December 23: the earth is shocking

December 23: the earth is shocking

House position: Capricornus 0°-2°

Constellation: Sagittarius Capricornus, the earth sign of the standard

The greatest happiness for those born on December 23 comes from breaking through the bottleneck. They are often actively working towards the realization of an ideal or dream. But this does not mean that they are particularly radical or revolutionary, in fact, they are careful and cautious. Generally speaking, people born on this day have fixed and firm beliefs and values, must plan carefully before taking any action, and maintain close relationships with their family members or social groups to which they belong. Therefore, they often work for these closely related groups. Due to their sensitivity, they can intuitively decide the most suitable way of doing things. In this regard, it can even be said that people born on this day have the ability to predict and see the needs of the future, so they can prepare in advance for this.

People born on December 23 refuse to be ignored by others, and they will respond to others’ neglect as a personal challenge. For them, struggle is a natural part of life, so they don’t flinch under pressure. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t doubt themselves, just that this feeling motivates them to make more improvements and take them to the next level. In fact, people born on this day are often dissatisfied with the status quo, and this dissatisfaction makes them more actively pursuing the realization of their dreams, rather than just daydreaming.

People born on December 23 are very practical and down-to-earth, but a little stubborn, so it is sometimes difficult to get along. They don’t like their authority being challenged, and they don’t like ideas that are too advanced (unless it’s their own). Therefore, it is very important for those born on December 23 that when they gain power or influence, they remain open to criticism and suggestions, and to be able to discern which ones are constructive. Sexual opinions, not to be confused with those who are blindly critical.

For those born on this day, the ability to be kind, especially emotionally, is not the most important condition of personal ability and worth. Although they show a friendly or casual attitude, which makes people feel warm, but generally speaking, people born on this day seem to be cold and distant. Men born on December 23 should be careful not to appear too chauvinistic; women should not appear too authoritarian. In their later years, they must learn the spirit of renunciation, so that young people have the space for their own development. Plus, because they like to be out of school for active roles, retirement is difficult for them.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on December 23 are influenced by the number 5 (2+3=5) and Mercury. Mercury represents rapid reaction and change of mind. Therefore, people born on December 23 often have excessive mental reactions, and from time to time, they will change their thinking and surrounding environment that may have been quite regular and consistent. However, this fickle quality is tempered by the influence of Saturn, the ruler of Capricornus. Generally, people affected by the number 5 are not disturbed for long by anything that happens in their life, and their resilience is fairly good. On the other hand, the number 23 is usually strongly associated with the occurrence of events, so those born on December 23 may pursue some interesting but dangerous experiences.


People born on December 23 should pay special attention to their bodies, especially as they get older. They are likely to be injured by overuse of their muscles or by putting too much stress on the bones (especially the back). Pay special attention to your teeth when you are young, otherwise dental problems will occur in your 30s and 40s. Generally speaking, they will have fixed eating habits before middle age, but sometimes they should be careful not to be too persistent. It is best to adjust in the right direction, reduce the absorption of fat and increase the intake of fresh food, in order to maintain health and longevity . It is recommended that they take moderate exercise. Although group activities may be helpful for socializing, it is best not to engage in activities that are too competitive.


The pattern of life should be big, don’t think about small things, but be confused in things. If you plan too much for the future, you can make things unnatural. Try to learn to be more accepting of other people’s perspectives.


Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism, preached by epiphany, and author of The Book of Mormon. In the end, he and his brother were shot to death by thugs. He had 50 wives before his death.

The American archaeologist, Jean-Francois Champollion, was the first expert in ancient Egypt to successfully decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Connie Mack, the owner of the American Phillies baseball team, served as the baseball director for 49 years, won 5 World Series championships, 9 American League championships, and holds the winning record.

Robert Bly is an American poet who advocated male awareness of masculinity in the 1980s, famous for his “Iron John”.

American jazz trumpeter and singer Chet Baker, whose life story later became the subject of the film Let’s Go.

Italian director Dino Risi, who directed “A Hard Life”, is also a critic and psychiatrist.


The fifth card of the Great Secret Tarot is “The Pope”, who is the interpreter of sacred and mysterious things, symbolizing human cognition and belief. The knowledge of the Pope is full of mysteries, and even abstract things are governed by it. Upright is a sign of confidence, no doubt, and correct understanding of things; upside-down is preaching, high-pitched, and assertive.

Inspirational quote

Sometimes being ignored by others is also a blessing.


Funny, versatile and caring.


Overly involved, voyeuristic.

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