December 19: Drives the lively atmosphere

December 19 Drives the lively atmosphere

House: Sagittarius 26°-28°

Constellation: Sagittarius Capricornus, changing fire signs

People born on December 19 are bold and indomitable, always able to attract the attention of others. They like to be themselves, and if they wear masks to cater to the masses, it’s a lot harder; so they always have a “this is me, like it or not” attitude.

People born on this day are particularly good at solving difficulties, and it seems that they are destined to live hard, so life will not be too peaceful. Their lives are filled with a series of challenges, and they always give their best to overcome all odds and win one victory after another. It is not that they have not experienced defeat, but whenever they fall into the abyss of pain and almost have to give up, those born on this day will still resist and fight tirelessly, so the taste of victory is sweeter and more meaningful. Don’t think that they are born blind heroists, it should be said that people born on this day have more determination and perseverance than others.

Putting aside the many difficulties that fate has bestowed upon them, the greatest enemy of those born today is often themselves. Sometimes, they will become depressed because of a momentary frustration and have no intention of fighting again; sometimes they may be swept away by a sudden emotional storm. At first, they may just be uneasy, but later it may spread to others. In such a situation, it is really difficult to blame Sagittarius people born today, because they themselves have been trapped in the dark abyss of a strong force, unable to extricate themselves. A more sensitive outsider will feel sympathy when they see them like this, but if people born today are still passively self-deprecating, no amount of sympathy from others will be of any help. Enthusiastic, disorienting, and maddening, they can indeed be used to test the patience of ordinary people, but without them, life will be dull again.

In fact, many young people express themselves and are free and open-minded as their idols, but Sagittarius born on this day does not need to be responsible for these young people who imitate them, but when dealing with children, as a The idols of young people should have a little restraint on their impulsive behavior.

Basically, those born on December 19 enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, but never a soft, fake way of humor, and their sense of humor is often sarcastic and even includes some mocking adults. These Sagittarius people often appear in front of others with a rebellious expression and a more open attitude. In terms of work, they are more suitable for work with strong initiative, because this allows them to freely exert their strong abilities.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on December 19 are influenced by the number 1 and the sun. People influenced by the number 1 always like being number one, are ambitious, and don’t like being restricted. Because people born on this day happen to be at the intersection of Sagittarius and Capricornus, they are also influenced by Jupiter, who rules Sagittarius, and Saturn, who rules Capricornus. It is manifested in personality that is particularly focused, direct and strong attitude. Jupiter’s outgoing power and Saturn’s conscientious nature conflict with each other, making them both optimistic and repressed personalities ruled by the Sun, as well as extroverted but inward-looking.


People born on December 19 are more likely to suffer from mental problems because of their emotional ups and downs. To get rid of these pains, the most important thing is to deeply understand the root cause. Sometimes you can find the crux of the problem through counseling, but never use alcohol or tranquilizers to vent or stabilize your emotions. Intense exercise and a varied diet can keep your mood bright, while developing long-lasting friendships with empathetic, tolerant people provides a trusted support system. In addition, participating in more outside activities can also allow them to get out of their own small world and gain a balanced lifestyle to share with friends.


Take it easy. Don’t bet too much love on others, don’t always shrink in your own little world, and socialize more with others. Also, don’t forget to laugh a few times a day and put your unhappiness behind you.


Edith Piaf, a French singer, had a rough life. Born in a brothel, he was blinded by meningitis as a child, while his lover Marcel Sedan (a champion boxing fighter) was killed in a plane crash.

Japanese idol actor Sorimachi Takashi, masterpiece “GTO Spicy Teacher”.

French playwright and novelist Jean Genet, whose works include “Black” and “Dispute”, served in the French Foreign Legion when he was young and was sentenced for theft.

Cicely Tyson is an American film and television actress.

Henry Clay Frick, the American industrialist who was Carney’s steel pouring manager, led to a general strike for insisting on a tough, uncompromising approach to unions during his tenure. He is also a well-known art collector.

Conductor Fritz Reiner, conductor of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He conducted the American premiere of “The Journey of a Wanderer” and is famous for his interpretations of works by Richard Strauss, Wagner, and Bartok.


The 19th “Sun” of the Great Arcane Tarot is the best card of all. It symbolizes knowledge, vitality and luck, as well as being respected and rewarding. When the card is upright, it represents positive qualities such as clarity, interpersonal harmony, and a good reputation; the card is inverted, representing unfavorable negative qualities such as pride, conceit, and hypocrisy.

Inspirational quote

Difficulties are learning, obstacles are challenges, and the impossible is an invitation to progress.


Far-reaching, brave and persevering.


Distressed, unfathomable, depressed.

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