December 5: Confident people

December 5 Confident people

House: Sagittarius 12°-14°

Constellation sign: Sagittarius II, changing fire signs

Those born on December 5th have a steady stream of self-confidence and always think that everything can be done successfully. Sometimes this confidence works well, and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s true that self-confidence allows them to do great things again and again, but it can also cause them to fall and bruise their noses. They failed not because they didn’t try hard enough, but because they were overconfident, thinking the future was bright, and ignoring how things actually turned out. After they fall, they realize that in addition to pushing forward, planning and evaluation in advance is the key to victory.

People born on this day are lively and active by nature, not those who push and move. They are very attentive to observe and experience what is happening around them, and are willing to share their experiences with others. But when they find that even the people closest to them may not necessarily share their own experience, or even have a lack of interest in their affairs, they will find it strange. Of course, people born on this day can learn to tolerate and respect the privacy rights of others, but the enthusiasm for sharing their experiences with others remains unchanged.

Of course, having self-confidence also brings many benefits, such as they are not as worried and self-doubting as others, but it is better for them to recognize the actual problems, because they are often too sure that things are going to go well, But that’s not the case. People born on this day should also consider the melons and movements of friends, colleagues and even opponents. Basically, it is helpful for them to know what other people think and say, even if those thoughts and opinions may not be completely true.

People born on this day are thoroughly action-oriented, they will never procrastinate to do things, and they will not let things go their way. Although this positive attitude saves them a lot of trouble in their lives, some things are better if they go with the flow. Therefore, correct judgment and self-awareness can be said to be the key to success for those born on this day. Before determining the role they really play and the goal they are pursuing, they will inevitably encounter many setbacks, make many mistakes, and abandon their always optimistic attitude, and sometimes even become discouraged, but these processes have just accumulated into invaluable experience. Let them know each other better.

When people born today can appreciate the impermanent nature of all things, acknowledge the existence of the God of Destiny, and deeply feel the contradictory characters in the hearts of potential people, they have built a solid and solid framework for their future.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on December 5 will be influenced by the number 5 and Mercury. Mercury is a fast-moving planet, representing quick thinking and rapid changes in people and things. The dual influences of Mercury and Jupiter (the rulers of Sagittarius) give those born today an upright personality and an optimistic, persuasive vision. And the influence of the number 5 can make a person quickly return to his original state no matter what blows he encounters, or any adversity he is in. This kind of divine power is exactly what people born today need most.


Those born on December 5 must pay special attention to all kinds of unexpected occurrences, because their restless personality often drives them to challenge their fate without fear. A balanced diet and meditation can help them adjust their vigorous energy. In particular, they should eat more grains and root vegetables, and avoid excessive consumption of equipment with high sugar and preservatives. Also, be brave enough to say “no” to psychedelics or excitement Liu. In terms of sports, for those born on December 5 who are naturally active, a variety of physical activities is a very wrong choice.


Carefully observe the changes in yourself and the people and things around you; improve your strength; listen to other people’s opinions on you, and accept other people’s suggestions if they are reasonable.


Little Richard is an American artist and rock singer.

Du Shisan, a Taiwanese writer, is famous for his new collection of poems and paintings, “The Story of the World”.

American film director Otto Preminger, whose works include “Good Day, Melancholy” and “Lola”.

Fritz Lang is an Austrian-American film director who integrates a strong sense of society and politics into film techniques, including “Metropolis”.

The American film director, Abraham Polonsky, won a place in the film industry because of the screenplay “Flesh and Soul”, and his return to the film industry to direct the film “Three Thousand Miles” has brought a new breath to Hollywood.

British poet Christina Rossetti was born into a literary and artistic family. Her family is not only famous in poetry, but also painters and critics.


The 5 cards of the Great Secret Tarot are “The Pope”, who is the interpreter of sacred and mysterious things, symbolizing the knowledge and belief of human beings. The knowledge of the Pope is full of mysteries, and even abstract things are governed by it. When the card is upright, it means full of confidence, no doubts, and a correct understanding of things; when the card is upside down, it is preachy, high-pitched, and assertive.

Inspirational quote

Vision is important, but so is the ability to see the facts.


Confident, bold and positive.


Overconfidence, unrealistic, low awareness.

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