December 2: The Unexpected

December 2 The Unexpected

House: Sagittarius 9°-11°

Constellation: Sagittarius 1, changing fire signs

People born on December 2 have great spiritual strength. No matter how small their stature is, their influence on their surroundings is unexpected to a first-time acquaintance, especially when they are doing things, their brilliance will really shine. Their influence is so miraculous that sometimes those associated with them feel as if they have been blown with a big knife.

People born today have a broad vision, which has a good side and a bad side. On the bright side, they are sharp value judges who can make honest and upright judgments. But the bad side. They are easy to hold grudges, and they are deeply angry with irrelevant people. If people born on this day have poor self-cultivation, they will cause great harm to others and themselves by manipulating other people’s feelings and asking those around them to agree with them or be loyal to them. In general, however, they are generally quite confident that what they are doing is right. Even admitting mistakes will take a long time.

People born on December 2 not only display strong personalities themselves, but they also look up to the strong personalities in those they look up to. They are not docile lambs, but strong people can make them bow their heads, and if a certain proposition is exactly their ideal, they can also make them follow them faithfully. Basic human confidence in human beings is characteristic of those born today. Indeed, people’s feelings, actions, thoughts and feelings – from the most fundamental and rebellious to the purest and most desirable – fascinate them like a kaleidoscope. From another point of view, life is their God, but this kind of life can lead to too much stress due to excessive confidence and bravery. Often, if they are provoked, they will get up and face it, but they will not be too bold. Since they rarely let go, this “refusal to budge” can eventually add up to a frenzy.

Those born on December 2 tend to think that life is a battle and that they have to be victorious. However, what they strive for is not necessarily personal well-being, but sometimes some basic human values ​​in their minds. In addition to character and faith, they also value integrity. So if they find themselves behaving lowly and lowly, they will be remorseful. In their lives, “criminal” is often a major issue.

For those born on December 2, developing their own style, finding their own spiritual path and working to practice it, is their greatest challenge. Although he often deviates from this path, he always upholds an indomitable spirit and never gives up. The road to life is complicated and difficult. In such a life, learning to distinguish between true and false, false and truly meaningful, is often their number one priority.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on December 2 will be influenced by the number 2 and the moon. Under the influence of these two forces, people born on this day can often become good colleagues and partners, but not good leaders. In addition, the Moon can also have a braking effect on individual initiative and actions, thereby causing frustration, especially if they were previously dominated by domineering people; this is also due to the Moon’s severe introspection and passive substances And more serious. The element of the Moon, added to the character of Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius), is very capable of supporting the impulse to love and generosity. If it is the second child in the family, some people find it difficult to be an independent individual, because their minds have formed the concept of “attachment to a powerful brother and sister” very early on.


The health of those born on December 2 benefits their confidence in themselves. However, it is best to have an annual check-up performed by a trusted family physician. They can easily drag some of their body ailments (infections, various pains, headaches, stomachaches, etc.) for a long time without treatment. People born today have to be especially wary of lower extremity venous problems, especially those in the blood vessels and leg veins, which, if left unchecked, are likely to become veins when they are older. In addition, develop a lot of interest in cooking, improve appetite and diet. As for exercise, those born today can do moderate exercise. Sleep is especially important to their mental health, ideally 10 hours a night if necessary) because they need time to dream.


Pay attention to your temper. Winning is not everything, no matter what others say. Your true self will surely make you stop craving the admiration of others. Remove criticism and accusations from your character. To progress, we must first admit our shortcomings and mistakes.


Maria Callas, a Greek-American opera soprano, is world-famous for her affair with the Greek ship king Onassis.

Li Tianlu, a master of Taiwanese opera, participated in many movie performances in his later years. “Dream of Life” is a biographical film.

British star Cyril Ritchard is a stage, film and television star who played Captain Hawk in the original stage play “Peter Pan”.”

Charles Ringling, head of the American Circus, is a member of the “Rilling Brothers” and head of the “Barnum and Bailey Circus”.

Monica Seles, the Yugoslav-American women’s tennis world champion and the youngest “Grand Slam” winner of the 20th century, was stabbed on the court.

American stage, film and television actress Julie Harris (Julie Harris) has won several Tony Awards for Best Actress, including “I Am a Camera”, “Lark” and so on.

Georges Seurat, a French stippled impressionist country, died young at the age of 32. His main works include “Anière’s Bath” and “Sunday Afternoon on the Big Bowl Island”.


The second card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “The Priestess”. She sits on the throne and seems to be calm and unfathomable. She possesses a spirituality that allows hidden powers and secrets to emerge and in turn give people this knowledge. So when the card is upright, it shows serenity, intuition, subtlety, and caution. When the card is upside down, it means secrecy, suspicion, indifference and slowness.

Inspirational quote

The greatest things may be found in the humblest places.


Energetic, clear thinking and human.


Emotional, assertive, and playful.

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