December 15: Expander

December 15: Expander

House: 22-24 Sagittarius

Constellation: Sagittarius 3, changing fire signs

Those born on December 15 always think: the bigger the better. Their open personalities allow the mind to run free, sometimes even wildly, without stopping. But they love power and know how institutions work to achieve their ambitions. Their biggest challenge is that once they have achieved their ambitions in a career or social group, they may not know how to maintain the status quo and stand in a condescending position. Due to moral blindness, excessive optimism or pride, they risk falling miserably. Maybe they should learn to be content with where they fit in, accept their limitations, and make good use of what they have.

Most people born on December 15 are actually very social people. Their social character has a positive impact on family, friends, and society, but it is important that they pay attention to whether their influence is really a good one. In this regard, they perform best when they are kind (not aggrieved), helpful (not interfering), and caring (not nagging).

People born on December 15 are usually very popular, because they tend to feel comfortable as long as people are there. They are optimistic, relaxed, open-minded by nature and popular. The reason why they are popular is precisely because they can see the strengths and potentials of those who are worthy of their admiration and respect. However, if they are dealing with people they do not know, they should also be practical and avoid being manipulated, dependent on them and taking advantage of them. The greatest danger for those born on this day is money, and they are especially vulnerable to being squeezed or exploited.

People born on December 15 usually believe in their luck, and they are confident in most things. Their confidence is not a belief in special talents, but a sense of well-being. This feeling of well-being is mostly healthy, but it can sometimes lead to misjudgments about situations with negative tendencies. They sometimes fail to notice this danger because of their very philosophical and even fatalistic characters, thinking that if they will lose, they will lose it! Moreover, in the face of bad situations, they tend to turn around and leave without trying to make up for it. They think it is better to start over than to hang there. However, for them, it is more beneficial and profitable to have a card than to keep a card. Therefore, a major challenge is to focus on what is being done in front of you, and to improve and refine it communicatively to make it perfect. They must recognize that all successful people are fully proficient in one field before entering another field.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on December 15 will be influenced by the number 6 (1+5=6) and Venus. People influenced by the number 6 easily attract admiration and even adoration from others. However, those born on December 15 are not only influenced by Venus, but also by Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius). This dual influence makes them very popular in society, but they are more likely to attract the scum of society. Therefore, one has to be very careful if someone is too dependent on them.


People born on December 15 are sometimes overly optimistic about their health and overestimate their physical fitness. As a result, some symptoms may go unnoticed until an annual plan or semi-annual health check-up by a doctor. To deal with these health problems (the most serious being incapacity to work), some kind of spiritual, philosophical, or religious training in personnel can be of great benefit to the health of the body. Either way, they may suffer from the wear and tear of prolonged sickness. People born today usually don’t care about dietary restraint unless directed by a doctor. For sports, jogging, swimming, tennis, bowling, brisk walking, etc. are all suitable for them.


Don’t get caught up in a power game. Beware of your submissive attitude. What expands first will shrink at the end. Learn to deal with constraints.


Eiffel (Alexander A.Eiffel) French engineer, designed many famous bridges, the most famous project is the Eiffel Tower, he also designed the structure of the Statue of Liberty in New York.

Taiwanese singer and composer Zhang Hongliang, whose masterpiece “Do You Know I’m Waiting for You?” “.

American coal tycoon Paul Getty (J.Paul Getty), a billionaire, is also a famous art collector.

John Henry Hammond, Jr. was an American record producer, host, and civil rights fighter. Discover many stars such as Billie Holiday, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springing and more.

American film and television award Don Johnson (Don Johnson), representative of “Miami Detective”.

French senior physicist Antoine Henri Becquerel, who discovered radioactive elements, shared the Nobel Prize in Physics with the Curies.


The 15th card of the Great Arcane Tarot is “Demon”. Influenced by strong sexual attraction, irrationality and passion, this card presents intertwined fears and desires. The devil uses people’s need for safety and money to make people his slaves through the contradictions of human nature. The positive side of this card represents sensual fascination and an expression of enthusiasm, but it also reminds us that even when physically bound, the spirit is free to soar.

Inspirational quote

Peach trees are beautiful, and onions make us weep; but onions have no pits, but peaches have pits.


High morale, gregarious, and popular.


Unrealistic, controlling, blind.

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