December 16: Highly imaginative

December 16 Highly imaginative

House: 23-25 ​​Sagittarius

Constellation: Sagittarius 3, changing fire signs

Those born on December 16 are the most imaginative of the year. To say this, however, is not to belittle their bodies, which are often highly developed and occupy the same place as their personalities. In fact, a major issue in the lives of those born on December 16 is to go beyond the limitations of the body and go to the heavenly court.

They are not easy to get along with because they have a variety of emotional problems, usually due to their complex nature. When dealing with them, you must understand their needs and be sensitive to them. Among their needs is a period of regular isolation from the world. Indeed, those born on this day must work in the world to which they belong to be effective. Therefore, they can only perform best when they stay away from offices and institutions and work in an environment that meets their own requirements. They often feel that a superior force is guiding and even directing them. Only in the process of obeying this superb power will they find themselves. This force can be social, religious, or global in nature, but the ultimate goal is to liberate them. Through this connection, they can temporarily escape from the world.

They can accomplish things that require a lot of energy, and once they’re working toward a lofty but practical goal, little can stop them. However, they are easily influenced by trivialities and trivial matters (for others) involving personal feelings.

They are sometimes insensitive to the feelings of others. No matter whether they really live in a very high spiritual world or a metaphysical cloud, people born on this day cannot get along with those worldly people who are busy with mundane affairs and care about everything.

However, it is very important to them that they are down-to-earth in the daily real world. Caring for the lives of those around them keeps them in touch with the outside world, which is also important to their humanity. Therefore, their friends, peers, and children will all play important roles in their lives. Life issues such as dealing with emotional problems, learning to trust, and loving people can only be achieved through interaction and contact with others. Explosive reactions alternating with coldness and alienation, a frenzy of depression, high-pitched laughter, and the silence that followed are all colors on the December 16th’s palette. People born on this day are most successful in expressing their lofty ideals and feelings through creation, hobbies, and social work. As a result, they are able to communicate with people through their common interests.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on December 16 are influenced by the number 7 (1+6=7) and watery Neptune. People affected by the number 7 are sometimes unable to pursue their ideals and easily lose touch with the real world. This is especially true for those born on December 16. Neptune is the planet that rules dreams, fantasies and religious sentiments. These things, along with Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) and influence, make those born on December 16 highly idealistic and interested in the mysteries of life and religion. The number 7 makes people born on this day have a tendency to spend extravagantly, which must be guarded against, lest family or company finances be affected.


People born on December 16 often complain of unspeakable ailments. But these ailments are actually intense psychosomatic disorders. They can have chronic problems with the digestive tract and internal organs, but may be treated with a healthy diet, especially fresh high-fiber vegetables and grains. They love sports and love nature, so walking, swimming and outdoor activities are all very suitable for them.


down to earth. Take care of your own health. Always take care of everyday things. Be sensitive to the feelings of others.


Beethoven (Ludwig Van Bee thoven) is a German music master, a great composer, pianist, and a model of romantic artists. He was deaf for a long time in his music career, and later overcame the obstacle of deafness and began to create heroic works of detachment, such as “Symphony of Heroes”.

American science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke is famous for his easy-to-understand scientific theories in his novels, such as “Childhood’s End” and so on. He is also a playwright, with “2001”.

Sir Noel Coward, an English playwright, is also an actor, director and composer.

Jane Austen is a British novelist. She uses her keen insight and observation to capture all kinds of details, so that the characters under the laughter have personal characteristics without losing their representativeness. Her works include “Pride and Prejudice”, “Pride and Prejudice” Rationality and Sensibility”, etc. Fang was 42 years old when he died.

Hungarian composer Zoltan Kodaly is a political leader and national musician. His well-known works include the suite “Haryanos” and the chorus “Hungarian Psalm”.

Norwegian-Swedish actress Liv Ullman (Liv Ullman), a stage, movie star, and writer, works “Choice”.


The 16th card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “The Tower”, in which the king falls from the tower struck by lightning, and the tower builder is killed by a blow to the head. The tower not only symbolizes the temporary nature of reality, but also represents the change of people’s occupations; and these changes are often sudden and rapid. The meaning of this card in all its aspects shows the acceptance of setbacks and the courage to overcome challenges; the negative interpretations are carried away, self-inflicted, and indulged in unreal imagination.

Inspirational quote

The storm of life will eventually subside.


Visionary, imaginative and directional.


Unrealistic, unapproachable, and troublesome.

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