December 27: Wisdom and dedication

December 27 Wisdom and dedication

House: Capricornus 4°-6°

Constellation: Capricorn One, the earth element of the standard

Those born on December 27 are, at a high level, service-oriented. That is, they care deeply about the needs of family, friends, and the general public. And they often have the ability to use the wisdom support to achieve their ambitions. Although a bit idealistic, it is possible to adjust the approach and make practical contributions in real life.

People born on this day like an intelligent sense of humor, and generally speaking, they are kind-hearted people. But there are still some deficiencies in the revision, which only a few people close to them will know. They are very sensitive, so most of them will react strongly to insults or rejections by others, but they will suffer silently and hide their frustration and hostility towards others in their hearts. People born on this day should really learn to express themselves more, and when necessary, they can have more reactions and impulses.

People born on December 27 are usually absolutely private and public. In fact, this is also a very healthy practice. It’s strange how they can leave work behind and become another after they get home from work. Even those who run studios from home are the same. Because people born on this day cherish their family life and are usually not the type to ignore family.

The biggest problem faced by those born on December 27 is the tendency to self-sacrifice. They can sacrifice themselves for the wrong reasons, but there is no way they can stand up for their own rights. The wiser of them end up setting limits to protect themselves, recognizing not to let regrets take over. As for those who are less intelligent, they can only blame themselves, all day long in a low ebb, especially because of the lack of self-esteem. Basically, people born today will think that their sacrifice is a noble moral, so they are quite proud, so when they have doubts and guilt in their hearts, they naturally deal an unparalleled blow to themselves. So, they should learn how to deal with negative thoughts both inside and outside, which is very important in both personality and spiritual development.

Because people born on this day are usually considered by others to be generous and not selfish at all, they sometimes make others feel disappointed when they choose their own path. However, one should still insist on having independent ideas. If that’s what they had in mind, they might as well speak up and be honest about their differences.

Faith is an important element of life for those born on December 27. They often need a religion, or a spiritual strength, to make their lives more meaningful. This kind of belief, whether it is a sublime divine power or a person, can make them feel more accepting of others. In addition to this, they should also learn to strike a balance in character, being amiable but not allowing themselves to be bullied or taken advantage of.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

People born on December 27 are influenced by the number 9 (2+7=9) and Mars. The number 9 has a great influence on other numbers (after adding 9 to any number, it will return to the original number, such as 5+9=14, 4+1=5, and multiplying any number by 9 will return 9, such as 9* 5 = 45, 4 + 5 = 9), and those born on December 27 are equally influential. Mars is powerful and very positive. However, because people born on December 27 are sometimes repressed and lifeless, they must learn to use the energy brought by Mars to a positive direction. In general, the interaction of Mars and Saturn (the ruler of Capricornus) represents a tendency to be too withdrawn and moderate.


People born on December 27 are prone to excessive self-sacrifice, and their disposition to compete with others can easily lead to low tides and frustration, which can lead to emotional problems. Often burying anger in their hearts makes them lose their ego will. Therefore, any activity that allows them to use their energy, such as exercise, an active and varied diet, regular sex with a partner, etc., can help them have a healthy mind. People born on December 27 should pay special attention to their diet, so as not to cause problems with arteries or blood clots. It is recommended that the diet be as low in fat, iodine, cholesterol, and sugar as possible, plus a fixed amount of fresh fruit and lightly cooked vegetables. . In addition, long-term desk work can have adverse effects on their health, especially if they don’t get enough exercise.


Brave low emotions. Stay cheerful and energetic. Don’t let anyone take away your resilience and optimism, and cherish good thoughts and feelings. Keep giving, but know how to ask for something in return. Recognize your own worth.


Marlene Dietrich, a German-American film actress, became the dream lover of American soldiers during World War II, which led to her films being banned in Germany.

Xu Ligong, a Taiwanese film producer, was the first director of the Film Library and the production department manager of the Central Film Company.

Italian Renaissance composer Giovanni Palestrina is good at Mass music, sacred music and lyrical ditties. His works include Pope Marcelli’s Mass and Madonna’s Lamentation.

William H. Masters is an American sex therapist who has done a lot of research with Virginia E. Johnson and is the author of “The Inadequacy of Humanity.”

Gerard Depardieu is a French film actor who starred in “The Big Nose Lover” and other business cards, and was awarded the Knight Medal for his outstanding performance in the showbiz.

Sidney Greenstreet (Sidney Greenstreet) is an American film actor who played the role of Jat in the film “The Maltese Eagle.”


The ninth card of the Great Secret Tarot is “The Hermit”. He is carrying a lamp and leaning on a cane, which represents meditation, isolation and silence, and symbolizes the crystallization of wisdom and absolute discipline. A hermit is a stern teacher who uses his conscience to lead people on the right path. Upside-down cards represent persistence, purpose, deepness, and focus; upside-down cards represent arbitrary, unforgiving, suspicious, and discouraged.

Inspirational quote

Laughter itself may be meaningless, but its impact on the mind is profound and lasting.


Independent, practical, committed.


High forgetfulness, ignoring oneself, difficult to get along with.

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