobatics, and vice president of Shell Oil.

TV news producer Don Hewitt, the creator of “Sixty Minutes”.

American film and television actress Patty Duke.

Spike Jones (Spike Jones) American Burlesque Band leader.

American poet Stanley Crouch, whose works include “No Ambulance Tonight for Negroes.” Also worked as a magazine reporter.

Leonardo Boff, Brazilian theologian of the Catholic Church, a fighter for the poor.


The 14th card of the Great Arcane Tarot is “Temperance”. On the card is a guardian angel who protects and stabilizes us. When the cards are upright, moderation just adjusts our enthusiasm so that we don’t go too far, so that we gain new knowledge and integrate it into our daily life. However, when the card is upside down, it means frivolity and excessive pursuit of fashion.

Inspirational quote

Less mediocrity, one more chance of success.


Full of originality, strong motivation, brave and bold.


Overly arrogant, moody, and isolated.

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