December 17: the expressive person

December 17: the expressive person

House: Sagittarius 24°-26°

Constellation: Sagittarius 3, changing fire signs

Those born on December 17 are concerned with the structure of things beneath the surface. They are very worldly people who always consider the practical side of things. They are very interested in the substance, and dismiss the unreliable, whether superficial, fanciful, or fickle. People born on this day always want to know how things are going on around them, no matter when and where they are. In the same way, they judge people based on their behavior and results, and they never judge people and things based on “feelings” alone.

They usually limit their philosophical speculations to what they can see, touch, taste, smell, and feel. They are pragmatic, regardless of motive, only look at cause and effect. For them, anything that doesn’t exist has no meaning unless it is a goal to which physical energy, ideas, and creativity can be poured into. It is precisely because they are able to concentrate on what is in front of them that they are often able to accomplish a career without going astray.

If they have any social or interpersonal problems, it is often related to serious personality. When talking to people, they often think that other people’s ideas are nothing, and they always think that other people’s incisive arguments are just good words. The class, etiquette they hate, doesn’t improve their chances of promotion in social circles or the workplace. For most people born on this day, however, recognition of their achievements and their current social status is more than enough.

Of course, those born today must be careful not to get caught up in practical things. Too much emphasis on objective reality will make their imagination and fantasy become extraordinarily slow. They should cultivate refined hobbies and deeply appreciate art, especially the highly sensual and sensual arts such as painting, sculpture, and dance.

On a personal level, those born today will find it hard to resist people with civic and sensual personalities, and often want to be in touch with those people for as long as they can. If they do, they have to be careful, as there may be dangers of being old, interdependent, totally addicted to the relationship, etc.

In general, being too attached to ideas, individuals, structures, and organizations affects people born today, hindering their personal growth and development. This is especially true when environmental factors force them to act while they are still attached to ideas, individuals, structures, and organizations.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on December 17 will be influenced by the number 8 (1+7=8) and Saturn. The number 8 represents the conflict between the spiritual and material worlds, and those affected by this number will be lonely and indulgent. Saturn brings a strong sense of restraint and a tendency to criticize. For those born on December 17, it creates conflict because they are again influenced by Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) and tend to be optimistic and lenient. So if the energy of Saturn (contraction, inhibition) and the energy of Jupiter (expansion, infinity) are balanced, they can go a long way in the realm of physical effort.


People born on December 17 must have small cardiovascular, bone and muscle chronic diseases. Due to their WTO character, they like to eat, thus causing weight problems. In particular, they should eat less meat and fat, and consider limiting milk-based foods.

They are suitable for intense sports. If you are unable to engage in vigorous exercise due to chronic illness, you can try yoga or various calisthenics. They tend to indulge in the two major pleasures of bed – sex and sleep, thus affecting their mental capacity and initiative. They sometimes use these two major entertainments as excuses for failing in other areas.


Get up and play outside regularly. Develop your social life a little, orgasm and share your interests with others. Get people you trust into your world and build bridges that enrich your life.


Erskine Caldwell is an American novelist and author of Tobacco Road. He is also an arms smuggler, professional football player, worker, bodyguard, and cotton picker.

American chemist Willard F. Libby has created a new generation of research and development by developing a method for combining carbon elements. His radiocarbon measurements provided archaeologists, anthropologists and geoscientists with a valuable research tool, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Allan Cox, a traitorous geophysicist at the National Academy of Sciences.

William Safire is a reporter for American magazines, a columnist for The New York Times, and a writer, who served as special assistant to President Nixon of the United States.

British novelist Ford (Ford Madox Ford), the works of “The Good Soldier”, is also a history writer, the works of “The Fifth Queen”.

British rock singer Tommy Steele (Tommy Steele) is also a stage and movie star.


The 17th card of the Great Secret Tarot is “The Star”. The picture shows a naked girl pouring fresh pool water on the parched earth under the starry sky, and at the same time using another spoon to revive the stagnant water. . She represents the glory of life in the world, but also the enslavement of matter and senses. Therefore, the stars in the sky are always reminding her: don’t forget that there is a higher spiritual world.

Inspirational quote

When doing the dance of life, pay attention to your partner.


Reliable, stable and organized.


Secular, possessive, abrupt.

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