December 25: Mysterious Prophet

December 25 Mysterious Prophet

House: Capricornus 2°-4°

Constellation: Sagittarius Capricornus, the earth sign of the standard

Those born on December 25 like to experience the first and most unusual experiences in their lives. Usually they are most impressed by the things that can free the people around them from worldly concepts. They sometimes use music, dance and other arts to start work, and sometimes rely on religious experience to achieve higher-level pursuits, and they can even surpass themselves with the help of their fast-paced imagination. However, some people born on December 25 may negatively seek ways, such as stimulants or sensory stimulation, to escape from everyday life or personal problems.

For many born on December 25, the greatest experience is actual action and achievement, not fancy ideas or imagination. After all, the realization of an idea has an irresistible charm, so people born on December 25 almost always push their abilities and talents to the limit. Even the most mundane of them have this tendency to invest more than others in their careers, hobbies, or interests. Generally speaking, they value personal or social transcendence far more than wealth or power.

For those born on December 25, whatever the ultimate goal, they are adventurers. If you are a businessman, you will never wait for a harvest after investing your money; if you are an artist or a craftsman, you are rarely satisfied with your own work; in terms of family relations, in addition to caring about daily life, they are also concerned about family members’ well-being. Ideal goals require more effort. However, people born on this day should avoid doing things beyond their ability, lest they cause problems in the lives that depend on them, or they will automatically fall into self-destructive impulses.

Because people born on December 25 are always focused on rushing forward and constantly surpassing, they may ignore what is going on in front of them and around them. So you should learn to enjoy the present, relax a little, and enjoy your achievements sometimes. If they have a friend, or a lover, who can bring a light side to them and help them take their life less seriously, then they are quite lucky. In fact, to learn to accept the status quo, one must also learn to accept the fact that not all are perfect, either themselves or others. Because the high-level experiences pursued by those born on December 25 will be meaningful and their achievements will last long only if they are based on the real world.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on December 25 are influenced by the number 7 (2+5=7) and Neptune. Neptune holds the realm of mystery and religion. At the same time, because Neptune is a water sign, it also holds illusions, dreams and supernatural phenomena. Therefore, those born on December 25 are volatile. Due to the interaction of Neptune and Saturn (the ruling planet of Capricornus), although they have the ability of self-control, they also have material wealth. However, there is also the potential for disorientation, unrealistic side effects, and even physical illness. This is because Saturn and Neptune are two conflicting energies, with Saturn in charge of reality, responsibility, and maturity; Neptune, in charge of illusions, ideas beyond reality, and unbridled freedom.


Those born on December 25 should be careful of addictive things, especially coffee, amphetamines, alcohol, etc. People born on this day usually like spicy food, such as spicy, salty, sweet or chocolate. These foods can boost their appetite, or feel their presence, or even make them feel how wonderful life is. But in the long run, people born on this day should increase the intake of fresh food and vegetables, preferably more grains, low-fat food, and moderately supplemented with meat and fish. People born on December 25 are best suited for intensive, intense, competitive or group sports. If possible, they should maintain regular exercise habits instead of fishing for three days and drying nets for two days.


While it should be practical, don’t lose the spirit of adventure. Work hard to combat the ill effects of disillusionment. While it is necessary to actively strive for what life needs, it is sometimes necessary to moderate compromises in order to make life easier for yourself and others. Remember to take it easy.


Clara Barton, a Civil War nurse, humanitarian and founder of the American Red Cross, died at 91.

German physicist Ernst Ruska, the inventor of the electron microscope, won the Nobel Prize.

Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, during his reign, tried his best to negotiate with Israel and won the Nobel Peace Prize for signing the peace agreement, but he was assassinated in the end. During his lifetime, he vigorously urged the Israeli government to grant autonomy to Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Rod Serling, a well-known American playwright, has won the Emmy Award for Best Screenplay 6 times, and hosts programs such as “Sometimes” and “Night Gallery”. He served as a paratrooper during World War II.

Annie Lennox, the famous American rock musician, is the lead singer of the Worry Band.

Conrad Nicholson Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels in the United States, is a billionaire. He has built a huge hotel chain kingdom, and his career covers the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


The seventh card of the Great Secret Tarot is “chariot”. The winner on the card shows his great achievements in the world with a powerful gesture. This card can be interpreted as: No matter how difficult the right path is, you have to keep going. Upside-down cards represent success, talent, and efficiency; upside-down cards suggest an authoritarian attitude and poor sense of direction.

Inspirational quote

Money paid for the start of work as a gift is a gift, but if the other party repays it later, it becomes a loan.


Energetic, loyal and independent.


Likes to criticize, unresponsive, self-destructive.

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