December 24: Emotional complex

December 24 Emotional complex

House: Capricornus 1°-3°

Constellation: Sagittarius Capricornus, the earth element of the standard

It is difficult for people born on December 24 to have an easy life. They usually feel more deeply than others about happiness, sadness, feedback, and disappointment. It may make others feel that they are putting themselves in this unnecessary stress and turmoil. Emotionally (especially women born on this day), they pay a lot and have high requirements, which makes the already very complicated life style even more disturbing.

Although people born on December 24th rarely have a smooth life, they can still live with their heads held high and achieve some great things. They are very good at organizing their lives and putting things in order. However, at work, emotional entanglement often occurs, which also causes some problems between them and their supervisors or colleagues. However, in general, they get along well with others, and they can even win the respect of others. Despite this, they cannot avoid secret hostility with others, and sometimes encounter stubborn enemies. What others don’t like about them is that when they are unhappy with a situation or product, their criticism is usually direct and sometimes lacking in diplomacy and skill. For those born on this day, the key to improving themselves is whether they can understand the patterns of their lives, study them carefully, and not repeat futile things. This will make life better and avoid the mess they hate the most.

People born on December 24 are often inspired and intuitive, they can foresee and even react in advance to things that others have not yet felt, which sometimes creates problems for them. Therefore, people born on this day must cultivate patience and do not lose patience with others quickly. They are very attractive to others, especially the opposite sex, but usually meet inhumans, so they cannot develop constructively in long-term relationships. That’s why people born on December 24th have a lot of trouble trying to get out of this wrong relationship.

People born on December 24 often excel in certain technical or special fields. If they are able to handle their anxieties and low ebbs tactfully while working hard, keep their emotions from affecting their work, and maintain their confidence and inspiration, they will usually excel in the field of work. On the contrary, if you cannot maintain objectivity, you may go up and down for many years and achieve nothing. Since they do not know how to defend themselves, they should also pay attention to whether they have independent autonomy when performing their responsibilities.

Those born on December 24 must learn to deal with negative emotions and environmental factors that can depress them. If you don’t develop a more optimistic attitude towards life, you will make yourself unhappy just by expecting unhappy things to happen. On the other hand, they can maintain a practical but open attitude, accept the possibilities in life, and take it easy no matter what they give or give, which can make life less difficult and more enjoyable.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

People born on December 24 are influenced by the number 6 (2+4=6) and Venus. The attractiveness of people influenced by the number 6 is always surrounded by love and admiration. And because Venus is strongly associated with social interaction, those born on December 24 are often invested in the pursuit of pleasure, and if not for Saturn (the ruler of Capricornus), they may be willfully drifting along. The interaction of Venus and Saturn makes them have difficult relationships. For those affected by the number 6, love is the main theme in their lives.


Those born on December 24 should be very careful not to attract a lot of energies that can have adverse effects. At this point, they have a tendency to self-destruct. Psychologically, unstable emotions can create states of anxiety, hopelessness, and arousal. Therefore, it is very important for them to build self-confidence, resist negative energies, and fight unconstructive criticism. Regular psychological counseling is quite helpful for them. People born on December 24, be careful not to develop the habit of relying on drugs to control your emotions. Intense exercise and good eating habits are quite useful for stabilizing their emotions. Dancing is also good for them, especially social dancing. People born on this day should try to be more relaxed in their diet, and can try various types of food in many ways.


Learn from the experience of being hurt and don’t repeat the same mistakes. You are not a football to be kicked, believe in yourself, and let your talents and abilities be recognized by others. Special care must be taken with addictive drugs.


Leadbelly, an American blues singer who was once a murderer, was pardoned for composing and singing blues songs for the governor of Texas.

Zhang Yi, originally a Taiwanese director, is well-known for “Sister Yuqing” and “I Live This Way”. After quitting the film industry, he devoted himself to the creation of glass crafts, and is now one of the leaders of “Liu Li Gongfang”.

New York choreographer Robert Joffrey, who won the American Dance Master of the Year Award, founded a ballet company and a dance school.

American industrialist Howard R. Hughes (Howard R.Hughes), lonely billionaire, is also an aviator, film producer.

Ava Gardner is a famous American movie actress.

Michael Curtiz, the famous American director, has directed more than 150 films and is known as the “Head of Directors”. He is a prolific director with a good record of sales. film”.


The sixth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “Lovers”, which symbolizes the “love” that unites all human beings through the union of the two sexes. In the positive sense, when the card is upright, it represents moral, aesthetic, and physical higher-level feelings and desires; the inverted card represents desire, dissatisfaction, sentimentality, and indecision.

Inspirational quote

Is the dog wagging its tail, or is the tail wagging the dog?


Positive, candid and affectionate.


Vague, deflated, and unrealistic.

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