December 22: Perseverance

December 22 Perseverance

House: 29 Sagittarius – 1 Capricorn

Constellation: Sagittarius Capricornus, the earth element of the standard

Those born on December 22 are quite good at remote planning, taking one step at a time, whether at home or at work. Often, they can accurately predict what they will do in the future based on past experience. But that doesn’t mean they’re immutable, rather, it means they’re very aware of what they’re trying to achieve at every stage of their life, and can then effectively plan their time, put their energy into it, and move step-by-step toward that goal.

Those born on December 22 desperately need security. So they move forward slowly, and only in very certain circumstances, and run their lives carefully. Because of this cautious nature, they rarely get into trouble for themselves. However, it is inevitable to encounter one or two difficulties in life, and when they encounter them, the blow will be particularly heavy. However, they only need to spend some time licking their wounds before they can fully recover and continue sprinting forward like a slow snail. Those born on December 22, if ambitious (and usually not), their ascent is often hard and slow because they are unwilling to take risks or compromise easily. For their attitude towards life, they are like a craftsman, enjoying the process of work far more than the results obtained.

Those born on December 22 are very patient, the more time passes, the more obvious it becomes. However, they are often troubled by the little things in their daily lives, get anxious, and complain about the current situation. Fortunately, their emotions come and go quickly. Just let them vent their dissatisfaction and they will calm down. Rarely does a malicious reaction occur. However, when they set the rules, they hope that others will strictly abide by them, especially when it comes to the upbringing of children. Therefore, people born on December 22 should be careful not to appear too authoritarian in their upbringing, so as not to cause dissatisfaction or even backlash from their families.

Generally speaking, people born on December 22 are very serious and reserved. However, when they show a sense of humor, people around them find them charismatic. In fact, people born on this day like the feeling of getting together with a group of friends or family. But they are naturally lonely, so they need a lot of time alone. In social situations, they are not very able to relax themselves, and sometimes, they even choose to avoid them and do not want to be noticed by others. Their sense of humor has a sharp, sarcastic flavor, so care must be taken not to let the humor turn into snarky sarcasm or embarrassing criticism. For those born on December 22, it is important to strike a balance between fun and seriousness, sociality and solitude. If possible, they should find a suitable way to express their inner deep, different thoughts and feelings.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

People born on December 22 are influenced by the number 4 (2+2=4) and Uranus. Both are very explosive and extremely unstable. Combined with the influence of both Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) and Saturn (ruler of Capricornus), there is a tendency to be restrained, reserved and explosive. People affected by the number 4 are very confident and have their own set of principles for their actions and opinions. Therefore, they sometimes encounter opposition from others because of their different views from others, and build up many enemies. Since 22 is made up of two 2s, people born on this day may pair things up, like twins, coincidental events, corresponding shadows, or a situation of left and right balance.


People born on December 22 may have problems because they think too much and their feelings are too complicated. These problems that were originally hidden in the heart may finally show up in the body. Especially the aging of bone tissue and circulatory system in old age. Therefore, some exercises that emphasize body flexibility should continue into middle age, especially yoga, aerobics, tai chi, or controlled competitive activities. Most importantly, replace strict eating habits with new, exciting foods. As for their strong self-control feelings, they can be expected to be vented and relieved in normal sex life.


Try to soften the side that might feel threatening. Learn to open up and accept others. Don’t complain. Sometimes doing seemingly silly things can be helpful and a lot more fun at the same time. In addition, remember to have more contact with people.


Puccini (Giacomo Puccini) Italian opera writer, he is the most outstanding Italian opera composer after Verdi in the 19th and 20th centuries. His works include “Princess Turandot”, “Madame Butterfly” and “The Bohemian” “Wait.

Taiwanese singer-songwriter Zhou Huajian, who became famous for “The Direction of the Heart”, is widely loved by Chinese for his cordial and hearty singing, and is known as the “King of National Songs”. The latest masterpiece “People with Stories”.

American pop singer Maurice Gibb, who is also a composer, is a member of the Bee Gees Choir.

Steve Carlton, a pitcher for the American Phillies baseball team, has won four Cy Young Awards (the most honorable pitcher), won more than 20 games in five seasons, and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The Italian sculptor, Giacomo Manzu, whose bronze figures are sensual and powerful, although mostly religious themes, still caused a trend in the era when secular and abstract art was in command.

Edwin Arlington Robinson is an American poet who has won the Pulitzer Prize twice. He took the lead in using modern discourse style in his works, and created a new psychological analysis and rhetorical atmosphere in poetry.


The 22nd card of the Great Arcane Tarot is “The Fool”. The pattern is of a man standing happily on the edge of a cliff. Some explanations are that he is very stupid and cares about the ability to manage sexual judgment; others point out that he is extremely spiritual and does not care about reality. In general, it is acting on intuition, without the ability to refuse and resist; at the same time, it represents stupidity, generality and nothingness. However, the more mature among them will learn from the experience of life and become their ideal person.

Inspirational quote

Language may be as beautiful as music; but silence is more magical.


Enthusiastic, directional and full of energy.


Domineering, unresponsive to others’ emotions, overconfident.

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