December 26: Unconstrained

December 26 Unconstrained

House: Capricornus 3°-5°

Constellation: Capricorn One, the earth sign of the standard

Those born on December 26 refuse to be defeated. They have a head-starting trait, especially in the teenage years. Because they like to live on the fringes or oppose the traditional standards of their time, they are often seen as troublemakers, and they tend to give rise to malicious and bad impressions of them. However, as they get older, their appearance becomes more conservative and stable. However, if they have not been satisfied in society all the time, there may not be such a transformation. Among the more intelligent people born today, they will gradually correct their investment in power, become more open, and more accepting of others.

Those born on December 26 are natural challengers. For the truth or falsehood of any one thing, we must carefully examine it, and never deliberately pretend that there is nothing wrong or pretend that there is no problem for personal convenience. They are very brave and dare to face conflicts that others would avoid. Whether in the family, in society, or in the workplace, they are usually outspoken people and have little patience for flattery and deceit. They usually focus on the daily chores of the moment, rather than the pursuit of the surreal, so they can be said to be real pragmatists.

For those born on December 26, the greatest danger is that they may become too ruthless. Like a stone, the result of resisting wind and rain year after year is a loss of sensitivity, a lack of enthusiasm, either in personal life or emotionally. So, in order to avoid this from happening, they must deliberately express their more human side, make some effort to admit their mistakes, or accept a different point of view, and even sometimes admit their own failures. Especially when you are in your 30s and approaching 40s, you must pay special attention to keeping an open attitude, not only to be able to accept new experiences, but also to pursue higher-level inspiration.

Those born on December 26 are usually not in a hurry to get things done. They are slow and careful about any small task, and are not very good at doing things beyond their ability. They are able to focus all their energy on one thing and display an amazing ability that is not easy to knock down. However, this kind of personality makes them have some tension and difficulties in their love relationship, because they must be the protagonists, fighting to control the results of others, which will eventually lead to frustration and separation of both parties. So they should learn to be more gentle, considerate, and be able to love without asking for anything, which is a big challenge for them.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

People born on December 26 are influenced by the number 8 (2+6=8) and Saturn. Saturn carries a strong sense of responsibility, caution, self-limitation and destiny. This conservative and fatalistic tendency is even more evident in those born on December 26, because Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricornus. People with the number 8 are careful about dealing with major losses and careers. Although they may actually be warm people, the influence of Saturn makes them appear cold and distant in appearance.


People born on December 26 may have digestive and excretion problems. If they find that their metabolism is much slower than normal, they may need to seek advice from a physician or increase their intake of healthy nutrients. In general, increasing fiber, root-like foods, and avoiding delicate, candy-like foods can help your health. Regular dental checkups are also necessary to avoid dental problems or calcium deficiency. If calcium deficiency occurs, you can also take vitamins to supplement it. Women should see a doctor after menopause to avoid bone-piercing osteoporosis, and must follow the doctor’s instructions. Men may have prostate problems and it is best to see a urologist. In terms of exercise, if a healthy person does exercise three times a week, it is enough, especially to do more exercise to increase the elasticity of the bones, because the older the person of this zodiac sign, the stiffer the bones.


Be open and resilient, don’t be afraid to admit mistakes, and don’t demand absolute obedience to avoid resentment from others. Always remember that you have family and colleagues by your side, and don’t let your heart harden.


Mao Zedong, one of the founders of the Chinese Communist Party, was a revolutionary and poet.

Hong Kong actress Lin Dai, who won the Best Actress Award at the 4th Asian Film Festival for her film “No Love”, committed suicide when her career reached its peak.

Famous American baseball catcher Carlton Fisk, who served as a baseball catcher for the Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox. He is the record holder for the most home runs after a catch and the record holder for the most games played by a catcher in American professional baseball for 23 seasons.

Henry Miller is an American author in exile, best known for his controversial autobiographical novel, Tropic of Cancer, which was banned when it was published because of its obscene content.

American actor Steve Allen (Steve Allen) is a multi-talented entertainer who not only performs on TV and movies, but also hosts comedy shows. In addition, he is also a writer, pianist, composer, etc., and has composed more than 4,000 pieces of music. .

The 18th-century British poet Thomas Gray, whose “Elegy to the Cemetery” is one of the most popular poems in the history of English literature, vividly reflects the social conditions at that time.


The 8th card of the Great Ritual Tarot card represents “power”, and the picture shows a graceful queen taming an angry lion. The queen symbolizes the female magician who can harness uncontrollable energies and represents moral and physical superiority. When the card is upright, it represents personal charm and the determination to pursue success; when the card is inverted, it is complacency and abuse of power.

Inspirational quote

The toughest trees are usually the first to fall when the wind blows.


Intuitive, self-sufficient and responsible.


Negative, insecure, easily depressed.

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