December 30: Decisive and authoritative

December 30: Decisive and authoritative

House: Capricorn 7°-9°

Constellation: Capricorn One, the earth sign of the standard

Those born on December 30 can make their point very clear in very short words. They will usually follow established traditional methods. At the same time, people born on this day are also valuable talents for running a business or organization, and do not like inefficiency and any wasteful actions. At the same time, they can quickly find patterns of organizational actions, or where errors are in the working system, and can eliminate or at least reduce errors.

This does not mean that people born on December 30 are easily nervous and not easily relaxed. On the contrary, there are very few people who can enjoy a good dinner or a great evening with friends like them. That’s because they put a lot of effort into work, so when they get home, they can totally relax. People born on this day are usually very generous and have to be careful not to provoke them or oppose their controlling power. This is indeed the case. Most people born today want to be bosses and leaders, and there is no room for negotiation. Therefore, they must be careful not to show an attitude of “I know everything”, and also avoid being arbitrary because of sticking to some principles, which may eventually lead to opposition from others.

So, it is not surprising at all when people born on this day clash with their superiors. It’s not that they are inherently rebellious, but that when they see the incompetence or inefficiency of the person in charge, they start to think that it would be better if they did it themselves. In other words, their ideas were constructive, but not for self-gratification. For them, the most important thing is not power or dominance, but how to disrupt things best.

Those born on December 30 hate chaos and disorder. Therefore, they will adopt a relatively simple lifestyle, or at least keep their belongings separate, or close the door and not mix with others. to reduce confusion. Others may think they are financially poor because of this, but in fact most of the situation is caused by this. People born on this day are very good at spending money when they need or want something, even if their savings have reached the bottom line. However, natural frugality often allows them to make good deals without wasting large sums of money.

Frustration and worry can keep someone born on December 30 up at night. For someone like them who is often very quiet, being in a depressed situation for a long time is very bad. Therefore, it is best for them to solve problems immediately when they encounter them. Unfortunately for them, however, they become extremely agitated when faced with problems caused by the stupidity and carelessness of others. In order not to waste their precious energy, they should learn to accept the fact that they cannot change, and learn to control and direct their thinking to some more constructive things.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on December 30 are influenced by the number 3 (3+0=3) and Jupiter. Number 3s can climb to the top positions in their field of expertise. With Saturn ruling Capricornus, those born on December 30 are often serious, cautious, and patient as they move toward their goals. However, Jupiter’s influence may cause them to expand faster than expected, causing setbacks instead. And because of the influence of the number 3, they have independent personalities. So, for those born on December 30, the best-performing job is in a position that gives them autonomy and little outside interference.


Those born on December 30 should keep a positive attitude and don’t let themselves fall into self-pity or low tide. Although they are sometimes self-employed who lack exercise, they should try to maintain regular exercise habits in their daily lives. At the same time, you should also carry out regular health checks, and do not deliberately ignore the small signs on your body, thinking that these problems will disappear automatically. Those born on December 30 must be careful of the fickle side of their nature, as this may cause disgust in others, which can negatively affect their minds, make them feel unwelcome, and affect their physical health. In particular, it can cause bone or muscle stiffness, headaches, and other side effects that come with stress.


React faster to things and take the time to explain yourself. Beware of being disgusted by others for sticking to strict rules or beliefs. Try to put the past behind you and learn to forgive. Open yourself up to others and you can reduce problems.


Rudyard Kipling is an English poet who is also an accomplished journalist and novelist, author of the best-selling children’s book “The Jungle Tale” and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Taiwanese comedian Li Guoxiu has become popular in small dramas in recent years by setting up a “screen performance class” and choreographing and directing many stage plays such as “Samlet”.

Canadian track and field player Ben Johnson (Ben Johnson) once won a gold medal in the Olympic sprint competition and set a world sprint record, but both his gold medal and record were cancelled due to the use of doping.

Paul Bowles is an American writer and composer, author of “The Sheltered Sky”, whose works mainly explore the conflict between civilization and primitiveness of modern people.

Carol Reed, a British film director and producer, is good at dealing with suspense and documentaries. His famous works such as “Dark Prison” and “Orphan Tears” are one of the most representative directors in the United Kingdom.

American athlete Sandy Koufax, a former Dodgers pitcher who won a three-time Young Game Award (the highest honor for a pitcher), struck out four all-round strikes in a national competition, and was voted the pitcher with the highest scoring percentage five times. Also served as baseball team manager.


The third card of the Great Ritual Tarot is “Queen”, a symbol of creative ingenuity. She is the perfect woman to the extreme, the mother who gave birth to the earth, and the embodiment of our dreams and aspirations. When the card is upright, this card represents glamour, grace, and unreserved love; when the card is upside down, it means conceit, hypocrisy, and intolerance of flaws.

Inspirational quote

What happens to ordinary people can also happen to me.


Enterprising, energetic, and pursuing dreams.


Stressed, isolated, rebellious.

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