December 29: Surpass yourself

December 29: Surpass yourself

House: Capricornus 6 degrees – 9 degrees

Constellation: Capricorn one, the earth element of the standard

Those born on December 29 are destined to play the role of leaders. While they may not want to be bosses, fate always places them in a position where they must be held accountable. Therefore, people born on this day are suitable for leading roles and can stay in the position of an executive, year after year, as stable as Mount Tai. But people who are not suitable may one day find that such a throne is not fun, and fall from a high position.

People born today are usually not very ambitious, however, they will always be in the right place at the right time. Usually, all they can choose is whether or not they should accept the opportunity provided by the god of fate. Therefore, in order to make an appropriate choice, those born on December 29 should really spend more time getting to know themselves and make a practical assessment of their talents and abilities.

Some of them may find themselves more suited to the role of facilitator and to maintain a close relationship with the center of power. They can integrate into work and social activities without a problem and behave absolutely in line with social standards. However, they must develop their own sensitivity and democratic attitude, as these qualities are usually not something they are born with. In addition to this, people born on December 29 should pay special attention, others may suspect that they have done something wrong, but in fact they have not done it at all. At this point, if you are too careless or too arrogant, you can easily get yourself hurt. Therefore, people born on this day must determine their motives before acting, and do not let personal reasons mislead their actions.

Those born on December 29 also have a sense of humour, but usually others don’t notice or appreciate it. In the impression of others, they may seem serious, but in fact, they are sarcastic. If they want to express their communication talents, it is invincible. Their audience includes family members, friends, and even other strangers. It may be their appearance, or it may be their voice that attracts others’ attention. For many people born on this day, the restrained but obvious positivity makes others have to pay attention to their existence and at the same time be in awe.

For those born on this day, it is the biggest challenge for them to fulfill their responsibilities in their important positions at home, in social circles, or at work. However, they must avoid rigidizing their roles. Don’t always deal with a fixed behavior pattern or style. Instead, accept all possibilities, including that one day they may want to throw away all responsibility, preferably not in a malicious or guilty situation.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

People born on December 29 are affected by 2 (2+9=11, 1+1=2) and the moon. People with a number attribute of 2 are generally good work partners, not the best leaders. So, they may feel pressured if they are in a position of authority. Although, the influence of the moon strengthens their ability and team spirit to work with others, it may also block individual inspiration and behavior. The number 11 (2+9=11) makes them feel a sense of the real world, and may be interested in simultaneous or repeated phenomena. In addition, the strong connection between the Moon and Saturn (the ruler of Capricornus) brings stability, but sometimes the response is slow and self-pity.


Those born on December 29 are prone to regret and take failure to heart. Therefore, they avoid taking comfort in alcohol or other addictive drugs. People born on this day may easily age, or cause diseases of internal organs and circulatory and skeletal systems due to long-term spiritual goodness. When these symptoms appear, they should seek a reliable good physician, with natural or psychotherapy. In terms of diet, generally speaking, food is good as long as it stimulates their willpower to win. But they can learn to cook different kinds and flavors of food, which can give them an incredible sense of life. In terms of exercise, vigorous exercise once or twice a week is a must.


Have the courage to be a leader, but you must also learn to compromise and admit your mistakes. When you need to give up, learn to walk away and start over. When the opportunity arises, do your best and realize your potential.


Pablo Casals is a Spanish cellist master, also a well-known conductor, composer and pianist, and author of the magical drama “The Manger”.

He Zhenliang, president of the Chinese Continental Sports Association.

The Japanese idol actor has increased his power for a week, and his masterpiece “Disqualification in the World”.

Marianne Faithful is an American country singer who is good at composing songs. She was once addicted to heroin, but she overcame her drug addiction and successfully led the post-punk trend on the music scene.

American actor Ted Danson (Ted Danson), he is a stage, film, television amphibious star, famous as “Happy Hotel”, he is also the producer of the show.

French poet Charles Guerin, best known for his work “The Man Who Sows Ashes”.


The second card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “The Priestess”. She sits on the throne and seems to be calm and unfathomable. She possesses a spirituality that allows hidden powers and secrets to emerge and in turn give people this knowledge. So when the card is upright it shows the root table, intuition, subtlety, and prudence. When the card is upside down, it means secrecy, suspicion, indifference and slowness.

Inspirational quote

Leaders are the ones who are at the forefront.


Idealistic, willing to communicate, loyal.


Stubbornness, lack of ambition, alienation.

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